Time of Forbidden Magic

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  1. Obviously I'll try and make the Sign ups look nice but I just wanted to know how many people would be interested in a witch based rp. The main characters don't HAVE to be witches but that's what the problem/plot is based off of. Its pretty much about how an evil witch will rise in power and is going around cities/villages dropping seeds of dark magic which causes disasters of all sorts to arise. The team must follow the dark magic trail (destroying enemies along the way) through different adventures and such, they have 5 months to capture the evil person (making it a her right now) before the darkness swallows the world. I made it 5 months because I wanted there to technically be a solid reason for the rp to end when the time comes.

    I don't mind there being any ideas pmed to me and I could definitely use a co-mod. Now this is an rp I'd really hope to start because, well let's face it, I wasted a bit of time thinking this through (the history of it) xD.

    Of course there will more details in the sign-ups so just look forward to it, mkz? lol

    Looking for those who:

    • Have good grammar
    • Can type up 2 or more paragraphs (5 good sentences in each)
    • Can follow rules
    • Doesn't OP your characters
    • Can give your characters flaws within both personality and magic
    • Can post when the time comes
    • Isn't a flaker (I've rped with some of you and there are a lot of people who literally join and end up never posting)
  2. Post when the time comes... Can you please elaborate further?
  3. When the rp starts, pretty much it means posting regularly x]
  4. Posting regularly... Okay, I'm not too good with subtle. How often are you asking us to post?
  5. Possibly within 3 days x] if it isn't possible than sending me a pm as a heads up is really welcomed
  6. Gotcha. Thanks for the information!
  7. No problem! x]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.