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  1. Hey there all! I have been away traveling for work but now I am back and hungry for some really good RPs! I am looking for just a few partners for a couple (hopefully) long term rps. I am specifically looking for females as I always and only play males. I am not a douche when it comes to post length but I do ask that you be able to properly carry the plot or scene forward with your posts. While I am fairly dominant by nature when it comes to plot development that doesn't mean I want you to be submissive and constantly wait for me to move the plot along. Lets work together on this! Sex will be a part of all my Rps, sometimes a big part and sometimes a small part depending on what the chemistry of our characters develops into. This means that I am looking for a partner that is ok with heavy smut, light smut, and everything in between. Last but not least I also am pretty lenient when it comes to posting frequency. As a young professional who is also still in school I am more than aware of how limited time can get in the real world. Post when you can, just keep me in the loop and shoot me a message if you're going to be away for quite some time. Below are a couple of plot ideas that I've come up with. One is drafted from a canon universe that I am a big fan of. I'm totally ok with working out a different idea with someone, just let me know! Hope to hear from you!

    Mass Effect (open)
    This story is set in the middle of the Reaper war. My character will be human ex corsair N7 Slayer who is on a special mission to locate a particular component needed to complete the Crucible. Because of his experience as a corsair the Alliance has allowed him to work on his own or to team up with someone in order to locate the missing component. Your character can be any race and class as long as its female. I'm thinking that we run into each other during one battle or another and we end up teaming up. We can work on the details

    Hidden In The Force (open)
    This is a Star Wars themed rp that I thought up a while ago but never actually put into play. This is set in the Old Republic after the Jedi Order has been wiped out by the Sith. What few remaining Jedi have (Like the Exile in KotOR 2) cut themselves off from The Force in order to hide from Sith Assassins. They've also cut themselves off from each other, each going into exile themselves with nothing but their martial skills and wits to keep them alive an hidden. But they still plot and plan for the day when they could come together to strike back at the Sith and restore the Jedi Order. My character will be an exile and you can choose whatever character you want.

    Besides this other pairings I am particularly fond of are:

    Assassin x Target
    Medieval Warrior x Witch/Wizard
    Supernatural Hunter x Supernatural Creature

    Once again, if you think we're a good match and you have other good ideas I'm totally open to hearing them. ^_^
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  2. I could go for the Assassin x Target one
  3. If you ever want an rp, I've got a few slots open. :P
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  4. Interested in Hidden in the Force :)
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  5. PM me ^_^
  6. Midevial warrior x witch/wizard ?
  7. Supernatural Hunter x Supernatural Creature sounds fun =)