Tips for Steampunk Costume?

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  1. OK so the convention is this upcoming May, so I have some time to make this but I feel that I need to start now with school coming up soon.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to make/ get pieces of the costume quickly and cheaply?

    Plan so far (Can change slightly):
    Goggles (with a feather)
    Short-ish skirt
    Corset with the straps that go over the shoulders
    bag for hip/ thigh

    That's what I can think of at this moment. I apologize for not being super specific ^^;). I am learning to sew so if that's necessary then I can probably do it.
  2. Accessories is everything.
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  3. But how do I make them or where do I get them?
  4. Thrift shops, antique shops, pawnshops and yard sales are a steampunk fanatics best friends. I'm entirely serious.

    Having plans of a steampunk persona of my own (but not having enough time for it), I can definitely suggest going to such places. They're great for finding items with the right look. They're usually fairly cheap, too. It does require some extensive searching and a fair bit of imagination.

    Otherwise, there are hobby shops, hardware stores and such that might carry items you can convert to steampunk yourself. There are also people who take commissions and such, though ordering, for example goggles, might become very expensive. A quick Google search will give you a fair number of tutorials on how to create things yourself.

    I don't have a lot of good links or such, having only looked through local shops and places relevant to Sweden. I'd suggest finding an online steampunk community if you want more specific suggestions and advice.

    I wish you good luck, though. :D
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  5. Slap some brass gears on it.

    That's steampunk in a nutshell.

    Bonus points for tubes to mundane things like a bottle or clock.
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  7. In extension to @K05CH31 advice, don't be afraid to buy something at a thrift store and then heavily modify it.
    Found a great leather jacket but don't need the sleeves? Cut them off.

    Have some cool leather boots but it's too short?
    Add those sleeves to it.

    Essentially you can also use a Thrift Store as a discount fabric store.
    Except the Fabric comes as pre-made clothing rather than sheets.
  8. I know very little about making costumes, but perhaps you should look into Pinterest. I know they have a ton of tutorials on there, along with some stellar photography.
  9. Well, if you are going to develop a costume it follows a lot of the same logic as designing a RP character. This is assuming that you plan on making a "steamsona" in the first place; however.

    I recommend thinking about where in the social class you're from, are you a worker or a rich person that afford to fly around in all those fancy airships and go on adventures? Goggles are kind of the Micky Mouse ears of the fandom, they add flair but are they things you need for said persona?
  10. I have a general idea. Lower middle class adventurer, I have an outfit pretty much figured out (except for the shirt ^^;). I just need to find the stuff
  11. remember that your outfit should be unique and different and does not have to be fancy! Thrist store outfits can be just as awesome
    Take my outfit for example

    all the jewelry I found at Thrift stores
    The clothes? Everything but the stockings, gloves, belt, and goggles were thrift store buys.

    They key thing with steampunk is it pays to know basic to intermediate sewing and to be crafty. I have worked at a theatre costume shop for 3 years now. I altered the skirts to give them they high low look. I tore apart watches to make gear accessories.
    but in all seriousness thrift stores are your friend! good will or otherwise.
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  12. This is true, unique/creative cosplays can also be fun.
    So much so I'm debating just inventing new characters for cosplays rather than as a pre-existant guy.

    For example, next Con I plan to turn General Magnum (Look at the Avatar if confused) and make that into a Cosplay. :3
    Ish, I'm probably gonna drop the Gray Warden Symbol and the N7, and then put the SunBro sign on the beret.
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