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  1. Spoiler

    The new spiritual grounds control alliance has now sprung from it's silence; the Doves...
    There's something a little different about this group though...
    They do not preform exorcisms.
    They lift no tags,
    They light no incense,
    They murmur no prayers.
    They cure ill spirits, otherwise known as "demons".
    Though this is done in pure secret, otherwise the Angels will riot in revolt of the violation of their way of life.
    They look into the spirit's pasts.
    They find why they died.
    They put in the effort to bring them back to their senses without destroying them.
    Their Souls are saved.
    Though the Wing Tearers plan to make harder or undo their efforts...

    Ever since what seems to be the dawn of time, humans have feared demons.
    They have directed their faces, blindly to the light, and have beat down any attempts of support for the demons as witchcraft, evil, even blasphemy against their gods.
    They have hated demons without even knowing their true nature...
    This practice had gone on for thousands, possibly millions of years, unchanged.
    Until the Morntes rose, fifteen years ago...
    These three demons were so powerful, they had to be given their own class.
    Exorcism was impossible, so the group of exorcists, the Angels, had no choice but to seal them within the unborn babies that three of their members were bearing.
    They were sealed, the mothers had no issue with their children being born, except their children were born with a black stone on their heart area. The children were heavily monitored, in fear that the Morntes consciousness would take over and cause damage as a physical, normally percieved being.
    The three children however, were able to communicate with the Morntes. They learned more about the true nature demons than any one person trying to research it under the radar.
    Though today, the Angels are a major part of the government. After the sealing of the Morntes, the appearances of demons have become shockingly normal.
    But, far under the radar, the children created a group of people who shared their ideals.
    The Doves.
    Not quite the enemy of the Angels, but a way to show them that destroying the so called demons is not the best way.

    The Doves are a group who constantly travel to and fro to get to demons before the Angels or Wing Tearers appear. Their traveling primarily takes place in the western United States, since their movement is just starting. They aren't able to save every demon from annihilation...
    They have base sites in Los Angeles, California, Tilamook, Oregon, Reno, Nevada, and Orem, Utah.

    Only three exist. Each Morntes is unique and has a different personality and effect on their bearer.

    Effects he causes:
    - Being born with Red Eyes
    - Red, pulsating streaks bleed in hair, much like "breathing" blood.
    - Nails are a noticable black color
    - May display personality swings of Sociopathism and even a Psychopathic nature.
    - Exhibits superior strength
    - Bears a higher pain threshold than any being of Earth; They are able to completely ignore wounds, but that does not change the fact that they have been harmed.

    Achylls himself:
    - Lustful of power
    - Malevolent
    - Cold
    - Intelligent
    - Short-tempered
    - Prideful
    - Authorative

    Effects he causes:
    - Being born with acid green eyes
    - Having flecks of green in hair. Gives the feel that they're even glowing...
    - Nails are very hard to grow.
    - Pretty short; growth is stunted by a lot.
    - Blood is greenish in hue
    - Can have personality swings of extreme levels of greed and envy
    - Can generate acid with their drool, blood, and other bodily fluids

    Arum himself:
    - Greedy
    - Self-righteous
    - Envious
    - Violent when possessions are at stake


    Effects she causes:
    - Can make people lust for them
    - Born with frightening yet alluring orange eyes
    - Streaks of orange hairs that seem to pull in attention with their brightness
    - Personality and appearance keep people interested in what she has to say
    - Can draw in an entire crowd
    - Can preform a level of mind control with their alluring abilities

    Eris herself:
    - Manipulative
    - A complete vixen
    - Lustful (Of herself mostly)
    - May exhibit some love for her bearer, be it motherly or sexually (Thought to be the most merciful Morntes.)

    Demons actually aren't those stereotypical evil monsters that destroy lives as society has formed. They are actually the spirits of humans or animals who have lingered on earth for far too long, their reason for death, may it be murder or suicide, finally collapsing on them and changing them completely. They are forcibly morphed into beings of negativity who rain attacks on human emotions for the living who are too close. Animal demons are a little more easier to understand, may it be abandonment causing a lost feeling, or even betrayal of their owner or someone they see all the time killing them. The only part of them that is untouched and what even makes purification possible is their SOUL.

    Not to confuse with the spirit itself, which is a projection of the deceased that the SOUL releases, is the core part of a spirit. The personality, memories, and overall heart of the deceased is contained within this part, and remains intact even in demonization. When a spirit is purified, their "physical" appearance vanishes, leaving behind a physical glowing orb which is the SOUL. They may be collected and contained before they vanish, but the Doves are highly against that practice, while the Wing Tearers collect them to try to preform a complete demonization.

    The people who follow the traditions of exorcising, otherwise know to Doves, as killing demons. They are highly religious and squash anyone who goes against or refuses their ideals, may it be physical or verbal. They have the full authority to imprison or even kill those who are openly against their movement.

    The use of "holy" objects to kill demons. The objects are really tools that completely extinguish the SOUL, rendering purification or bringing them back impossible. This is basically bringing something misunderstood out of existence because of it's frightful appearance, when it's really a tortured soul quietly crying for help, thus having members of the Doves against it completely.

    The Anti-Angel organization. They're organized much like a gang, making money from tricking people into thinking they're ridden their home of demon, when really they stole their SOUL. They push to completely rid the soul of it's important core parts in order to use a weapon to destroy the Angel's corrupt system. It's their plan to make something that the Angels cannot stop, yet they can, as to make a point.

    Though complete demonization is currently impossible, the Wing Tearers take pure SOULs and both demonize it, but even be able to push further and force the SOUL to become more animalistic and frightening, making it more and more difficult to pull it back from beyond the breaking point. A demon's abilities mainly originate and relate to their special item, may it be song-based abilities or even snow-themed.

    The secretive organization using a new way to protect and purify souls. The three children bearing the Morntes demons have formulated this group and thus are quietly collecting members. They have been trying to keep their methods a secret for a long time, before they're just about powerful and have enough proof to crumble the traditional methods forever.

    Purification is not as simple as it sounds. No matter how much you talk and talk to a demon, theres no bringing it back to purity. You have to know exactly what happened to them, remind them what happened to them, and bring forth an important item from their life. This will make the remember who they truly are and thus pull them back to their senses. The item can range from many things, may it be a clock or a song.

    Just a little something I made... In full detail.. For like four hours... ;D;
    Let the voting begin!
  2. This is very interesting. Would the "MORNTES BEARERS" be playable or NPC?
  3. I second this.
  4. They will be playable, but i'll choose only two other people (Who don't bloody beg me for it).
    It would suck if they're NPCs, eh?
  5. Are there requirements for said people who want to play them?
  6. A few, yes. I'll establish them when the OOC is up and I make the CSes.
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  7. I'll be excited to see more of this. Let me know when you start it up.
  8. Interested, let me know when ooc goes up.~
  9. (Just saying, sociopath is the more extreme form of psychopath, though the two often get confused for some reason. Psychopaths are typically indifferent to authority, society etc. Sociopaths go out of their way to destroy it. A good way to compare them is their methodology when it comes to committing crime. A psychopath will plan for every possibility to minimise the amount of risk. A sociopath will just wake up one day and go "I'ma murder someone today."
  10. Haha they probably didn't need to know but still and interesting way to describe it :p
  11. Yeah, it just stood out to me when I was reading it. I have a habit of correcting things that don't really need correcting, just cos I know the correction.
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  12. Yeah, I know the difference. I didn't think i'd have to be THAT apparent about it, though.
  13. Interested. (As long as you don't ditch this one as soon as you get people that are happy and excited to be rping with you.
  14. Pls don't mention that ;u; It makes me feel pretty sad but I have more careful and precise plans for this if it gets past the Interest check.
    If it fails to get enough attention I can just go back onto the previous rp and spend some time to improve it.
    Patience ;U;
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