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    Ocha passed me this link and I thought it was AMAZING. I see so many people invest way too much way too fast in to potential relationships, and then ended up confused and in a bad way. This article gives some really great ideas on how to have easy low-stakes first dates!
  2. I probably would've enjoyed the article more if I'd ever gone on a date T-T
    -wallows in self pity-
  3. I probably won't be on a first date ever again! I've found the one I want.
  4. Vay, are you trying to be mean to the single people out there? Away, you meaniebutt.
    Interesting trove of help, Diana. I think it's a pretty solid compilation. I figure I'll throw in something that someone once told me about a job interview that also feels like it really applies to dating:
    You'll be nervous if you're trying to compare yourself to their standards and stress over what they want you to be and how generous they are for giving you the opportunity. Instead, look at it as something mutually beneficial, not something that they're gracing you with.
  5. Stop randomly hating my posts.
  6. Maybe I am more liberal and the rest of the world is more conservative (growing up in Los Angeles County has a tendency to do that to people it seems), but I disagree with the article a little. I think there are certain situations where having sex on the first or second date is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you feel you may really be interested in this person. In my experience, how someone treats you in the bedroom is a reflection of how they will treat you or currently treat you outside the bedroom. It's a lot harder to hide who you are in bed than it is to hide undesirable aspects of yourself on a first date.

    Especially if you're a female, traditionally men are in the positions of power (no pun intended) during sex, and if he treats you with respect and is looking after your needs too, then that is a good sign about the future. If he is disrespectful or selfish, I'm not saying the relationship can't work but it may take some time, some serious discussion and some patience to get him to change (if you want to keep him).

    Better to find that out about your date early than to wait until you get serious. Again I'm not saying that you should put out on every first date, but if you think the date may lead to something serious and long-term, give it an honest consideration. Besides, sex is fun!
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