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  1. Good morning, there.
    So, I've been on the lookout for a couple more RP partners and stumbled across this here site in the process.
    I've been roleplaying for approximately 7-8 years, and in that time have had too many and too varied screennames to count. We'll stick with 'Kyu' for now.
    As for information about myself... I'm 19, born & raised in the UK, and definitely a chick. I'm a complete foreign movies/books/music person.
    With RPing... generally go for modern/light fantasy/realistic, but interested in mixing it up a little and throwing some sci-fi/steampunk/cyberpunk into the mix.
    And I think that'll about do it for now. So, hi there. I'm sure I'll be speaking to some of you again soon.
  2. welcome to iwaku :3
    I hope you will like it here ^^ If not... :3 *starts the brainwashing machine*
    Anyway, if there is any questions about the community then it's just to ask :)
    Don't forget to read community 101: welcome to iwaku and roleplay 101: roleplaying on iwaku, they give you a lot of good tips on how to be and navigate on the site ;)
  3. *puts some eyeglasses on*

    Hello Kyu, and welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you.
    Yes, I think you will find your ideal partner/s here. We've got these very handy things called roleplayer resume, in which we fill our likes and dislikes regarding roleplaying, plus some scene sample. Check out some profiles and some threads!
    Before you get into that..........,



    See you around!
  4. Hi there Kyu of the land beyond! Welcome to the community! <3
  5. Welcome to Iwaku and I hope you enjoy your stay here. I'm sure that you will find an rp or two which will suit your tastes and if you don't I'm sure you'll make one that you'll have no trouble filling. I've been here for inside a week and already I've got myself clicking refresh over and over again waiting for a response in the rp which I'm taking part in.

    On a separate note I see that you enjoy foreign movies and music, what sort do you enjoy?
  6. Hey and welcome to the community!

    Its great to have you hear.

    Feel free to take a look at our academy, there are always some interesting challenges and things to do!

    We also have a cbox. Here, you can meet people and make friends!

    Please enjoy your stay here!
  7. Welcome to Iwaku =)

    Cyberpunk, Fantasy and Sci-fi?
    I love you already!
  8. Thanks to everyone for the welcome. Already been taking a look around so with luck I'll get the gist of the place soon enough. Seems fairly comprehensive, which I like.

    Erebus- Primarily Asian, especially in terms of cinema and music, though literature as well insofar as Murakami, Natsume Soseki, etc. That said, also rather taken by Scandinavian cinema at the moment (as well as music; heard of Sigur Ros?).

    And Aira, I'm glad to have an admirer, but don't get ahead of yourself- I haven't tried them out yet, my writing could be diabolical. ;)
  9. I'm not familiar with that band that you mentioned but I am quite familiar with mr murakami and I've got quite a few japanese bands which I absolutely adore.
  10. Another one from the Untied Kingdom. I would tell you to be wary of the most infamous UKer here named Asmodeus but he's moving overseas so you'll be safe.

    Welcome to the forum. Don't feed the Chaos. He's needy.
  11. That's okay, us English are a dying breed against those Americans! we have to stick together!
  12. Aira i agree with you : )

    Anyways..... *waves at Kyu* Hello :) have a great time on Iwaku I'm sure you will or RedBlood may have to use that machine lol
  13. Erebus- Mind if I ask which bands? My music library's jam packed with Japanese bands, so I might just know them.

    I'd better ensure that I have a good time, then. The threat of 'that machine' sounds rather ominous.
    Pleasure to meet you all.
  14. Welcome to Iwaku! Avoid those creepy guys with chicks in their signatures and I am sure you will find the perfect roleplaymate for yourself =D

    Enjoy your stay and don't go out after dark. The ancient and evil Karastan roams the streets then in search of human flesh. Freaky story, really. Enjoy your stay =D
  15. Hi Kyu, I hate to admit it but your text is too small for me to read without strain so... I read a few sentences of your first paragraph. We have over 500 active members so I'm sure you'll find at least a couple new RP partners!
  16. No need to hate to admit it- different screens/eyes/preferences. I'll bump it up a notch. ;)
    Thanks for the welcome.
  17. Hey Kyu!
    Iwaku is pretty interesting with the different types of RP there are, but if there isn't anything you see that catches your fancy you can always set an RP up with people. C:
    People here are also really interesting, but all very nice. ^^
    Hope you find what you're looking for at this site! :D
  18. Dammit. I'm always late. That means that you won't notice me...*sighs and lowers her elaborate welcome sign*