Time, Iwaku?

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  1. It seems as if someone only just replied.
    Anyway, as You can probably guess, I'm looking for an RP partner. I work on a first-come, first-serve basis. and please - POST ON THIS TOPIC, DO NOT MESSAGE ME. THIS IS FAR MORE CONVENIENT.

    If you need to know what i'm like in a role play, then look at my resume.
  2. Hmm, would be interested. Looking to join more onexones. Have you got any plot ideas in mind? :)
  3. Now that you mention it, no. Nothing actually comes to mind that I don't view as dull and/or boring. If you have anything you particularly want to do - or anything at all - then shoot, I'll take practically anything at this stage.
  4. Hmm, this will be hard then :)
    What do you think of Sci-fi or Fantasy?
  5. Eh, fantasy's all right, but I've gone and done quite an amount of it, so Sci-fi would be nice - to shake things up.
  6. Okey dokey. Have you by chance ever read The Ring of Five Dragons, by Eric Van Lustbader?
  7. Erm... As it happens, no. My knowledge of the literary world is limited at best.
  8. Damn. Well it'd be a good book to base a sci-fi rp on. It's about a species called the V'ornn who invaded a planet called Kundala one hundred and one years ago. They went because their home planet died but really the Gorgon- superior tech species- really want to find the Ring of Fove Dragons which is described in the Kundalan- native species'- Prophercy.
    Annon is half Kundalan and half V'ornn which means death but no one knows because he look V'ornn- he doesn't even know. Some V'ornn kills his family- who are royal- but he escapes with the help of his nurse maid- actually his mother- and is found to be the Dar Sala-at. Basically he is put into a Kundalan girl's body, discovers some weird things called Rappaand gets a hold of the Ring- also there's a book involved and it helps him to thrip- teleprt sort of. The Dar Sala-at is a very special person who has special powers and will free the Kundalan.
    It's better than my description but this is it long story short- there's more if you want v x3
  9. It sounds interesting, but I can't say I see where you're going with this.
  10. I hadn't thought of that. I was thinking about an rp based in that world, but I hadn't really thought of a plot. This book came to mind and I thought it'd be interesting to do but I only thought that far ahead. I'll start brainstorming ideas if you want to do the rp in this world?
  11. As of now, I can't see what choice I have, having no inspiration or ideas whatsoever. If you wish to brainstorm, I have no objections.