To hell with the kings might!He has a small penis

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  1. All my current plots aren't going anywhere so obviously i made a new one

    This has a lot of sex in it but it does have a story line

    The king who loves his wife has been getting busy recently and hasn't been giving his wife the attention she wants so she looks to her knight in which at first the Knight thought she was joking but she wasn't.... Later on. The Queen falls out of love with the king and falls in love with the knight leading to them to leave the kingdom only to find out the king had a back-up queen which upset the previous queen a little bit but she still didn't go back now the Queen and the Knight live together in another city

    My rules:

    Partner musnt care about post length

    I prefer rping in third person

    If you want to drop an rp TELL ME

    If you get busy please let me know

    I prefer using anime pictures

    This rp can have non human races



    Animal people (human /animal)(or skin of human with the ears and tail of an animal)


    I have a few kinks but ill put them in a pm (its also mixed with other stuff)

    Also dont think my search is done once i find one partner

    People play different characters which changes how the rps go i like to rp with multiple people with different personality choices
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  2. This is hilarious and you have my full attention
    I really love this idea, not even gonna lie

    It's a bit different from what I usually do, but, what the hey
    I'll take you up on the offer

    Pm me with some more details and we'll see how far this can go
  3. Alright ill pm you but i dont really have any more details but your free to add to it
  4. Now a quick kink list with random bits of info

    Show Spoiler

    I have a minor foot fetish (footjobs only no sucking toes or anything like that)

    I think tsunderes are adorable

    Im minorly afraid of yanderes but i do like them

    Im horrible at fighting rps! So i will generally try to avoid them

    My characters tend to have a dark past but its never obvious

    I prefer long term rps

    I hate those who abandon rps without bothering to leave a message >.<

    I prefer pm rp

    I cant stand rape(means absolutely no rape at all!)

    I like to play shy characters but a lot of the times i dont
  5. Still looking
  6. Always looking!
  7. Still looking
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