Time zone?!

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  1. What time is everyone usually online? What's the time zone in your place?
    I want to be able to RP at the same time 'cause usually I sleep when you're awake and vice versa, and I'm sad and lonely and I have to catch up a lot.
  2. I'm usually on all day and night..except on the weekend. I live in the Central Time zone. ~^^~
  3. Somewhere in the US, yeah? I'm all the way in the Philippines and there are only a few hours when I get to RP with everyone else.
  4. Oh my. :O Yeah! Definitely big difference there! Haha
  5. I live in US Central Time! 8D Right now, it's 10:30 PM.
  6. I live in Arizona and our time zone changes between Mountain and Central? Mountain and... something. Because our time never actually changes like the rest of the US who has to suffer through Daylight Savings. :D I stay up most of the night though because I'm weird.
  7. Ah, the dreaded time zone, my biggest enemy here except from my exams. I live in... Central European Time. *cries*
    It's 07:45 am here.
  8. In the summer (now) I am in the Central European time zone (UTC), and in the winter I am in UTC+1. Of some reason Sweden still thinks its a good idea to destroy peoples sleep by moving the time one hour so you have to learn to wake up earlier or go to bed later! DAMN YOU SWEDEN!!!!

    I'm online all day for most times. I may not write depending on my mood but I always check in during all day. (Just a bit addicted to going in here)
  9. We're all from different time zones, but you guys don't have much of a big difference between one another (I think?)
    Lucky folks haha
  10. My time zone is Central European Time, UTC+1 with Daylight Savings, so anyone who is from Europe is able to roleplay plenty with me. I am usually online most of the time, but nowadays, studies seem to bury me.
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  11. Central, I'm pretty much on all day when I'm not out.
  12. UGH STUDIES! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL STARTING TODAY. I've got review classes for college entrance exams (and that's going to take up the last month of my summer) and I won't be able to RP the same time as you all D:
  13. GMT +8 people XD yesu I live in this fine garden city which is apparently called Singapore XD
  14. US Central time. I don't usually stay up past 1, but tonight's the exception, I guess... (It's 1 right now, BTW)
  15. What? You only chat rp or what? ._.

  16. I'm in Eastern [something] Time in the US. I was in Singapore last summer, though. (And hope to be in Europe this summer!)

    I feel like I post at most once a day to things, so time zones don't matter all that much to me.
    Hahaha sorry for my excitement
    'cause I'm still feeling really bad that you're all in UCT/UCT+1/Central time yeahh
  18. [MENTION=1974]Citizen of worlds[/MENTION] Haha really?! :D that's amazing!! XD YAY TIMEZONE BUDDIES!!! XD /Highfives/

    [MENTION=1879]Shavynel[/MENTION] cool!! :D wish I could visit other parts of the world -3- the only places I've visited is Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia XD
  19. *high fives you back*
  20. As of right now I am in the Eastern Standard Time in the USA. However, in about 19 days I'll be in the UTC +2 (I think it's +2 lol) in Sweden for a few months. I'll be on a lot though, regardless of where I'm at.