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  1. :::First off-- the setting:::

    Unicorns are not born-- they are created, fully formed.

    A Unicorn can only bow to rightful royalty.

    Humans are masters of magic.

    Elves are the genius of technology.

    These are simple facts of this world. Two continents, east and west, exist with only three islands between. At the northern most point of the globe rests the isle of the Gods. In the south-- the Island of the Lost. And between the two nations, in the Ocean of Rule, lays the Forbidden Tree. To move between the two, one must venture the Tont'ay Ocean.

    The forbidden tree is a small island, home to only a tree with only two fruit growing on it at any given point in time. No mortal is to set foot here-- and the very Ocean of Rule is forbidden for trans-continental travel-- save for by the Gods themselves or their messengers-- Unicorns.

    Unicorns are born form the fruit of the Forbidden tree-- with only one male and one female in existence at any given point in time. The moment a unicorn dies is the same moment a fruit will fall into the ocean. The ocean current will then carry the fruit to either the human City of For'un or the elven City of D'nii, as directed by the Gods.

    It should be noted, that there are only two causes of death for a Unicorn. It must be murdered-- or fall ill. The only way for a unicorn to fall ill is if the royalty they have served becomes corrupt and no longer suited to rule. That is to say-- the royal family has failed to protect the unicorn, or they have failed to serve their people benevolently.

    It just so happens that the human nation has just suffered the tragic loss of their unicorn. As per customary, people from all over have gathered at the sea's shore to welcome the new Unicorn-- in hopes of having the majestic creature bow to them. Others still, simply hoping to catch a glimpse of the creature-- or feel it's healing presence.

    Now that the basics are out of the way, let's begin!


    Festival lights illuminated the beaches, with millions of faces swarming into a sea of their own.

    Lines formed, patrolled by the city guards. Others sat in small boats, floating along the shore, hoping to spot the Unicorn first.

    A small stage had been set up, decorated for the Royal family and soon-to-arrive Unicorn. The king sat, a dazed look plastered to his face. Illness had struck, due to his sons ignorance-- he was sure of it. Not only had it cost him his crown-- but the trust of his family, and the loss of his dearest friend. He was only drawn out of his daze when the trumpets began to sound, and the enormous crowd began to cheer.

    She'd been sighted.

    A woman, tall and slender, stepped onto the shore, dry as could be. The evening wind blew her ghostly veil back, sending her ebony mane afloat on the breeze around her.

    The cheering slowly died out, followed by murmurs of confusion.

    A Black Unicorn has arrived.

  2. From a atop a pile of crates some distance from the shoreline, Alexander Heartwood stood on near tiptoes to try and see the unicorn arrive. Sadly, at the distance, all he could make out were waving hands and a black speck. He couldn't make out any of the waves of information rolling through the crowd. He sat down on the top most crate in disappointment, fishing an apple from his pocket. Between bites, he would mutter to himself, safe in the knowledge that no one would listen to him.

    "Unicorns.. Royalty.. Who really needs them, anyway? I sure don't.. Nothing good's ever happened to me 'cause of royalty.." He continued to eat his apple while he thought about reasons he didn't need royalty.

    For one, they never gave him help as a kid. Raised by his awful aunt and uncle, no wonder he spent so many nights in places a kid shouldn't be. After he could move away from them, they never gave him any help getting a job, a place to live, even food. So taking matters into his own hands, Alex got a job helping at the shipyard by day and bar keeping at night. What he had left after rent was spent on food. Rarely did he get extra money to spend.

    The only reason he was at the welcoming ceremony to start with was because the shipyard closed down just for the event. Unpaid, of course. So what was there to do? He tossed the apple core away, and leaned back, running his hands through his black hair and looking out over the massed people with an overall bored expression.
  3. The dark haired woman paused only for a brief instance.

    The King stood and cleared his throat loudly. "Our Lady--" He began, about to greet their new arrival, only to be shocked into silence as the woman began to walk again-- right past his family and their thrones-- disregarding them as nothing more than talkative shadows.

    Again the crowd began to cheer as the King was given the cold shoulder. It simply further confirmed the rumors that he would be dethroned with the new Unicorn. In the energy of the moment, the fact that a creature of purity-- yet darkness-- had made land fall. Nothing could be worse than the King and his taxes. His outrageous demands and laws; micro managing his kingdom as if the people were no more than pawns.

    The king stood flabbergasted as the hand maidens set aside to serve the Unicorn hurried after the raven haired woman.

    She moved gracefully and with purpose, all but drifting through the crowd.

    "Where is she going?" People asked. Others tried to stand in her way, in hopes of her bowing to them-- only to be gently brushed aside as she made her way ever forward, only stopping after a full ten minutes of walking.

    "Our Lady--" one of the hand maids dared to finally speak up, "If we could please know your name--?"

    The ebony haired woman reached one delicate hand out, holding onto the corner of the crate she had come to stop beside, with Alexander above her. "Hoe'rin." She spoke, her voice rolling like thunder though as light as air. She turned her face up to the man above her before slowly kneeling down. Her eyes gazed up but never seemed to focus on him.

    She was blind.
  4. Alexander took a moment to realize there was no one else around That he and his crates had been turned into an island in the crowd, except for the unicorn and the handmaidens. He cocked his head to the side, not sure what to think of the kneeling woman. He turned to look at a man to his right.

    "...This is the unicorn, right? This... Hoe'rin?" When the man nodded, he asked another question. "Why exactly is she.. You know.. Kneeling down in front of me and these crates? Is she like.. Crowning the crates of.. I think they have mason stone in them..." When the man gave him a look that suggested Alex might me insane, he laughed nervously and turned back to the unicorn.

    "Is this a joke? A dream? No, too good to be one of my dreams. Nightmare more like. Or maybe Ralph spiked my drink last night." He stopped, simply staring at the unicorn. Then he addressed her directly. "I've never actually seen one of the unicorns, but I've heard these dreamy stories about white, majestic horses with a spike out their foreheads. You don't fit a single one of those descriptions. And to top it all off, I'm fairly sure you're blind, ma'am. If you are such a divine being, how do you have a major bodily fault such as that?"
  5. "Flaw?" She echoed, sounding amused. "My King, my blindness is not a flaw, nor is it a burden. It allows me to judge on merit and soul alone-- unhindered by appearances. As for my own appearance, if you would rather, I may take on a bestial form-- though it is easier for me to communicate with you whilst in this shape."

    The crowd watched on, curiously.

    "You may accept the mantle the Gods have placed upon you-- and me-- or you may reject it. If you refuse the rite-- I will choose another."
  6. "Me? King? I think you've got the wrong guy... I hate the royal jerks on the throne. Lookin' down their noses at us common people as just peons... And how am I of.. Royal blood... Anyway? My parents were commoners like I am. 'Least that's what my aunt always said." He seemed to not care about the peering curiosity of the crowd.

    "And on top of that, you think these people would accept me as some uppity king suddenly? A common kid like me? Serves drinks and hauls cargo for a measly living? And what about the old guy? I doubt he'd be all praise and joy..." He trailed off, obviously fighting internally. "This is a hell of a lot to think about.." He sighed, resting his head into one hand, his elbow propped on a smaller crate next to him.
  7. The woman stood again, once more at her full height. She stood tall compared to most women, closer to 6 foot than most.

    "I have not chosen you. The palace the King resides in and the throne he is seated upon do not belong to man, but to the Gods. Why you were chosen-- only they can say. But perhaps a commoner was chosen in an effort to find a King who will relate to his people. After all, the current King has been deemed unfit to rule."

    She turned her head ever so slightly to the side, seeming to watch the King and his guards push their way through the crowd to her. "Stand where you are Tyrant." She said-- her voice taking on a harsh and layered tone. The guards stopped, looking as though they had seen a ghost-- the king pausing as well. "You have made my arrival a festival and feast, a mere party for drunkards and those seeking power." She stated, sounding bitter. "I was not to arrive in splendor. The world was not to stop on my account. I was to come and find my King in silence, undisturbed with no pressure upon him. You should know this."

    The King swallowed, frowning. "My lady, I meant no ill will--"

    "This festival with it's lights is meant to celebrate the new King." She turned her attention away from the King. "Now it will only serve as a celebration of your dethronement."

    As if on que, the guards shifted-- each of them pointing a spear at the King.

    "Young King, take your time to decide." She said, looking finally back in the direction of Alexander. "I will await your decision in the palace. Come to me when you are ready."
  8. Alex didn't say anything else as he hopped off the crates, stuck his hands in his pockets, and walked away, pushing his way through the crowd, avoiding the gaze of anyone he passed. He found a quiet dock on the shore next to a battered old sail boat and slid behind some old, empty crates to think.

    It wasn't the question of would he be accepted. He knew the word around the tavern. And if he was honest with himself, Alex could rule pretty well. He knew what people wanted, and how to tell the people he could or couldn't do things. The question he was asking himself was could he? There was a large majority of the wealthy in the city who can and would pay to put their own puppet on the throne. And to top it all off, Alex was not known for his performance under pressure.

    He stayed there, staring out over the sea and thinking for close to half an hour. If nothing bothered him in that time, he would leave.
  9. Hoe'rin had been es courted to the Palace, where preparations for the King and his family to be removed and relocated.

    As honor to the last Unicorn, they would be granted titles of Lord and Lady, and govern a small part of the Nation-- under supervision of the new King-- whoever it may be.
  10. Alex stood from his spot and made his way to the palace. He made his way around the back to avoid any of the public seeing him. He asked a guard to take him to a private room and let the unicorn know he wanted to ask her details about everything. He seemed as nervous as he was at the landing, but for a whole new reason.
  11. He was brought to the throne room-- lead past the silver and onyx thrones and into a small anti-chamber just behind the large Statue of the God of the moon-- who stood looking down upon the thrones. Two hand maidens stood watch at the door and greeted the men with a bow. After the guard left, they opened the door for Alexander.

    It was a bed room-- with a low to the ground round bed, covered in white sheets with a white curtain around them- currently drawn back and held up at the five posts.

    A dresser stood on one wall with two small doors on either side of it-- one a closet, the other a wash room no doubt.

    On the bed lay a black doe, with the tail of a lion. Separating it's forelock into two parts was a slender horn, curving gently upward towards it's spine. It looked more like a blade than a spiral as often depicted in legend.

    "Wait here, I will wake her." The woman to his left-- a blond-- said. Her hair was up in a simple pony, in a simple white sundress. The other woman had long red hair, curling just past her shoulder blades-- dressed in a matching outfit.

    The blond stepped across the room silently, though before she reached the bedside, the unicorn opened her amethyst eyes and raised her head. The next moment, with no magnificent display or lights-- the wall dark haired woman, Hoe'rin, lay on her side on the bed-- sitting up. "I'm awake." she dismissed the blond.
  12. Alexander hesitated, then spoke. "M-Miss.. Erhm.. My.. My Lady.." He took a deep breath, calming his nerves. "My Lady, I would like to.. Ask you some questions about... Everything." He finished the last word with a nervous laugh. "I know I should be honored the gods have sought fit to give me the divine right to the throne... But I'm more scared of it than anything. It's not easy moving into a larger room, let alone into a grand palace. Not to mention the power and responsibility that comes with the new home... I don't know the first thing about ruling." He found a spot on the floor to stare at rather intently.

    "I suppose what I'm asking is... If I do decide to accept... What then? I just.. Take up daily life of the king? Hear bills and laws and grievances...?" He trailed off, clearly unsure of himself, here in his dusty, worn cloths surrounded by lush furniture and adornments.
  13. "It's good that you fear responsibility-- it means you hold a healthy respect for it." Hoe'rin said, sitting upright as she allowed her legs to drape over the edge of the bed. "Ask away."

    She listened to the concerns Alexander had come to her with and considered them each for a moment before speaking.

    "Take up life as King and hear bills, laws, and grievances." She echoed in slight amusement. "If that is all your idea of a King is, then I see why I was sent to choose another." She offered him a smile. "A King should know his people-- walk among them. If you do not feel at ease in the grandeur of a palace, then by all means, live among your people. You will see their grievances. You will, naturally, have to make amends to laws-- but that is not all your title will entail. You must work to undo the harm the current king has inflicted. Be it insuring the farmers have the seeds they need-- rather than letting them rot in the store houses, or releasing those who have done nothing wrong from the prisons. Once you have cleaned up his mess, then you may begin to work on your own legacy."
  14. Alexander nodded slowly. "I hadn't considered that.. If I were me, and I sure hope I am, I would respect a king who bought his own apples and bread from the market.. Who gave the homeless kid that apple, and the injured worker that bread... Then went back to buy more because that was his meal for the afternoon... Who shared a drink in the tavern every now and again..." He seemed to be talking more to himself than anyone.

    "As to fixing what has been broken... How do I know what is wrong? Sure the cheap laws should be easy to spot, but what about the wrongly accused? I can bet you every man in the jailhouse, guilty or not, when asked, will say they were wrongly accused. How do I know truth from lies?" Then, after a pause. "And what about my enemies I would have? How could I defend myself from them while still feeling confident about a public reputation?" He still sounded as if he were talking in theory, rather than sounding confident in his choice.
  15. Hoe’rin listened to him calmly, responding as he allowed her. “If you feel the need—offer them all a trail. Or, you may visit them for yourself and use your own judgment.” She advised. “I am only a counselor—no more. Should something seem utterly wrong, I will voice my concerns—though your word shall be law at the end of the day. As for your enemies—good will out. You have no one to fear but yourself.”
  16. Alexander sighed, giving his eyes a good rub with the heel of his hand. "I'm going to regret this but... What the hell. Let's do it." He crossed his arms and smirked, tilting his head. "Hm. Just saying it sounds.. Weird. Those words.. I could feel the power behind them. Not like my voice power.. I can't explain it.." He shook his head. "Anyway.. What happens now? Is there some formal acceptance or... Or.. I don't know what the king does. Sure hope you're going to help me." He finally met Hoe'rin's gaze, determined and as ready as someone in his position could be.
  17. "When you feel is the weight of your word." The ebony haired woman said knowingly. "It is up to you if you wish for a coronation ceremony to be public or private. I will be behind you every step of the way. I think, perhaps, it would be wise for you to get to know your nation. Make a trip of it, see what issues lie beyond this city." She suggested, standing up, then bowed deeply.

    "You have my most sincere thanks for accepting."
  18. "Let's not make a thing of it... I suppose people will need to know that I've accepted, but I don't feel like dealing with everyone judging me at once.. Let that come on it's own time." He explained, finally taking a seat. "What goes into this.. Coronation? Formalities with the old king, I suppose. An oath? I've never been good at oaths. I always forget them a week later." He smirked, running a hand through his hair.

    "That's another thing. You don't take baths more than twice a week where I live... And it's been a few days since I've done so. I guess it wouldn't do to present myself smelling like fish and coal, would it?"
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