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  1. Dick Grayson chuckled at Jason Todds remark about being co leaders."Really you wanna do good cop bad cop first day Jay?" Dick asked as he put on his mask, even Jason wore his mask around the team. Batmans one rule was never reveal your identity."Yeah Grayson why shouldnt we , i mean cmon itd be funny wouldnt it?" Dick nodded. Over the years they grew to enjoy one anothers company. Dick and Jason were good friends now.

    The two leaders in their masks, Red Hood wearing his helmet, walked into the living room of Titans Tower where the members all sat , ready to briefed on their first missions since they were 13.
  2. [​IMG]

    Zatanna had just finished the show. Yelling and applauds can be heard gleefully as the young female magician bowed down, grabbing her hat off. Once the red velvet curtains quickly closed, she sighed out of both exhausted and relief. Just about two hours ago, she had just battled against some male sorcerer who's spells were quite weak, giving her a somewhat easy task.

    Magic was complicated.
    Though there are limitations.

    The female tossed her hat upside down on the ground, taking out a want from her sleeves and tapping it."srewot natiT ot em ekaT" she said to herself, and within seconds the hat had sucked her in, before disappearing to nothingness.

    After about three minutes, Zatanna appeared at the entrance of the tower out from her hat -which was a tiring struggle-. Her heel came out from the hat and she picked it up, dropping her wand in it and typing a code, which followed up with finger and a hand print, then a eye scan, and lastly a scan from her id. It was a long process, but pretty secure and once she was accepted in, Her heels clicked on the floor, echoing ever so slightly.

    Seemed empty. And she was probably the only female early as usual somehow... Or first Atleast. Making her way to the living room, she spotted two males. Nightwing, and redhood.

    "So no one else...? Girls I mean." She said, grabbing their attention as she held her hat behind her back, that covered her rear end along with her tail coat, looking between the two brothers. Zatanna's outfit of course represented a magician's, only much more feminine. Today was a solid white and black. No colored vests or bow ties. And of course she kept her signature style of her beloved fishnets. She had a special show today, and tonight would be another one.... This week actually and the thought gave her a head ache as she placed her hat over a nearby spot on the couch and went to the kitchen."Coffee... I need a cup of coffee..." She muttered to herself, exhausted,
  3. Graysons eyes went wide, "Zatanna. I didnt know you were rejoining." He said to his ex, Jason snickering next time as Dick death glared him. They dated when they were 13 so it didnt effect their friendship he just didnt expect her.
  4. Zatanna was unfazed at the sight if dick as she took off her gloves which magically brewed her coffee. She turned around, crossing her arms and looked at him, a small sneer. She was slightly amused at his reaction.

    "They moved me here. I work part time for justice league now, Boy wonder." She explained."Your dad was the one who wanted me in here. He felt that being in the justice league full time was to much." Shrugged Zatanna as she turned back around and grabbed her gloves, pocketing them.

    It wasnt necessarily a surprise that she was one of the girls who dated the first robin who she swore even before dating him, she absolutely wouldn't. But fate had its ways, so they were together as a kids.

    Then another thought dawned on her. Her outfit as a kid was similar to what she was wearing now.. Only more appropriate and less revealing as this. She sure went all out now... What the hell happened? Everything changed so it shouldn't bother her that she did a outfit change and she sat right at the center of the couch, holding a coffee mug in her hands and sipping from it.

    "Fate has a strange way of pairing us up one way or another."

    She chuckled jokingly. In truth she didnt feel awkward or anything. Dick was just a friend now really, so she left it at that.
  5. Dick chuckled "does doesnt it haha" he said as he ran a hand through his hair. He looked at Jason, "Meet Zee my first girlfriend and now a dear friend." He smirked at Jason and walked away.

    Jason held his hand out ."Red Hood. Niceto meet you, i was the second Robin." He said as he took off his helmet revealing his solid red eyemask. His medium length black hair pulled back into a small ponytail.
  6. Starfire- Ex-Alien Princess and Teen Titan
    Starfire was quickly brushing though her long red locks. Surprisingly the ex alien princess always seemed to end up being late, no matter how hard she tried. She had rushed to get herself together and get to the briefing room. Star was what humans called "speed walking" down the long hallway to the briefing room. She eventually made it to the room, with a slight panting as her chest rose and sunk with every breath she took to calm herself. Luckily Starfire wasn't as late as she had thought, Dick and Jason were already there, along with another female. Star couldn't quite place her name. "Oh, I'm not late, wonderful." She said, her high feminine voice echoed in the room. She was staring at Zatanna intensely, trying to figure out the girls name. She caught herself though and looked away, staring was considered rude here on earth. Even though she had been living on earth for quite some time now, the alien girl was still quite naive to "human" culture. Her eyes darted over to Dick and she gave both the boys an innocent smile. "Hello boys" Starfire said cheerfully enough, looking back to Zatanna, as not to be considered rude yet again. What did she say if she couldn't remember the girl, had they met before, or was she knew. Star fire bit her lower lip, a nervous habit of hers, as she thought about what to do. Her eyes however wandered over to Dick and she gave the man a small smile.
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  7. Zatanna grinned before standing up as she was then talking to another male, a former robin, now called "Red Hood". She waved, holding her coffee mug and let out a soft giggle, nodding once."Red hood..?" Zatanna furrowed her eyebrows as she held her cup with one hand, biting her thumb. She was showing that she was thinking and shook her head."Sorry. Thought I've actually seen you around before besides media." Chuckled the mistress of magic before seeing another female with rich red hair appear.

    Zatanna was distracted by her hair. It looked really good on her! She then shook her head, easily showing simple distraction and looked down then back up, holding her mug with two hands again."Whoops! Sorry. Swear I'm not overly distracted." The female said jokingly, quickly grabbing red hood's hand and firmly shaking it."I'm Zatanna.. Zatanna Zatara. I don't really have a 'secret identity'." Zatanna said, looking him straight in the eyes as she introduced herself right back before looking back at starfire and releasing redhood's name. Now she felt nervous! Mainly because she seemed to be the only new one?

    What grasped Zatanna's eyes was the redness of the girl's hair. It looked very pretty and pretty on her and with a grin that never ceased for now, Starfire looked back at her."Oh! Sorry for staring.." She chuckled."I just really like your hair. It looks good on you." Complimented Zatanna as she looked away and gulped the remaining portion of her coffee, walking to the sink turning it on as she began to clean her mug quietly and finishing up.

    Zatanna spun around on her heel, clapping her hands together."So.. Is there anything I must know?" She asked."A map--or tour as well perhaps?" Zee adds a she bent down to adjust her heels while looking up at the trio who was stuck with her, the noob.

    She was aware that she had to gain others trust in order to know their first name. It was completely understandable but other thoughts sank in. What if some criminal shapeshifted as her? Or a witch who knew spells with ease? Hopefully it won't happen? Zatanna shrugged it off and crossed her arms, leaning over the counter as she stared and watched the trio.
  8. Starfire- Ex-Alien Princess and Teen Titan

    She breathed a slight sigh of relief. They hadn't met then. Her face blushed when the beautiful girl complimented her. "Oh no! I was sorry for staring you!" She said. "At. I meant staring at you" She corrected herself and bowed her ear a bit embarrassed. The alien girl was always a bit ashamed of her grasp of the english language. Though she could learn any language with ease by means of exchanging a "kiss" as she had been informed of since she had been here on earth. She also learned it wasn't right or normal to go around kissing strangers. Her attention snapped back to Zatanna? Had she heard that correctly? "Thank you! I've always thought it was a bit bright" She said with another flash of her smile. Starfire prided herself on being one of the friendlier members of the team, besides Beast Boy, of course. "I'm Starfire, welcome to the team Za..tanna? Did I pronounce that correctly? You humans and your complicated names, I can never seem to pronounce them right.. But apparently my name is hard to say so, just call me Starfire, or Star" She said, rambling a bit. She moved over towards Dick a bit out of habit. "I'm sure we can give you a tour? Right guys?" she said happily.​
  9. Dick saw Star walk in and watch the largely awkward encounter chuckling at Star a little. When she smiled at him he always blushed. When she asked if a tour was gonna be provided Nightwing nodded and smiled "Uh actually Jason will give Zee the tour , Kori I gotta talk to you about something in private. Is that ok?"
  10. Starfire- Ex-Alien Princess and Teen Titan

    Starfire looked over to Dick and smiled. "Sure!" She said almost too eagerly as she walked over to the taller boy. She always had problems looking up at him because she would usually catch herself staring into them, which she had also learned was awkward among humans. She waved to Zatanna as she followed Dick a bit aways from the other two. "It was nice meeting you!" She called after the new girl. "She seems nice! What a great addition to our team!" Star said in her usual cheery tone, trying to hide the fact that her heart was racing and hadn't stopped since the boy had told her he wanted to talk.. in private. "So what's up Dick?" She asked in her concerned voice.​
  11. Dick chuckled at her cheeriness."dont worry im just confused, i need you to tell me for sure, are we dating?" He asked confused as he looked down into her eyes. "Cuz yknow im flirty towards you and we go out alot, we have kissed on several different occassions but never confirmed a relationship."
  12. Starfire- Ex-Alien Princess and Teen Titan

    Starfire felt her face blushed 5 different shades of red. She glanced up at his eyes and bit her lower lip when they're eyes met. He and her under his spell as the words "confirm their relationship" She opened her mouth to reply, but nothing came out. She stood there and smiled goofily up at Dick. She simply nodded at him. "I think.. we should be official.. what.. what do you think?" She asked him, her blush never fading.​
  13. He nodded "Its what ive wished for since i was Robin Kori." He said as he cupped her cheeks and kissed her. Holy Softness Batman! He hadnt truelly kissed her since they were 13 or so. He held onto her, veluptious curves enveloping his firm forearms.(simple statement, if there is upcoming smut fade to black and take it to messages lol, this isnt being said because Dick and Kori are about to make glorious interspecies love, simply because i forgot to tellpeopl lol.)
  14. (oh my god I died xD)

    Starfire- Ex-Alien Princess and Teen Titan

    Kori opened her mouth to respond but felt his hands cup her face as their faces became closer and closer. Their lips met and Starfire swore she could see the stars. His lips were soft as they meshed into hers. His hands made her skin tingle as their kiss deepened. Star felt her arms wrap around his neck as she pulled him closer, standing on her tip toes to reach better. He hadn't kissed her like that since they were 13.. even then, now it was deeper.. different.. passionate. ​
  15. Dick broke the kiss."Anything youd like to say, Kori?" He asked as he stood with his hands on her hips.

    Meanwhile Jason nervously led Zatanna around the tower showing her rooms and training areas.
  16. Star fire- ex-alien princess and teen Titan

    Star fire stayed still as Dick broke the kiss and pulled his head away from hers. His voice was soft and sweet and made the butterflies in her stomach even worse. "Just.. That.. You haven't kissed me like that since we were kids" she breathed out. Her eyes still didn't open but her lips tugged into a smile.
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    Raven knew she was late but she had a reason for it wasn't normally like her. She had woken from a nightmare earlier and had to meditate to keep her powers under control. She teleported herself to where she was suppose to meet the others and took a spot on the ground and sat. She looked and noticed Kori, Jason, and Dicky. She also noticed Zantanna. She wonder if she had missed anything important but from what she could tell it was probable still introduction to those who were knew.
  18. As Zatanna was given a tour instead of a self tour, she simply followed behind Jason."So, second robin.. How'd it feel to put on scaly panties? If you did too." The female smirked, giving him a playful chuckle."Or.. If you don't mind, how did you become the second one?" She asked.
  19. Jason smirked."Scaly panties no haha, i wore the tight green leggings . Um the first Robin, Nightwing, quit. I was homeless and unscrewing the hubcaps of the batmobile. Batman took me in after that and trained me." He said to Zatanna.
  20. Zatanna nodded."Oh, I see. That's a tough job, and unique way to become a heroic sidekick." The magician said, joining his side and looking up at him."Being a Titan.. Doesn't fit me really." She shrugged, still slightly disappointed at being demoted down to the 'kiddies' despite being around the other's age. For once she thought she was the best of everyone her age, who went straight up to justice league but it was understandable and she stretched."This tower, seems like we have a long way to go." Zatanna said to brighten up the mood a bit.
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