Time to Set Up Some Role Plays !

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  1. I'm in search of some mature role plays, so let's set something up!
    I have almost no limits, so we'll discuss that later if interested.
    I only do MxM and FxM pairings. No FxF, sorry.
    Of course, I'd love for you to be literate with your writing. I like more than one paragraph in each reply, but I understand that sometimes one paragraph is all that can be said. But if it gets that way, then I'm always up to discuss a way to get us out of that.
    Not really sure what else to say, so on with the topics :)

    ~ Harry Potter
    ~ Boondock Saints
    ~ College based / Community
    ~ Master / Slave
    ~ Artist / Muse
    ~ Drug related (ie Addict / Addict, Dealer / Addict, etc.)
    ~ Twisted Disney
    ~ Odd pairings
    ~ Sons of Anarchy (either based off the show, or something like it)

    I'm also up for others and new suggestions. I can also come up with plots, that we can then discuss.

    So have at it :)
  2. Hello. I was in the neighborhood, searching for another MxM RP and thought I'd stop in your thread. Both the themes about college and the drug-related ones sound interesting. Is there any particular direction you'd like to go with either of them?

    Also I'd like to say that I write 1 to 2 detailed paragraphs and love to communicate with my writing partners about plot direction. It's also nice to have someone to chat with while I'm thinking about replies. n-n
  3. Hello hello.
    That sounds wicked :)
    With those two, it really depends on the plot sense. With college, it could go a many different ways, from one of the characters on the verge of getting kicked out, to one character needs help and the other is offering.
    As for the drug related one, I like to have the drug addict kind of an over the top kind. IE really into drugs, stealing to get drugs, offering up favors for the fix, etc etc.

    And that sounds wonderful.
    I definitely like to communicate while the role play is going on as well.
  4. Hiya! I'd be happy to do something with you too, if you're looking for more than one. I'm not sure what kind of mature content you're planning on, so that may or may not affect my ability, but I'd be happy to try in general. I prefer FxM over MxM, but I can do MxM if absolutely necessary, or depending on the plot. Of the general ideas you included, I'd be most inclined towards college, artist/muse, master/slave (so long as there are no rules against that- some sites have rules against it while others don't, and I don't know the rules on that well) or a mix there-of. I'm also fine with odd pairings, depending on what it is you have in mind there...And I can do something Harry Potter-esque, as long as it's not canon-based or anything of the sort. Either way...I have some interest. :)

    Drug-related is also a possibility, depending on the type of drug.
  5. Hello. I'm definitely in search of more than one. As for mature content, I'll go as far as you can go. And doing FxM is perfectly fine with me.
    I'm up for any one of those, so which ever you're most inclined to, I'll go with that :)
    As for plots, I can definitely come up with something, or we can ball park some ideas.
  6. In my case, my boundaries are a bit loose and hard to define at times, especially with FxM, so...I'll basically just tell you if it's too far for me to handle. ^^; As for the general plot then...We could do a mix if you'd like. For examples, an artist and their muse are both in the same college- that'd mix those two ideas. Actually, that sounds interesting. It might be even more interesting if said muse has no idea they're the muse and just happen to talk to the person and notice something at one point, thus getting surprised. Random thought on my account though. I'm sorta just swinging ideas around here...because I have no idea what to do in reality.
  7. Wicked, that works for me :)
    And that actually sounds like a really good idea. I like it. Gives for an interesting twist, for the muse could go any way with that one.
  8. Sorry it's taken me a bit to reply. I'm still adjusting to this site. The old one I wrote on automatically notified me if anyone posted anywhere I did. It took me a bit to find you again n_n;

    Anyways. I like those ideas. The ones that I thought of kinda meshed the two together. I thought of dorm mates that slowly got to know one another. One of them could be struggling with school due to personal issues, and the other could offer to help him study. Another part of his struggle could be drug-related. He was losing interest in school and becoming depressed and started using which made things worse.

    Now there's also a twist, if you are cool with having more than one character (I love writing multiple characters >.<). The user's dealer friend could fit that description of the over-the-top type of user you described. The nice guy could eventually figure him out and try to separate them before something bad happened. The dealer could have a lover for the fourth character. One that was thinking could be a little slutty that tries to hook-up with everyone and lingers around the campus.

    I'm sorta just pulling this stuff out of my head as I write this lmao. My two besties and I have been writing like this for over a year now. We actually write with like up to 4 characters EACH at a time, but I'm fine with the 2 characters only too. The initial dorm mates would be the 'main characters' in this unless we suddenly really like writing the others. We can also write something totally different if you'd like. This was just random theme-meshing.
  9. Hehe, I actually came up with a decent plot? I'm pleased you like it! Hrm...Well, would you rather play the muse or the artist? That may aid easily. Since you've noted in the first post you only do MxM or MxF, I'm gonna guess you prefer to play male. If I'm wrong, let me know. xD
  10. It sounds like you already have your hands full of new partners, but if you're still looking for more shoot me a message. :) Sounds like you have the ideas going so I'm sure we could come up with something.
  11. MsGrimm; No worries, took me a bit to figure that out as well.

    I definitely like those ideas. Could offer quite a bit of twists with that. And I have no problem with playing more than one character.

    Juneberry; It was awesome. And as for characters, I'll take whichever role and whichever gender :)
  12. Well, first, I'll say that I prefer to play the female role, but I mostly do MxF anyway, so that's all good.

    The ideas I like are:

    Harry Potter - Do you do romance with this? And would you mind playing characters from the series?

    Boondock Saints- would you like to add a bit of romance to that as well?


    Drug Related

    Twisted Disney- What did you have in mind?

    And same with odd parings, what did you have in mind?

    xD I'm on a lot of the time, and I'll try to post at least a paragraph (5+ sentences)
    Umm, if you can, PM me or write on my wall, and we can discuss all of this.
    I like a lot of your ideas, and I'm up for multiple role plays, if you are. ^^
  13. Alrighty :D Well, I'd generally prefer to play the muse over the artist, most likely...But it would depend on the type of art anyway. I do have a couple of musical characters, and one of my other characters does dabble in writing (but she mostly writes about psychology, so unless she's been watching for psychological changes to help fuel her work, she wouldn't really need a muse). But mostly, I think I'd do better as a muse. As for gender...I'm actually pretty lenient for that one in this case. Since it's college based, I already have my character number cut down enough where it'd be easy enough to choose either way.
  14. Alright, no worries. I can definitely take on the role of the artist.
    And alright, well you can choose either way :)
  15. Artist / Muse

    what've you got in mind for this one? -full attention on you-
  16. I've got a couple different ideas.

    The two are friends, the artist using the other as their muse, but without the other knowing. It could be like that for a while, and then one day the muse finds out. From there, it could go any way.

    The artist and muse have no idea who the other is. The artist meets the muse for the first time and is instantly drawn to them, finding some new spark that they had lost and starts whipping up more art (whatever is fine). Basically like above, goes like this for a while, till the muse finds out. Could go anywhere from there.
  17. Hrm...For some reason, I feel like Joe would be entertaining. He's a workaholic and fairly friendly. Not sure how someone would find him particularly good as a muse, but he probably is fairly handsome when he's deep in thought or working. So...Strangely enough, I'm gonna go with being a guy.
  18. Sounds perfectly fine to me. And I'm sure I can find something about him for my character to consider useful :)
  19. oooo, I like the second one would it be alright if I was the muse? what pairing(your gender if FxM) would you perfer?
  20. Alright, wicked.
    You can definitely play the muse. And either one works for me.