To fight and Die for

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  1. What one thing, if any, are you willing to fight for?

    Freedom? Family? Religion? Your stuff? Dinner?

    What is it and why?

  2. Freedom and family. I don't accept religion as a worthwhile reason to die for personal religious reasons of course. My stuff is replaceable, but my rights aren't. And last time I checked it was free practice in America to eat dinner.
  3. Well, I'd like to say that I'd fight and die for my right to live and be free. And for my loved ones to live.

    ...but in reality, I would probably be too scared and just get my ass killed cause I'm cowering in a corner somewhere like a wanker. ._____.;
  4. If it came down to it, family and my country.
  5. My loved ones, most definitely. My friends and family are the most precious things to me. I live for these people; I would die for these people. Should my freedom be threatened, I'd find my own way of fighting for it. Not with violence, probably with a social movement. Maybe I'll form a band and bring punk back. ;)
  6. This. (open)
  7. I'm with Fluffy all the way. The people that I care about I'd fight to protect, so I suppose indirectly my country if my country were being threatened and they lived there.
  8. Freedom isn't high on my list.

    I'd probably die or give away my freedom for love.
    Another would be to save another life I know I can save by giving up mine. (That means I won't just jump into the fray every time I can.)
  9. There's nothing else in this world worth fighting for than the people you cherish the most.
  10. Alan's answer is the most articulate of what I'd want to say. :) But like Diana I would probably be scared and in my room.

    Although lately I'm starting to fight more. In small ways. Coming out of my cave at least.