Tint the Void

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  1. (Signup and OoC thread: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/tint-the-void-ooc-signups.119298/ )

    "As part of this grand stride for us, we created a limitless possibility. A world without boundaries, and a world without the worries of whether or not something is possible or not. It is a dimension we gave birth to ourselves, but cannot control it. For every minute we spend without creativity or initiative, the dimension takes that minute and creates something of it's own to feign existence and normality. Those creations, not natural nor good, are what we call Aberrations. Distorted "glitches" in reality....filling in the spaces of our colorless dimension. Our void.


    Help create the world. Introduce the dimension the workings of where you came from, of where you call "life."

    And help Tint this Void into a vibrant shade."

    In a universe dominated by the primordial energy called mana, many things are possible. Magic dealing with almost everything, from the elements to more intricate workings, to fueling superpowers otherwise known as "Soul Phantasms." This universe, dubbed the "Manaverse" has been the foundation of many great and powerful civilizations to form and strive. Eventually a civilization, known for it's amazing technology and advancements, created their own dimension to settle in. A reality in which they wanted to write the rules. However, when tampering with the delicate fabric of reality, an error occurred in the dimension's creation. It became pseudoaware. And with that came the Aberrations, glitches or abominations of twisted concepts the dimension "thinks" is normal, in which it spawns in order to trick itself into thinking it has something existing within it. These Aberrations have ended the lives of many of the engineers working on this project, and thus they left the dark Dimension alone to fester. Until now.

    A group has been hired. A capable bunch entrusted with the task of introducing everything that can be considered to be the workings of a true world into this dimension. They are tasked with crafting lands and seas, air and fire, sun and moon, day and night, love and hate....all while doing so in the most timely manner. For which every second counts in this dimension. And inaction can lead to the dimension to strike back in creating and corrupting your intentions in order to rid you.

    Tint the Void.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------(note from the creator down bellow)---------------------------------------

    Yes so this is the first full scale roleplay I'll enact here. It's been a concept in my head for quite some time, and I hope I could find a couple of great roleplayers willing to help me make this plot grow.

    The basic gist of this plot is simple. Your character will be called an "Outsider." by profession and by name and will be sent to this dimension in order to begin shaping it into a working, living world for others to settle in. Your character will have technology in order to aid them into creating things, but creation isn't all they need to do. With such power, they are also responsible for introducing many of the smaller things in life we may push aside. Such as education or morals, or anything. However, based on how the character introduces the concept, the dimension may and will react accordingly. Either in a positive way or negative. A character could quickly help shape the world to either be a paradise or a hell, depending on what approach they take and how they present things. The dimension self-learns and is conditioned, so introducing anything will allow it to replicate a concept as a working "law" it must abide to. However, sometimes if things go awry, the dimension will simulate or feign a concept in a region of the dimension that is underdeveloped or blank, thus spawning Aberrations. Think of Aberrations as glitched monsters of very basic things or complex things. Even a crayon presented wrongly could trigger a very powerful class of Aberration.

    I ask for roleplayers considering to join this roleplay to be consistent with their posting speeds and habits and to not take more than one week to post for the roleplay in order for it to move forward....and no roleplayers who will eventually vanish from the site and abandon the RP. Small paragraphs or single posts aren't enough to drive other posters into typing out their own reactions as small posts do not provide enough details. So for the sake of the players, post length minimum should be about one paragraph (5 sentences).

    Other than that, the rules are what other RPs in here ask for. No bunnying or godmodding, ask questions if you are unsure, no autohitting, autokilling, or metagaming. And general rules of this manaverse such as the use of the energy called "mana" will be explained to you by me. It isn't hard at all :)

    I hope interest arises!

    (I will only have 4 slots open for this. There is a 5th slot but it will be with a Co-GM of mine of sorts)
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  2. Before joining in, what do you count as a paragraph in sentences.
  3. Update for Starr: Its one paragraph, now. He'll edit it later
  4. Sorry I'm late! Lemme know if you need me to embellish on any Manaverse things, Starr. In the meantime I've got character development to prep~
  5. Can we get a CS
  6. Will post a character sheet form in a bit
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  7. Okay
  8. Character sheets and the OoC/Signups thread is up. Check out the first post~
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  9. Hey so one of the participants got banned. Would like to have a couple more users take his spot and participate in this roleplay.

    Would really appreciate it <3
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