Tiny Naruto rp anyone?

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  1. Okay, okay. I've been mulling over this for a while, but I think the best way for me to start out with a group is small.

    I don't have a plot thought up yet, but i'll tell you this; It's loosely going to go off canon. Only one nation will be mainly focused on, and of COURSE, that's Konohagakure.

    I'm only accepting four to six people, bear that in mind. I may feel like going with the earlier, or the latter, or in between said numbers. These people may have the potential to become future partners in a fullscale rp, or the rp could just stay as is. ^^

    Okay, now the qualifications! Don't think of it like a test or essay or something, think of it like so everyone could be on the same level...

    You must...
    ~Have a skype account that can be used and known by others. This is where we will be communicating and rping.
    ~Be active from every day to at least two times a week
    ~Post at least five times a week
    ~Be able to tell me when you're going to leave for longer than a week. Really I don't understand why it's so difficult to spare a minute BEFORE YOU GO ON THE EXCURSION to tell you're going.
    ~Not be a jerk
    ~Have a writing level of at least, on a scale of Horrible to Advanced, Good to Somewhat Advanced.
    This means your posts should look like THIS:
    Karin ran through the streets of the bustling city. The short-stack was out of breath, and just about late for her appointment.
    "Damn it people go faster!" She said through her teeth as the crowd, swarming each other like a hive of bees, were blocking her path.
    Not like THIS:
    Karin ran through city streets. She could not breathe. She was late for her appointment. People go faster! She screamed. The crowd blocked her. The crowd was annoying.
    And most certainly not like THIS:
    Karin run though sity strets. see cood nawt breth. she wuz l8 4 hur appionintmeent. ppl go faststarrr! she scremeded. the croud blucked hur. the crud wuz annoing.

    Also, please be able to post a limit of at least 5 sentences per post, a paragraph if you will. I'm getting tired of people who can't meet the criteria, so I may as well start making people throw out an RP sample to be able to join.
    ~Have some knowledge on Naruto's lore. It would be a bit infuriating for me or others to have to explain every little thing to you about Naruto. If you don't know, don't have to join, or maybe even just read up on how things work.

    Just follow everything layed out above. I'm not gonna say first come first serve, but I just want you to fill out a little character sheet. NO RESERVING SPOTS SO DON'T BOTHER ASKING. If you want to join, you may want to just plop a character sheet down without saying anything else. Don't ask me about things wrong with abilities, or OP abilities. Have common sense, and don't worry, one OP thing isn't going to crush your chances if everything else is fine. I'm putting emphasis there, ONE. Any more than that will hurt your chances. The second I think enough people are here, is the second this is CLOSED. Do not beg me to open it, or post more when I give the announcement that the thread is closed.

    Anyway, the CS is here. Do not make any alterations to the main skeleton. Put something like N/A if it doesn't apply to your character. Alterations will ALSO hurt your chances. It just gives me a feeling that you can't follow a simple form.

    Your character


    PM me your skype when you've been accepted.


    Thought of the plot and how some things work.

    Many decades into the future, in the now-city of Konoha, an era of peace has once again been achieved. There have been more advances in technology, though not many due to them being much more invested in their traditions; being Shinobi. More techniques have been created, new twists to old teachings as well. Just four years before, they were struggling with the 8th Shinobi War, but since it's ending, every nation had gotten quiet. There had been very little interaction between each, as if they were all ignoring each other. Other than the missing nin, no child and even some adults have caught hide or hair of any other people of other villages.
    Little do they know, this segregation is both drifting the villages apart, and inviting bad things...


    What of the Tailed Beasts?
    OKAY OKAY. I'll admit, they'll be pulled into play. But since most of them dwell in different clans than Konoha, they won't be around. How they work now is different than in Naruto. Instead of being sealed within people, most of them will be asleep, sealed within nonliving containers. KEEP NOTE OF THIS.

    New technology?
    Yep! But there's no iphones or whatever. Only technology up to 1950 will be available, so study your history kids, before you pull in an item from the 2000s or something.

    Other ninja clans?
    Will not be put into play here. If the plot evolves, with more people and such, we'll bring in the other clans, very slowly.

    The threat?
    Will not be known by anyone as of yet, except for me.
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  2. @Justaddnutts
    Thank you for replying~

    1: I don't mind having a CS sent on either platform.

    2: It's fine! I wouldn't break someone down for spelling errors if it isn't really their fault. It only ticks me off when people don't try, and by the sounds of your summary, you're one that tries. I like that.

    3: I was just stating writing samples out of a worst-case scenario type thing, like if I was losing too many members because their writing style didn't match expectations.

    4: For your characters, don't have them be in any canon clans. Pretend they don't exist. I've seen scuffles with things like the sharingan and byakugan, and plenty of other canon abilities. So, clans and dojutsu in the anime/manga? Nope. Don't exist. If anyone cries about this i'll just laugh, because i'm trying to promote some originality. Dojutsu and Kekkei Genkai won't be removed completely, we're just not gonna have those boss-level OP ones.
    As far as CS expansion, if i'm comfortable this rp will be able to go swimmingly, yes I will revamp the CS with more material.
    Any age is fine! Anyone who joins can make all the characters they wish, but this is taking place in only Konohagakure.
    Considering i'll be going off an old rp, this will actually be taking place in the future. Editing it and sprucing it up as I make this post.
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  3. Libra! Is this redemption for the late SE rp ( Y-Y)
  4. YES.
  5. *Sighs* Libs...WHERE DA HEACK IS ANYONE :(

    I think you might just need to make it and then like tag interested people or make an advertisement.
    Oh, and should I jus leave my CS's here?
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  6. Hey I am very interested in this!