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  1. A gift, wrapped in silky fabric, was laid on the doorsteps of six individuals. Each package contained an intricately designed clock, one for each of the players. These clocks did not keep time; instead, they had numbers, and catagories. Years, Days, Minutes and Seconds. Each clock had a different amount of time, but every clock was counting down. No note, nothing. Each clock was different, much like the recipients. However, each one had their number inscribed across the top arc of the pocket watch.

    The first, inscribed with the word 'One' in golden script, had a steampunk feel to it, with shining gears outlining the edge.

    The second, with 'Two' written in silver, was sleek and smooth, not a dent, scratch, or chip to be seen on its' smooth surface.

    The third, the letters 'Three' placed in the center of the beautiful time piece, was in a compass shell, battered with age and dirt. The gears of this particular watch were ticking quickly, but this clock was a little slow.

    The fourth, with 'Four' clearly lettered on the back, had cracks going across it's glossy glass cover, the bronze shelling dented with cuts and nicks.

    The fifth, with its number engraved across the iron which it was made of, had beautiful script numbers, so unlike the others with their common numerals. The gears inside, which peeked out through holes in the shell, were a shimmering bronze.

    And, finally, the sixth. It had the regular old clock inside of it, yes, but the gears were not ordinary. No, they were instead the shining pieces of the world, spinning and ticking.

    These six clocks were given to six different students, each with their own reasons for having recieved them, for being chosen to challenge Fate in the next year to come.

    Would you like to play against Fate in this game of chance?

    Tick tock.
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  2. This sounds super fantastic and cool! I would love to participate, has this role play already started or do you intend on starting it soon?
  3. Wow, I thought this had totally died. It's great to see that someone's expressed interest!

    No, this hasn't started, and I'd like at least 3 people before we do. If you know anyone that might be interested, we could get this started as soon as tomorrow. @HelloBeautifulChild
  4. A game of chance against Death with time pieces the bird of Hermes that deliver our fate. How wonderful~! Sign me up.
  5. Well, I guess that's three! I'll start a chat later, I'm going to run a few errands, and then we can discuss further.
  6. Awesome! Let me know what the format should be for submitting bio's.
  7. I already have my timepiece picked out~!
  8. The clocks are assigned based on characters. -nervous laugh-
  9. Can I still join? I like the plot alot!
  10. Awww, Tis fine. I like them all, just had one in mind. Whatever I'm assigned I'll be pleased with.
  11. If you're still accepting, I'm up for it! ^^
  12. Wow, this is great. Yeah, I'm accepting! So that's five people total now. Great!
  13. I can accept up to 10 people, 4 just won't immediately have clocks. Emphasis on immediately.
  14. May I be the sixth person?
  15. Of course!
  16. Thank you! I can't wait for the beginning.
  17. @Professor Objection , it is not allowing me to start a conversation with you. Fix this, and you will be added. Thank you!
  18. Ok, I think I've fixed it.
  19. Alright, I'll check.
  20. Yup, you're good to go.

    Just so everyone knows, the conversation is up. Read through everything, and tell me if you have any questions. Then we can really get started!