To Back... or Not to Back - That is The Question.

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  1. I have recently just come across a Kickstarter for a Tabletop RpG that looks promising:

    Based off of the book Vurt written by Jeff Noon, the RpG is set in a cyberpunk fantasy world where everything is not as it seems.

    I've played multiple tabletop RPGs and World of Darkness Changeling and Vampire the Masquerade, so far has been my favourite and by how this has been advertised feels similar to the concept White Wolf hand with changeling but World of Darkness in fantasy, Cyberpunk and Matrix.

    It looks like a great game but i'm at a loss - The Red Pill or the Blue?

    What do you guys and gals think?
  2. The link doesn't appear to work for me :(

    However If you like the look of it, and it has a similar concept to other games you already enjoy, I'd say take the red pill and show it some support.
  3. If you've got the money to throw at it, like the idea, and are confident that the project won't die, then go for it. Simple. :P
  4. Link doesn't work for me either.

    Though if you like it I'd dig into it, make sure they can be reliable.
    If you feel they can be, and you legitimately like their stuff and go ahead and help if you want to. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.