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  1. S T O R Y A N D S E T T I N G
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    The tale that was never heard...
    What if their was two magicians. Both had great power in them. What if one was greedy and corrupted by the power granted to him. The other pure of heart and ready to help the needy. What if they had met. Their battle would have been be able to be past down for generations. If just one of them won. But what if they trapped them selves in rings. Who would find them? Who would escape first? Who will reach freedom at last? Who will answer all these these questions? Well, that would be you the chosen one wouldn't it.

    Yes you chosen one.
    Let's see where we are now. Yes in modern time perfect. Here you both shall be granted a ring. Let's see if you unleash the magicians. Oh don't worry you won't be alone there are people who are here to help you along the way. What's this you want to know why you have been chosen. Well if you were normal that wouldn't be as much fun now wouldn't it be. What are you supposed to do with them. You are supposed to help them escape there trap aren't you. What's this what if you don't want the ring. Nonsense. You are bound by it until you free them. Don't worry I'm sure you will survive. Besides it wouldn't be much of a story you were to be able choose now would it.

    To Be Continued...
    (Will write story as it continues)

    The place where the lost things are found...

    Lamboris City
    A large city where it would be easier to find a needle in a haystack, then the person that you are looking for. The people here are very technologically up to date where you can find the latest and greatest things. Though people were drawn here not by the technology(well maybe a few), but by the beaches nearby.

    Lowell Beach (open)

    (descriptions will be shaped by fellow role players)

    Over Grown Garden Cafe (open)

    (descriptions will be shaped by fellow role players)

    Alexandre Memorial Park (open)

    (descriptions will be shaped by fellow role players)

    Beacon High School (open)
    (descriptions will be shaped by fellow role players)

    Ivory Heights Apartment Complex (open)
    A complex in a bougier part of Lamboris, the apartments were definitely nicer than some of the places Lace had stayed in. However she wasn't much of a fan of the place, the people constantly had their noses in the air, and it was so quiet. In fact the most interesting part about the place was the upscale 24hr bar that was most likely for the poor sods who wedded lizards in blonde wigs.

    (I will add more areas later. I will also add areas that characters post about ex. Ashly awoke in her apartment which is located next to her work place. Boom I make Apartment complex and/or work place.)
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  2. I've Been Searching For So Long...​
    Chosen Ones
    The Magicians
    Darren:"Wherever Jesse leads"
    Yuuko:"Wherever Steven decides"
    The Guardians
    Nathan:"Beacon High School"
    Juniper:"Beacon High School"
    Priscilla:"Beacon High School"
    Rafa:"Beacon High School"
    The Others

    How do you know where I am...
    "I am determined Stalker.."

    Sunny ; Partly Cloudy ; Cloudy ; Raining ; Snowing ; Hailing
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  3. [​IMG]
    It was a beautiful Monday morning, and Nathan was just waking up. He had a long day ahead of him, firstly today was the day his students at Beacon High would have to present their oral reports. They were studying Norse History in class this week, he loved being a History Teacher, every class had a new story to tell and create. Sitting up out of his King Size bed, he rubbed his tired eyes yawning and stretching. The rays of the Sun hit his back, feeling him with rejuvenating energy. "Today is going to be great, I can feel it." He stood up heading to his shower.

    After taking a shower and getting dressed, Nathan went down to the kitchen. His house was a nice lavish place, most people wondered how he got such a magnificent place on a High School Teacher's Salary, from saving and faith in others and always doing the right thing. They don't believe him when he says that, but it is true. He doesn't have any blinds or curtains, mostly because he's off near the shore, and he bathes in the Sunlight every morning during meditation.

    He made a quick breakfast, some eggs, pancakes, and sausages, with some Seaside Strawberry Flavored Water, his favorite drink. After he finished his food and drink, he sat the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. He would clean them when he got home later today. Picking up his briefcase full of notes and papers, he went to the front entrance and he locked the door after he walked out.

    He got into his car, starting up the engine. He had a wide smile on his face. While most teachers actually hated their job, Nathan loved teaching others. Forming young minds and helping to create future historians, scholars, even future leaders of the world. As he rode down the highway to the city, he noticed that the sky grew a grayish color. He checked his phone's weather app, it said no rain...but the clouds said different.

    Making it to the school, Nathan parked in his designated spot. He got out and saw that it was definitely going to rain, as students ran into the school, fearing of getting wet more than being late for class. "Maybe today isn't going to be as great as I thought." He said. Right when he stepped into the building, the sky released a fury of water. As if the sky was crying a deadly sadness.
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  4. Hehehe..

    The girl had woken up from her supposedly long slumber, looking out the window as a soft yawn escaped her lips. For the time being, she was living with a friend of hers until she finished university and had a job; how kind the parents were. The girl's dark, dark brown hair was all messy from a bed head, and she was going to have to enter her High school to present something for today. Oh the joy. Far too much excitement for her to handle. Letting out a sigh, Priscilla decided to finally get her lazy butt off the bed, only to let out a long, satisfying yawn and spacing out for probably another moment. She was staring to the other side of her room, looking straight at the small desk with a photo frame placed up, even after she had placed it down.. How annoying.

    Priscilla begrudgingly got up and walked over to the photograph. It was a photo of herself with her parents when she was younger, herself and her little half brother trying their best to be the centre of attention by crowding at the Camera, as mom and dad were laughing in the background. Usually, one in her situation would cry, but instead, she hissed and scowled at the photo and placed the frame faced down, and away from herself. People had insisted that she keep at least one thing from them, but the photo literally haunt her every day life of her own family's faces; something that she would do much better forgetting about.

    As time ticked on and on, she walked over to her closet and managed to pull something together. The weather had said there would be no rain, but as her beloved grandma always told her: You never know. Those were probably the only words that she cared to remember anyways. She was now wearing an orange tee with the straps hanging over her shoulders, making an obese 'u' shape. She usually didn't do this, but she was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans to go along with it, quickly rushing to the bathroom to brush her teeth, grab breakfast, and out the door.

    That was her usual routine at least.

    "Hey! Morning." A voice called for her when she opened the door. It was her friend Chloe, who was the one who made the arrangements for her living with them. "Morning Chloe." She smiled and greeted back, and Chloe looked like she was already leaving for school. Priscilla gave her a nod, proceeding to the bathroom to brush her teeth and such, eventually running downstairs, grabbing a few pancakes, and was planning on rushing out the door until the news on the television caught her eye. "There has been many deaths as of late, along with robberies and such. The police claim that none of these thieves have anything in common, however, all targets as of far have been brutally murdered. We will continue this with--" More blabbering. Yes, continue it with more blabbering. Chloe's mother walked up behind Priscilla, shaking her head a little bit. "They say they keep catching the murderer, but there's been over 5 in the past month. This is strange." The mother didn't seem to be onto it, so Priscilla just shrugged. After a little talk, she rushed out the door.

    Well, she forgot her umbrella, so she rushed back to get it.

    The female was running to school as fast as her feet would take her, since she was known for being the least athletic person in the school. Well maybe not the school, but a generally non-athletic person. Still proportionate though. It took a couple of minutes, but she was able to make it to the door on time, right when the bell rung, she rushed in only to run into the history teacher, Mr. Walker. But that was when she got a weird feeling, and quickly shifted her appearance into someone else completely. "Ah, sorry about that." Priscilla quickly turned around to apologize, and clumsily tried her best not to be late for class. Wait, this didn't feel right. When she was around that teacher specifically, she got this sudden chill up her spine. She was a descendant of an evil guardian, and she knew that, but she didn't want to start jumping to conclusions. Once she reached an isolated area in the school, she shifted back and made way for classes.
  5. Jessie S. Tyson


    Go ahead as you waste your days with thinking
    When you fall everyone stands

    The music slowly filtered into Jessie's dream causing him the flip and turn while forcing his eyes not to open and reveal the morning light to him. He didn't want to get up, he was much too comfortable in his bed and under his extremely cozy covers. Jessie made the mistake of turning over once more the wrong way, which sent him off the bed and onto the floor hitting it hard. His head hit the edge of the dresser, "Ah fuck!" he shouted before sitting up straight and rubbing the back of his head, he was sure that, that was going to cause problems later on in the day. He gave a loud grunt before kicking off the covers and scooting over a bit then stood up slowly and rubbed his head some more trying to make sure it didn't swell up too much or not at all for that matter. For a brief moment, Jess stood there and took in the surroundings a bit before slowing walking over to his curtains and yanking them back letting the sun leak into his room. There was a small sparking on the window, which puzzled Jessie for a minute before he actually looked down at his finger and noticed the ring again. He frowned as he began to remember how the hell he got into the situation in the first place. It just appeared in a box one day, black one at that, without any note or address so he could know who sent it to him. At first he thought it was just some type of secret admirer, but he had a feeling that, that wasn't the case at all. Nevertheless, Jessie opened the box and without thinking, slipped the ring onto his finger. He didn't think it was anything bad, it was sent for him right? Of course it was, he was the only one that lived at that particular address plus the fact that it was a perfect fit. He wore it throughout the day then when it was time for him to take it off, he couldn't no matter what he tried. Different experiments were made and he had professionals take a look at it as well, he just couldn't take it off of him nor break it. Giving up seemed like the only thing he could do... or at least find out why the hell he couldn't take it off.

    Slipping out of his deep thoughts, Jessie quickly got dressed and headed outside so that he could get ready to work. His job wasn't too far from where he lived, so he didn't have to worry about using up a lot of gas. The cafe came into full view, so Jess went and parked his car in the lot before getting out and heading towards the building. He fiddled with the ring a bit, turning it around trying to get it to come off even though he was fully aware that it wouldn't. For the time being, he decided to put it aside and unlocked the cafe doors then brought it to life by flicking on the lights and turning the sign to open. To be honest, Jess hated opening up just because of how early he had to get up and the many things he had to do before actually filling an order the correct way. He would kill for a job that could have him building different projects, but the job he had wasn't that bad either. He didn't complain, he could have had worst and probably would have if a good friend of his didn't give him any advice. Jess looked around just to make sure no one was in the store before looking at the ring again and grabbing a stick of butter and a fork, "Come on...get off of my finger.." he said to himself as he tried prying it off of him again. It was hopeless, he was aware of that, but it didn't mean that he was gonna stop trying. It must have started doing damage to his finger right now right? What if he had to get surgery from the ring being on too long? The possible threats were endless, but he didn't care right now. All he cared about was the time of when the ring slipped right off his finger after fighting with it for so long.

  6. "Another day at morning... it sucks..." Rafa thought as he was woken up by his cellphone alarm, he hated mornings but he needed to wake to go for his job, the all known Food Emporium, it seemed so strange to him but the name ringed a little good "Yeah, yeah, I know it..." he said as he turned his cellphone off and stretched his arms yawning, he was in his room not in an apartment that someone paid for him, he hated to live on others shadows, there was not too much things that he liked. "Ahhhhhhhh... Damn..." he said to himself as he got up from his bed slowly, he didn't wanted to go to work on Mondays or any other day but he needed to pay up bills, scratching his head with both hands as he yawned more while walking to his drawer to get his work clothes. An black with red cap with the logo of his job, a shirt almost the same color but with an light black and an redder logo on his chest and some pants with the same color of the shirt, his shoes were just black, he get an coat just in case if he fell from his motorcycle, he liked to wear this clothes because they didn't looked so attractive for him, yawning and rubbing his face as he walked to the bathroom, he turned the TV on and threw some cold water in his face to wake him up fully "Now I just need to eat something then I'm off..." he said as he looked to his own reflection in the mirror. He was looking fine for a person that hated to woke up at mornings, slowly walking to the kitchen, he opened the cupboard and started searching for food, his search ended in nothing that he wanted to eat, he sighed and grabbed a pack of cornflakes, putting them inside an mug and filling it with milk, he started eating while trying to find something interesting on the TV, the cornflakes were a little good but a little old, he hoped they were not spoiled, looking to the clock in his cellphone, he turned the TV off and grabbed his helmet "My safety first." he thought as he waked to the balcony as he grabbed his keys and putted the mug above it, opening the front door, he saw it was raining, he was getting happier because in rainy days he didn't needed to work too much. Taking his cap and putting the helmet on, running outside and almost slipping in the ground to open the garage, he did everything fast and as he was getting out with his motorcycle, he forgot to close the front door, running back to close it, he let his bike on in front of his house, closing the door and making sure it was closed, he ran again and sat above his bike, starting the engine, he hoped it was with gas but thankfully it was full with it, adjusting himself the faster he could above the bike, he made his way to work, it wouldn't take long for him to reach it with his fast motto, he knew some shortcuts to it but the rain was good above him, he felt great as the rain started to wet his coat and some parts of his pants, he didn't cared about the rain at all as he saw the others complaining that they didn't bringing an umbrella with them or other clothes to change after the rain ends.
  7. From deep within the ring, Darren could feel nothing but an abyss. He watched the masses constantly go about their lives as he was passed around and around-- never actually having been worn.

    He needed someone he could manipulate. Someone he could control.

    But recently he felt it. He felt a poor soul slip his ring onto them and that's when he knew-- he knew that this person was destined to free him.

    He latched the ring onto Jessie's finger with ease, overpowering Jessie's physical strength.

    The symbiosis between the ring bearer and the magician was a delicate thing. Darren was weak alone in the ring, and drew strength from his chosen. Just as the chosen drew power from him.

    But finally, Darren had enough energy stored to really start to act.

    He could feel the knife clank against the edge of the ring in an attempt to pry it off Jessie's hand.

    He was alone.

    What better time to start the process? Darren smiled from within the ring and set to work.

    He manifested as an image only Jessie could see, an incredibly real image at that.

    Darren took a moment and collected himself, now outside of the ring, and just inside the entrance to the cafe.

    It had been years since Darren stood in the sun, and this was the closest he's gotten.

    He walked to the counter and leaned on it.

    Darren hadn't shown himself in a very long time, and he'd forgotten to project a shirt onto his illusion. He wore a pair of jeans and shoes. His arms were covered in tattoos.

    "Hello?" He spoke loudly so that Jessie would hear him.

    Darren couldn't help but chuckle, the beginning of his release had begun.
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  8. Callum Young: Guardian of Light

    Callum was never late for anything, but he'd been late for his English class this morning. The entire morning had been nothing but one disaster after another, and being late was just the icing on the cake. First, his alarm hadn't gone off, or maybe it had, but he'd slept right through it. Bounding out of bed in a panic, hair askew and messy from sleep, he'd crashed over his backpack and nearly cracked his skull open on the corner of his desk. With no time for a shower, he hastily had thrown on a pair of light wash, distressed jeans with holes in the knees and tugged on a light grey hooded sweatshirt, not bothering to put on anything underneath. He'd almost forgotten shoes, but thankfully he'd left them by the door and he slipped them on just as he was leaving. It was only after he'd walked out and shut the door to his apartment behind him that he realized he'd left his backpack and laptop in the house. Retreiving those important and necessary items took a few more precious minutes, and it was still a fifteen minute walk to campus. He made it in ten, sprinting towards the classroom and narrowly squeaking into the back just as the professor began to speak.

    With no time to stop for his morning coffee, it was a terrible time staying awake. Normally Callum was bright eyed and bushy tailed, but today his lids drooped and several times he jerked awake when his body started to nod off almost of it's own accord. Whatever the lesson plan for the day was, he couldn't have repeated it if there was a gun to his head, and he only realized that class had been dismissed when he lifted his head from his desk and saw that most of the class had filed out of the auditorium already. Cheeks pink with embarrassment, he stumbled out of the lecture hall, knowing that if he wanted to continue to function as a normal human being today, he would have to get some caffeine in his system ASAP.

    The coffee that the university served tasted like tar on a bad day and bitter water on a good day, so Callum usually preferred to get his fix from the cafe just down the street. His next class wasn't for a few hours anyway, and he had a paper to work on, so it was a good a choice as any to set up shop there for the rest of the morning. As luck would have it, when he emerged from the Humanities building, it was raining. Big fat drops of water plopped heavily onto the pavement, staining the concrete an even darker grey than it normally was. With a sigh, Callum resigned himself to the fact that he would have to sprint yet again, and took off for the cafe as quickly as he could, shoes slapping wetly against the pavement with each stride.
  9. [​IMG]

    Mornings aren't usually bright and cheery, like in the movies. They usually have tired awakenings and maybe even rude ones. Today though, today was different. Steven woke up feeling well-rested, which was a nice change considering he had been doing quite a lot of school work recently. It was more taxing on his mind than anything, but he never saw it as a hindrance. School was important, school helped you do what you needed to do. It brought some organization into the young mans life, and he was lucky, because some people don't have that.

    The boy ran a hand through his messy brown hair, pushing the thicker locks out from in front of his eyes. He needed to trim it, but just couldn't bring himself to do it. Steven once had a passing thought about going to a barber, doing a style and being a little fresh with his look, but no. The longer, thicker curly hair seemed to suit him. He was cute, not that he'd ever call himself that.

    With normal preparations the brunette got up, made his bed and threw on his Academy uniform. The school issued the specific dressing to keep the students focused, instead of the bright colors and different styles of a public schools children. It did it's job, but of course there would always be boys who goofed around. Sometimes that applied to Steven, but he usually kept his head down if he could manage it. Tying the tie was always the hardest part. The mechanics of a tie is easy. Loop, loop and pull, simple steps, but the boy always got it crooked, or made one end too long. Today was no different with that, it was crooked, but he didn't really mind.

    While standing in front of his bathroom mirror, Steven looked at himself. He was....a bit of a mess, but not too bad. Stray strands of curly hair, light grey eyes and pale skin that contrasts to his dark navy blue sweater vest on a white button-up. Yep, that was him in the mirror alright. He smiled at himself, waved even. "Good morning."

    It was a habit of his. He always said "Good morning" and "Goodnight" every single day. He never knew why, or why he talked to himself, but there was large speculation on his part that Steven was doing it so that he wouldn't be lonely. He woke up every day alone, so maybe it was that little hello that made the morning good. He never went quite as far to say he had an imaginary friend, but more like blank space that he tried to fill up.

    Steven got his school bag and left his apartment, locking it up with the small silver key he kept tied around his neck. He always left early, because the cafe down the road would always serve him breakfast. The owners were lovely people, ones who knew Steven as a regular customer. They knew about his situation, but they never discussed it, just kept very friendly to each other. When the boy was about to walk out of the apartment complex entrance, he noticed the rain. "Ah- I still haven't bought an umbrella." He frowned, knowing well that he should have gotten one by now, but just kept putting it off. Then he realized he procrastinated too much.

    With unwise decisions, Steven went out into the rain and ran down the sidewalk, going under awnings of other shops. By the time he got into the cafe, the brunette was only mildly damp, and a little cold. The sign on the front door read "Closed," and the male raised his eyebrows. "Closed? Oh! It's their holiday..." He remembered. They mentioned going on a vacation away from the city for about a week, and closed up shop for that amount of time. It was then that Steven recalled the place they recommended, which was down by the University. It really wasn't that far, since he lived in the busy area of the city, so walking there wouldn't be a hassle. It was the rain really.

    With that in mind, he began to go on his way to the other cafe. It's not like he would just stop eating breakfast for a week, maybe a change of scenery would be good. He went down a couple streets and turned a corner before he saw the shop. It really was cute the way it was decorated. When he walked up to it, Steven reached out for the door handle before something made him stop. He shivered and felt a sharp pain in his right ear, which caused him to reach up and touch where the ear cuff was. The item he wore every day, along with the ring his mother gave him. It was special, as he was told by an old man. Said to tie him with his fate. He always sort of wondered what that meant. The brunette shrugged off the sudden spike and went inside the cafe.

    It was warm inside, and very nice. There were a few people here and there doing their own thing, so Steven wasn't nosy and sort of just let the other people slip into the background. When he approached the counter, He looked at the man working there and smiled. "Good morning. I'd like to order a cup of tea and.. umm..." he peeked at the display of cafe foods, then pointed to a pretty tasty-looking muffin, "one of those please." He pulled out his wallet and got the appropriate amount of money to pay with. His ear began to throb where the cuff was, almost as if it was squeezing, but that's ridiculous. Steven flinched and bit the inside of his lip. 'This had never happened before, I wonder if I've finally wore it too long..' he reached up to move it just a bit to see if it was just sore, but when he touched it, his fingers hurt too. "Ow!" He yelped, withdrawing his hand quickly. When he realized how weird he was acting, Steven looked up at the male behind the counter and dawned an embarrassed expression. "Sorry, I um.. I'll keep it down.." His eyes flicked down to avoid eye contact.
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  10. Laceyanna RoseThe sound of rain hitting glass lulled Lacey in a constant dozing state, as her legs tangled through the egyptian cotton sheets. The same sheets Miranda and Sera insisted upon when shopping for her new apartment a few weeks back. The same sheets that arrived on her doorstep in a massive box that had ten sets total, with a cheeky note that said "Your skin will thank me! Love S-n-M". Sighing Lace turned over and faced her blinded windows, the soft grey of the blinds caught the morning light and dimmed it nicely. Today however, there wasn't much light to be filtered as it was too overcast to allow any light through the clouds to begin with. Sitting up, she pulled her knees to her chest and closed her eyes, humming a melody that had been stuck in her head for some time, her evil muse was still holding out on her. Finally she stretched, her joints popping into place and releasing the stiffness of sleep. Picking up her phone, she turned it on just as Neptune bounded into her room and leapt onto her bed with all the force of a puppy in a bigger body. Giggling, she restrained the eager akita with her legs as she went through her email and messages. Still flipping through her messages, she found what she was looking for and with a smile she kissed Neptune on the nose and tossed her phone somewhere on the bed where it would soon be lost.

    "Looks like we have a free day Neppy!" The akita barked and wagged his tail ferociously, sending a throw pillow flying across the room before he jumped off the bed and disappeared into the hallway. Falling against the extremely large bed, one that her agent insisted upon for a proper night's rest, she rolled around groaning. That is until she misjudged the space she had left beside her and rolled off the bed entirely. Hitting the floor with a muted thump, she whined and violently ripped the sheets from around her legs. Let the ridiculousness begin.

    After her long hot shower, half of which the time was spent trying to figure out the complex controls, the other half avoiding scalding her skin and trying to wash her hair, she grabbed a bottle of water and shrugged into her jean jacket. Neptune was already waiting by the door, sitting patiently with his leash in his muzzle, tail wagging. Smiling she grabbed the blue leash and clipped it onto his collar, while she slid her feet into a pair of her favorite boots and pushed open her apartment door. Walking outside the door, the leash tugged her back as Neptune refused to move along beside her. Frowning Lace pulled the leash, but Neptune growled and pulled back,

    "What is it now?" Neptune growled and barked in response and pulled even harder on the leash. After about ten minutes of playing charades with a small canine person, she figured out what she was forgetting. Grabbing her wallet from the counter she reached into the "Bacon Jar" and tossed a treat to her furry secretary. "My little lifesaver." She laughed as Neptune trotted out the door, tail wagging and jaws snapping around the meaty treat.

    Neptune stayed close, but just ahead of his owner as they left their home in Ivory Heights, a complex in a bougier part of Lamboris, the apartments were definitely nicer than some of the places Lace had stayed in. However she wasn't much of a fan of the place, the people constantly had their noses in the air, and it was so quiet. In fact the most interesting part about the place was the upscale 24hr bar that was most likely for the poor sods who wedded lizards in blonde wigs. The bar and the two doormen that Lace went out of her way to befriend, doing anything from making their lunch to inviting them and their wives over for dinner. Being new did not make for a very lively household, besides her and Neptune they were completely alone. Any chance to entertain Lace would snap up.

    There was Mr. Miller, with his kind blue eyes and round wife who gave the best hugs on this side of the planet. The two of them had all but adopted Lace as their own, since they were never able to have children. They were such a nice couple, and they loved coming over for a sunday dinner with her. In fact Mary had come over once to help clean after she found Lace in one of her darker moods, and she had made the most delicious chocolate chip cookies that will ever grace one's tongue. Then there was the evening doorman, Mr. Paulis who was an absolute gossip. Lace would make him his dinner, and then the two of them would keep each other company in the downtime, he would update her on the shenanigans that Mr. and Mrs. White had been causing according to the maids. For the most part, Lace did enjoy herself but ever since she first arrived here something had felt like it was missing. And because of that nagging feeling, she would slip into the days of depression. Times like that made it really hard to focus on anything but that empty feeling. The same feeling she had felt just after she found that Jessie had left her alone back in Vermont.

    Shaking off the darker mindset, she smiled and blew a kiss to Mr. Miller who waved and tossed a treat from his coat pocket to Neptune.

    "You're going to spoil him!"

    Mr. Miller just laughed and replied with a smile, "No more than you spoil the Missus, its a rainy one headed anywhere special?"

    "Not really, just around. Neptune and I have a free day today, so we're going to explore. Maybe grab a bite to eat."

    "Well in that case, I suggest the Overgrown Garden Cafe downtown. It's on the corner of Mcguire and 7th."

    "Alright, thank you Miller." And with that, Lace headed out of Ivory Heights and down the spiraling sidewalk with her fuzzy sidekick splashing happily in the small puddle the rain created. Today would be a good day, today would be a day of breathing easy and enjoying the rain. After all she had always loved the rain.
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  11. [​IMG]
    "Nothing in this world is coincidence. Everything is inevitable.."

    Yuuko simply examined Steven through the mirror the morning. Introductions shall be made soon enough. He was the one she could feel in her wispy bones. Even while changing she was there. Hm.. Not very muscular...but this will do. "Good morning", she muttered softly, so he might not hear it. The boy was going to wet this lovely day. No umbrella. She might be able to make an illusion of an umbrella, but it wouldn't stop the rain from falling on him. This Cafe he went by was closed. Peculiar... This place is closed because of an holiday? What holiday was it here? That was question for later. Feeling the shiver, she knew something was up. Analyzing the area she found groups of people on their technological devices. Laptops were they called? The new century is fascinating, much better then that era with then when everyone carried around those loud big sound boxes. Call her old fashioned, but she never got the appeal. Someone was approaching the little Cafe. A familiar energy. Pure of Heart. There was also some familiar dark energy nearby too. It couldn't be him could it? This must be a mistake. She definitely did not see him. He was close, but definitely somewhere private. Almost tempted to project her self to find out where he was, but she couldn't go far or else the projection would fade. It would be better to remain in the ring. If this weren't a public space she might have spoke to him, but she couldn't go speaking to him without him speaking to her. Since there was no one near him, it would look as if he was talking to himself. What a difficult situation. Cleverly, she came up with a solution. "Go to the place where people relieve themselves", she spoke in a commanding tone that only he could hear.

    "If you've decided that you can't do it even before you act, you have already made it into something impossible."
  12. [​IMG]

    Tick. Tick. Tick.

    The sounds of rain pelting against glass windows and the light ticking of a nearby clock fills the small classroom. The two sounds mixing together, along with the light murmurs of only a few individuals, created a relaxing atmosphere while they all waited for their teacher to arrive. One girl at the front of the class with kinky platinum blonde hair and a pale complexion sat alone at the front of the class. The classroom desks were aligned into three rows and the lone wolf sat in the first chair of the first desk in the third row. Generally she was pretty chatty, but the dim weather was putting her in a mood. Yes, while the rainy weather was relaxing it was also a downer. Her classmates discussed quietly about how odd her behavior was, and went on about the possibility of something being wrong. Though they all dismissed it as her simply being tired. Especially when she yawned quietly and out stretched her arms.

    A man, their teacher, finally entered the room the a stack of papers regarding their ext assignment. They were supposed to be interning at various companies and schools across the city, and it will be a big part of their grade. The teacher greeted them all, making a slight joke about the crummy weather to which only a few students laughed at. The teacher stepped over to the young lady at the front and put down her assignment. "Juniper, good luck." he says to her before moving down the other isles. Juniper's blue orbs briefly scan the paper, noticing Beacon High School printed on it before averting her attention back to her teacher who now stood at the front of the class. Juniper sits up straight and pulls out a yellow highlighter from her pencil bag. She began to highlight key concepts for their assignment while the instructor went over it.

    Their assignment begins immediately after class, so when it ended Juniper found herself walking in the rain to the high school which was really only a couple blocks down the street. She figured it would rain today by the grey clouds from yesterday, and took the precaution of wearing rain friendly clothing and bringing along an umbrella. Juniper sported a par of form fitting black skinny jeans, and a floral short sleeved blouse, and pink rain boots that matched the dusty pink flowers on her blouse. She had a book bag hoisted on her back, and her umbrella extended out above her shielding her from the light rain. A light sigh escaped of her lips as she approached the high school's front doors. Pushing the metallic door forward she steps into the building and clasps shut her umbrella. She waves a bit sheepishly at the woman who is sitting at the sign in desk before stepping up and telling her why she was in the school.

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  13. Jessie S. Tyson


    Jessie grunted, the thing wasn't coming off of him even though he had been messing with it ever since he found out it wasn't slipping off with ease. The knife wasn't doing much considering that he had cut his finger a bit, so he tossed it aside and threw the rest of the butter away since it probably wasn't sanitary anymore. "What are you doing?" a fellow worker asked looking down at Jessie on the floor. Jess sighed, "Nothing, been trying to get this damn thing off of my finger for the longest time..." he said trailing off the last few words. The girl smirked before holding out her hand and pulling him up, "Well, there's a line of customers out there. I have to get everything ready back here so I can't do it." she told him before slipping on an apron. Jessie nodded before rubbing his neck and going out to the people who were waiting in line, "Hello, welcome. How may I help you?" he asked looking at the boy. Once the may finished with his order, Jess went over to make his cup of tea and sat it on the counter before grabbing a napkin and picking up the muffin he wanted as well. He took the money that the guy gave him then put it into the register and handed him his receipt. "Thank you again, have a great day." he said with a smile. Some days at the cafe Jessie had to force a smile on his face, but this one was a little bit of both. It would have been a great day if it wasn't for the ring on his finger, but honestly he was tired of it. He snapped out of his thoughts when the guy started to act weird making everyone look at him. He laughed a little, "It's fine dude, don't be sorry about that." he said before grabbing something. "Here, take this." he told him giving him a coupon since he felt a little bad for him.

    After a few people had left, Jessie began to wiped the counter down a bit seeing that it collected a few crumbs and drops of liquid. Once he tossed the rag into the bucket with the rest of the cleaning supplies, he saw someone standing in the doorway of the cafe...without a shirt. He went in the back for a moment then came back seeing that the guy had came up to the counter. He smirked, "Ok so, first of all where is your shirt?" he asked raising an eyebrow at the man. The others started to look at him in a weird way like he did something wrong. Jess looked at them back then looked towards the other worker, "Jess, who are you talking to?" she whispered in his ear. Jess blinked, "The guy right in front of me, you don't see him?" he asked before pointing towards him. She shook her head then laughed, "You're not drunk again are you? Come on, get back to work.." she said before doing whatever she had started before. Jess looked over to the guy again, was he really imagining him? He didn't understand it and he also didn't know if he should talk to the guy again, it was obviously other people would probably think he was crazy. "What do you want..?" he said in a quiet voice after making sure no one else was looking. Ok, now Jess was sure he was going crazy...talking to someone who isn't actually there? If that wasn't a little weird and awkward, he didn't know what was.

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  14. [​IMG]

    Steven had graciously accepted the coupon, and thanked the man quietly before taking his things and going to the table. 'He was very nice..' and 'I hope he has a nice day..' were sample thoughts that ran across his mind as he nibbled on the muffin. The ear cuff didn't hurt so much now, but it still throbbed slightly, making him wince every now and then. The boy was just about to take a sip of his tea when he heard something, or more likely, someone. Someone commanding him to use the restroom. Without questioning or looking around, the brunette knitted his eyebrows together and stood abruptly, then went to the cafe's restroom near the back. He left his schoolbag and items of purchase of the table.

    When he slipped into the bathroom and turned the light on, the male inhaled deeply. He followed the voices instructions without question, which was odder than the voice itself. It was just... powerful, influential.. something he didn't feel threatened by. "...h....hello?" Steven called out into the square, tiled room. "...why did you call me here?" He began to feel more anxious with the passing seconds, realizing now just exactly what he had done. If this had been an alley way, he would have been probably kidnapped by now. But.. he couldn't resist that voice. He wanted to face it, too.
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  15. "What do I want!?" Darren asked, incredulous, "I am a customer! And one does not speak to such a valued part of the economy in that way!" He seemed genuinely offended. After holding a hurt expression for a few seconds before reaching for a cup. His hand passed right through the cup as if nothing had been there to begin with. Darren held up his hand to the light and gazed at it intently, having dropped the offended tone he had before, "Interesting..." He whispered to himself.

    He stood there at the counter, staring at his hand momentarily before returning to Jessie, "The answer is on your finger." he smiled, pointing to his right ring finger, bearing the same ring that Jessie was unable to pry off.

    "And do try not to talk to yourself like this." Darren said, smiling, "People'd think you're crayzy." he chuckled.
  16. [​IMG]
    "Nothing in this world is coincidence. Everything is inevitable.."

    Yuuko did not just his server. That boy had bad energy written all over him. She knew Steven was experiencing pain on his ear, though hadn't come to the conclusion why. When he actually did as she instructed she was a little surprised. If he could hear her then that would mean there is no question that he was the chosen one. Upon entering the bathroom, she had already begun materializing herself behind him. This was not her real being of course, but it did feel like she was alive. A long black and purple kimono was placed upon her. She looked deathly pale and her long black hair was almost touching the ground. Her height was already much taller then Steven, but with her geta footwear she seemed enormous compared to the boy. A simple tap of his shoulder she gazed down at him with her meshed pink purple hued eyes. "To talk with you.. without humiliating you in front of your peers", she spoke eyes seemingly piercing into his soul. "We are going a solve problem that very well could save this world... And you belong to me now", her voice seemed almost majestic and authoritative at the same time.

    "If you've decided that you can't do it even before you act, you have already made it into something impossible."
  17. [​IMG]
    While Nathan was walking to his class, one of the students bumped into him. "It's alright, just get to class...and don't bump into anyone else." He smirked and started to walk again, but then he stopped, something was off. He looked in the direction that the student went. Something about that student, like they weren't who they really was...couldn't be. He just shook his head. "Nathan, you're going crazy."

    Almost getting to his class, Nathan saw the most beautiful woman ever, she was making her way to the Sign In desk. She was gorgeous, but just like the student something had been off about her too. Her aura was dark...but it had some light in it, as if hope for something. Looking at his watch, he was going to be late for his own class. He kicked it into high gear and he sped walked to his class.

    Seeing that all of his students had made it before him, he smiled at them and sat his briefcase on his desk. "Sorry about that students, just traffic and what not." He looked out the window, the weather looked no better. He frowned, but got back to his class. "Okay, I do hope that you've all finished your Oral Reports." He heard groans and sighs from the class, he would give the ones who didn't have the assignment a week to get it in. There were no tests in the near future, so they were lucky. "So...who's first?"

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  18. Jessie S. Tyson


    Jessie gave the man a disgusted look, how dare he come into the place and talk disrespectful to him? That alone would have had Jess jumping across the table and beating some sense into him, but he had common sense so he quickly thought pass it. He was about to say something back to the man until he looked down at what he was doing, which made Jess think a moment. Maybe the guy was real and he was the only one that could see him, or maybe he had finally cracked and needed immediate help as soon as possible. Either was, something told Jess that the man wasn't leaving until he got what he wanted...whatever that would be. When he answer Jess's question the correct way, the male was shocked that the guy actually knew about the ring. He looked down at his own hand then back up at the dude, was he really the answer to his ring problem? A better question should be something like "Was he really real?". He had a point about them thinking that he was a bit crazy, but it didn't mean that this whole thing was just fluff. He looked around him for a moment, "Chrissy, can you take over for a moment?" he asked her. She nodded and told him to take a break before Jessie swiftly went into the back area where it was quiet. He turned around to see that the man had followed him, "What do you know about the ring? More importantly, how do you know about this ring..?" he asked him before looking down at the darn thing again. It was seriously a hassle, but maybe the guy had some information on how Jessie could get it off of him...or maybe Jess was going insane.

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  19. "Well here's the thing, kiddo..." Darren leaned against the nearest wall, exploring the room with his eyes. The shadows danced around him, constantly changing their shape and stretching towards Jessie. With each breath Darren took, the shadows seemed to practically inhale the light around them, making more and more shadows that obeyed the magician's will. Darren took notice of the shadows and sighed, "You know, I'm much more powerful than this..." he said before holding up his right hand, "It's this damn ring." He met Jessie's eyes with his own, "I'm trapped inside of it. And I'm not exactly.. Up to my normal fun standards."

    A tendril of shadow made it's way up the wall and popped out, caressing Jessie's face, "You are gonna help me get out of this prison." He said these things sweetly, like honey, but there was a hint of malice in his voice. A hidden agenda.
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  20. Laceyanna

    "Neptune!" Solid clunks hit the cement as Lace attempted to keep up with her over exuberant dog, who in turn acted as though he had never been out of the house. Digging her thick heels into the sidewalk, she held fast to the leash and grunted pulling the akita back by her side. Neptune looked up at Lace and barked, growling playfully as he pulled on the harness with his teeth. "You know better, that and you're embarrassing me. Master takes dog for walk." Lace said with a chastising voice, one Neptune huffed at, sitting in place looking up at his "Master" expectantly. Sighing and running her fingers through her hair, rain dripping down her hand, she smelled the faint scent of white jasmine. In fact it was quite strong. Looking to her left, she noticed there was a cafe. Though it was more like a cottage nestled in a nest of flowers and greenery, along with white jasmine there was also the scent of coffee and herbal tea. Looking down at Neptune, who's nose was also going crazy, she smiled and clicked her tongue. "Come on nettlesome canine, let's get you some coverage and water."

    After she negotiated with Neptune, she finally decided he would listen she unclipped the leash and let him rest under the awning of the building beside the "Overgrown Cafe". Walking into the place, a small bell chimed signaling her arrival. Almost immediately her attitude completely switched, raising an eyebrow her layered bangs fell over one of her dark brown eyes and she smiled slyly. Whispers erupted from one of the tables, mostly populated by younger girls with beads adorning their wrists and bright colors streaked in their hair.

    "Is that her?"

    "What is she doing in the city?"

    "I heard that she survived that fatal car crash!"

    "You dunce, that was her sister! That's what you get for reading POPIT."

    This was how it always, the instant she walked into a public area, she was known. It was hard to mistake her face with another's, especially since as of late she was on the cover of every gossip magazine in existence. It had been two years since her last album, even longer since her last single. Of course she had been doing a few collaborations, keeping up appearances. The Public had been all over her mysterious status among the networks, a mysterious group of numbers, when it was just the last four digits of some guy's number. In a way she just missed the beginning, playing her piano and writing lyrics. With the the new celebrity status, everything lost it's grit. Lace had a part to play, and she would play it well.

    "Hi, welcome to Overgrown Cafe how can I help-- Anna Lace?" Lace raised her eyebrows and realized the waitress was addressing her. Glancing at the girl's name tag, she put on her most winning smile.

    "Hi, Chrissy, what kind of herbal teas have you got?" The waitress found her composure and exuberantly rattled off the extensive list of teas they had available. Finally Lace heard the one she wanted.

    "I'll take a rose hip, bottom out the honey." She said, however Chrissy looked confused, "Rose hip tea on top of a honey covered bottom." The waitress nodded, meanwhile she took a seat by a window to wait for her tea. Looking around, suddenly it seemed like the cafe found it's breakfast rush.
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