Till The World Ends

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  1. The year is 2012. And everything is about to change.

    Strange events have been happening. Earthquakes, hurricanes, storms and flashed floods are slowly tearing the world apart. These events are rocking every country in its sight.
    The Governments of the World have came up with a plan. Three large ships, much like Noah's ark, which will hold everything needed for human life. The only catch is, you either buy your way onboard or you win your ticket in the raffle. The public is rearly updated, not informed of the seriousness of the situation. People entering the raffle are informed that it's for a once in the lifetime trip to Washington. The winners are told to bring whatever they need and are placed on board the ships as soon as they arrive.

    As things grow quickly worse, with another storm heading towards Washington, the passengers are informed to get to the boats as soon as possible.

    This roleplay was follow our characters lives onboard the ships. Will your character be able to live with themselves? To know that while they are safety in the ships, so many others are waiting to die outside. Can the highest of classes really mix with such commoners who have won their way onto the ship? And what happens with a storm heads directly to the ships. Can they with stand the force of the storms? And even so, what happens when sickness runs through the ships.

    No knowledge of the movie '2012' is necessary so don't worry if you have never seen it before. Remember, anything can happen on board the ship. Romance can blossom, friendship can flourish and families can fall apart. Simply fill out the form below to join. I have yet to start the actually roleplay but once I do I'll make sure to edit this page to include the link as well as PM anyone who has joined before then.

    Current Residence:
    Appearance: A photo is favoured over a description
    How did they come to be on board the ship?: Did they buy their place? Or win it?

    [If you have any questions then please feel free to post them below or private message me]
  2. Name: Cordelia Winthrop Scott [​IMG]

    Age: 26

    Birthday: October 21st

    Current Residence: London, England

    Profession: V.P. of family company

    Talents: Cordelia finds it easy to speak to new people, something she often has to do in her field of work. She is able to present talks and meetings to a large amount of people, and is oozing with confidence. As a businesswoman, she is used to dealing with stressful situations and often has to come up with solutions on her feet and with very little time. Although she can look like a cold and career focused woman, she also has a way of calming people, even more so young children, in stressful situations. Cordelia can also keep a calm and level head in the weak of crisis and disaster. Through her line of work, she has to deal with many people from different backgrounds and cultures, she's picked up a little bit of different cultures through the years and basic words from different languages.

    Dreams: Although she's a woman who's always focused on her career. Her dreams are not career based. Ever since she was a child she dreamed of finding someone who could be her 'Prince Charming', who wouldn't break her heart, someone she could start a family with. Cordelia would also love to travel the world, though with the current situation, that dream is slipping from her grasp. Both of her dreams for that matter

    Fears: Losing her family. Having her heart broken again.

    Family: Victoria Winthrop Scott~ Mother. James Winthrop Scott~ Father. Elizabeth 'Lillabeth' Winthrop Scott~ Niece/Adopted Daughter

    Personality: After years of heartbreak, Cordelia has been forced to put up 'walls' around herself, to stop herself from suffering from more heartbreak. Through behind the mask s a young woman at breaking point. She cares greatly for her family and wants nothing more to see them happy. Come between her and her family and you will regret the day you were born. As caring as she is, she's career driven and is willing to do almost anything to further her career, even if it means leaving someone or rather something behind. She's a calm person, knowing better than to allow stress to get to her.

    History: Cordelia grew up in London where her family ran the highly successful company that was started by her grandparents. Although she was born into a world of expensive cars and over priced wine her parents tried their best to give her as normal of a childhood as possible. They even sent her to a public school instead of a private boarding school. Cordelia grew up close to her older sister, Maddison. After finishing her high school education, Cordelia went to university where she got a degree in business before she began working for her parents shortly afterwards. After proving herself to her parents, she was appointed 'Vice President' following her Uncle's retirement.

    Maddison and Cordelia remained close. After Maddison married, a daughter soon followed. It was no surprise that Cordelia was selected as the child's godmother. During this time, Cordelia had a small number of relationship each one more serious than that last. Though each time she came out of it with an even more broken heart. Though her greatest heartbreak was yet to come. One of the first 'freak accidents' that happened was a powerful storm in the Highlands of Scotland, where Maddison and her husband had been staying for the weekend while Cordelia cared for young Elizabeth. Like so many of the others caught up in the storm, Maddison and her husband were killed, leaving Elizabeth in the care of Cordelia. As soon as her parents were informed of the three ships, they quickly purchased four tickets. One for James, Victoria, Elizabeth and Cordelia herself. Soon afterwards they left to Washington.

    How did they come to be on board the ship?: Cordelia's ticket, along with the rest of her family's, was purchased.
  3. Name: Alexander " Alex" Cornell
    Age: 24
    Birthday: Febuary 28
    Profession: Works at ans Exsecutive Buisness Company
    Current Residence: Brooklyn, New York
    Talets: Alex is a charming young man and has a way with words. He tends to make many friends with people he tends to meet when he's hanging about. He great at debating and persuading people as well wich works well with his job in the buisness company.
    Dreams: Alex has always wanted to make it big in life and find that right person although it's hard for him to express his true feelings, it affects the relationship.
    Fears: Loosing loved ones, Not fufilling his goals
    Family: Bianca Cornell(Mother), David Cornell(Father), Johnathan Cornell(Younger brother), Michael(Younger brother)
    History: Alex and his family grew up in Brooklyn where his mother was a lawyer and his father was a traveling buisnessman. Being the oldest out of the three he looked after his younger brothers while his parents were at work. Though they were spoiled, Alex did't want extra things instead he stuided and played sports like most boys his age. His partes placed him in a charter school for his first few years and highschool in public school where he skiped two grades. After graduating he went to collage for 6 years to get his masters and then became a rising buisnessman.
    How did they come to be on board the ship?: Alex and his family ticket was purchased.