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  1. Here's an idea I've had lately. The title is pending.

    An RP based on time travel. More akin to Chrono Trigger than many other things, it'd have it's own world and NOT be based on Earth, since that'd just end up a mess and this allows for more options and freedom in coming up with characters.

    The premise would revolve around a character whom claims to be the last living thing on the planet having came from the final time period in the planet's life cycle. This character would FORCE player characters from the various eras to join the cause of saving the world, on the basis of strength alone. Thus if the character is good, neutral or evil that matters not.

    Thus we'd go around various eras, changing history and eventually finding out what or who causes the utter annihilation of the world and attempting to stop it. This would be primarily an action based RP of course, we're not going to settle everything via friendly discussion or idle threats. There will be some plot twists of course as after all, the characters are not shown proof of this end of the world, whether it's true or the time traveler is just using others to further his/her own agenda....

    The time periods will be split into these primarily:

    Fantasy(Medieval, so magic and fantasy races present and little technology)

    Modern(Modern Day, Fantasy races die off or "disappear", minor technology like say bionics but modern weaponry.)

    Future(Advanced technology is everywhere, Robots, Androids, Cyborgs, Genetically enhanced people)

    There would be other time periods but these the primary ones in which people could choose to make characters for. I'm thinking this is best to keep things reasonable.

    For this RP we'd avoid thinking too hard about paradoxes or things of that sort and thus not use them as plot points, they're just ridiculous at times.

    So let me know if you're interested, I'd love to do this one. Just needs to be more refined and I need to see if there's interest in any other time lines that could exist, like say prehistoric times with dinosaurs, a time period before magic existed, etc. I just don't want it to become too convoluted so that's why I've narrowed it down to three main eras. I'm open to questions and suggestions too.
  2. The idea of PCs being ancestors and decendents gives be the giggles.
  3. This sounds pretty damn interesting, though has the potential to be extremely confusing.

    I think I'm likely game for this... I'd be a Fantasy character :D

    I could also probably loop in my friend... though she would probably be a Fantasy character...

    Ah well, I might be a Fantasy/Futuristic character instead... with like energy swords and stuff... Hehe xD
  4. Hey SilverWolf, if I'm the friend you're talking about, I'm interested. And damn yes I'd be playing fantasy.

    But I am a little confused, are we simply going to be recruited out of our original time periods into the modern world, or will we be travelling through different time periods searching for the source of evil?

    And, is magic for fantasy peoples allowed?
  5. Glad to see some interest here! Hmm, thinking I may want at least one or two more people...But I do want this to actually happen and start soon so we'll see.

    Yeah but we'll try to avoid the confusing stuff. For instance, we're not gonna have paradox stuff like "If the problem that ends the world is solved then the character never goes back in time and thus the problem is never fixed". Also there will be limitations to it so we won't be able to run into our character's past selves.

    We'll be traveling time periods searching for the source of evil is what we'd do, Dragon. Much more freedom that way and it'd be too easy if the answer to all this was in the modern world. Hopefully that's the one option you were looking forward to because that's what we're going with.

    Magic will be for fantasy era characters, so yep, no worries there.

    So yeah, hopefully that clears a bit up. If there's any other specifics or things you want to know I'd be happy to answer.
  6. Okay, thanks for that. Sure, I'm interested then :D
  7. Cool..

    Hmm still looking for more people interested but I've started writing up the OOC here seeing it's taking a bit of time, perhaps because it's not the easiest type of RP in the world. I've figured out some things to simplify it though so it should be good to go soon enough.