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    It was getting to be around Christmas time, a time hated dearly by a certain little neko bar owner. She was allergic to pine trees and pine cones, so she was always a sneezing wreck this time of year. The tavern was sparsely decorated with the typical white Christmas lights. It was five o'clock, it was way too dark out, and every single radio station was a clusterfuck of reindeer, chestnuts, and jingling bells. The holidays were often a hit or miss when it came to the bar's influx of customers. Sure, there were the few constant drunkards, and the occational Christmas party, but mostly people drank from the comfort of their own homes this time of year.

    Leone had just finished his decorating of the bar, stacking several bottles of Heineken up in the shape of a Christmas tree and decorating it accordingly with some caps and leftover garland. The daemon wasn't that big on Christmas, but the whole music genre devoted to turning Christmas carols into horribly funny teaser songs always lightened his mood. His gaze flicked around the bar, wondering where everyone was hiding. He knew Tilly was out at Rite-Aide stocking up on just about every allergy medication she could find. As for Aki and and the usuals, he wasn't sure.

    He walked over to where his iPod was mounted on the radio system and but on one of his favorite songs. At least for this time of the year.

  2. Aki walked in with snowflakes in his hair and his bonsai under his arm. It had begun snowing outside and he was not prepared. He shuffled over to the bar like a zombie and placed his tree on the counter. Aki then proceeded to shuffle to the back. When he returned he was dressed in his uniform and seemed to be slightly more awake. Aki made his way over to the bar and shrunk down to the size of a Lilliputian (less than 6 inches tall) and climbed over to his tree. Before falling asleep at the base of his bonsai tree he murmured "I like the decorations."
  3. Karin walked in, shivering from the cold. It must be really cold out there if it's bothering her, she felt kinda bad for the others, the ones who actually felt the weather change. She dusted the snow from her hair and shoulders and stomped the snow off her boots near the door. "Hey Leo, I like the decorations and the choice of music." She laughed softly, her laugh sounding like the wind in the trees. "Very.....festive."
  4. A small shiver raked through Leone as the door opened and Ake ambled in with an expression that resembled a certain zombie neko he knew when there was no caffeine within twenty miles. "Thanks." He spoke with a smile, watching as he shrunk down and started napping on his tree. His tail fluffed up against the cold when the door opened the second time.

    "Hey Karin, thanks. It's been a slow day and I had nothing better to do." He still wore his casual smile. His gaze flicked to the door again, his smile fading back into a neutral expression. "Did you see Tilly out there at all? She usually doesn't take this long to run to Rite-Aide." He asked as his gaze returned to the vampire neko.
  5. 'No, I didn't, but I wasn't really paying attention, I just love the snow so much." She walks over to where a festive Christmas sweater of hers is hanging and grabs it. "But I can go to Rite-Aid if you want and see if she made it there, it wouldn't be any trouble, I was going to head back out anyway, just came in to grab this." She holds up the sweater slightly for him to see.
  6. A female figure could be seen entering the door. With sharp blue eyes and ice-white blondish hair, it was unmistakable to presume this lady as anyone other than Miane Thwic. Her lips, which were usually in a straight line, curved upwards though just a tad seeing the newly decorated bar. As quickly as it came, it disappeared. She turned her attention to her colleagues. "Good day we're having. I see you've gotten yourself in the spirit, haven't you, Leone?" She remarked. Her eyes scoured the place the landed on Leone. "Is the owner currently absent?" She inquired.
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  7. "No, it's fine. She probably got held up in the last minute shopper line or something." Leone spoke easily enough. He smirked slightly as she held up her sweater for him to see. "Cute." He replied as he reached for his cleaning rag and wiped down the counter. He glanced to the door when it opened, hoping that it was Tilly.

    While he was a bit disappointed, he managed a casual smile when Miane strolled in. "I wouldn't say 'in the spirit,' exactly. More so avoiding the aspect of strolling into my room to find that Tilly might have redecorated it because of me not trying to show some spirit." He explained with a smirk. "Tilly just ran to Rite-Aid."
  8. Hearing his statement, Miane couldn't help but give a small smile. "That is really like the Owner." She commented before nodding in clarity. "Ah, I see..." Was her simple reply. Looking around some more, Maine's gaze feel on the door for a short moment. She then turn her head back to Leone. "I'll be heading to the kitchen now. There is a lot to do and so little time." She informed. "If anyone needs me, you know where I'll be." She added. She turned and headed to the kitchen door. Braid swaying from left to right as did her hips did subtly.

    Entering the kitchen, Miane took off her coat and hung it on one of the hooks on the wall near the door. She took out a medium sized hair clip and clipped her braided hair upwards. She then looked at the kitchen. Should she decorate this place as well? After a second look she shrugged. Annabet would like to do it herself. Besides, she was never the decorative type. She was sure if she did it, it would look absolutely horrible. With a nod, Miane set off to work.
  9. Nodding softly to Leo, "Okay then." She would smile and giggle sort of childishly. I'm going to go back out and play in the snow. Slipping on her sweater she walked out the door tossing one last smile over her should to Leo. "Maybe I'll bring you back a snowball Leo." Laughing as she ran out the door and into the snow, her tail swishing happily.
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