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  1. OOC Thread

    So, this is kind of dumb because it's based off of a series of video games that really didn't have the greatest story ever and I can't even keep to that. I've been thinking about running a Tiberium roleplay set in an alternate universe (mostly so I can revise some things I don't like about the canon) set after the Firestorm Crisis (CABAL, et alia).

    I'm not super fond of military roleplays, so I'm not too sure that I want to write GDI's side of the story — in fact, the Brotherhood's tone is a lot more appealing to me in certain ways (and not others, but I'll get to that). I want to get away from the psycho pseudo-religious terrorist organization aspect and write Kane's followers more as survivors banding together to make light of the situation they've been trapped in. I still want to keep the faithful atmosphere and high concept of Tiberium worship, but I want to emphasize the Brotherhood's unity slogans rather than its stereotypical anti-West mottos.

    Suppose we start the story as civilians caught in the Tiberium crisis; as a result of the infrastructural collapse, we've all learned a thing or two about surviving an apocalypse without being aware of the real goings-on in the world. Of course, we're the primary demographic for the Brotherhood, and so — one way or another — we find ourselves getting swept up in the movement.

    The biggest aspect of the roleplay I want to write is the rise through the movement — earning a name for ourselves as some of Kane's most resourceful and faithful supporters. Whether we are logisticians, cyberwarriors, inventors, or even strategos, I think exploring the hierarchy and secrets of the Brotherhood would be a most satisfying direction for this roleplay.

    So, what do you guys think? :D
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  2. It sounds awesome but would knowledge of the game be needed to understand it? I really love the idea but I'm afraid I've never heard of the game before. T^T
  3. I suppose not; I was planning on changing a lot of the canon anyhow, as I tend to do with fandom roleplays, but I think there's a lot less fanon than I usually would do in here. I'll make a point to be less referential and in fact more direct about my writing, though, now that I know the idea isn't just grabbing the attention of people familiar with the canon. :3
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  4. It's been so long since I played through Tiberian Sun.. That game influenced my entire gaming life.

    Might be interested if I can think up a character suitable for it and re-learn the universe a bit while I'm at work.
  5. Awesome! :D

    I don't intend to emulate Tiberian Sun specifically, more that it seems like the most representative title given the time I'm looking to start out in. Most of the changes I'm going to make will be to the history and nature of the Brotherhood, because honestly I think canon Nod is just dumb stereotypes, but the rest should be largely applicable.
  6. I'm knowledgeable in both faction's lore...i can perhaps help you with the GDI side of things (Even though Kane is my messiah T_T)

    However just note I'm not the greatest of role players...but i can help :D
  7. @Fendisteel No one is "not the greatest of roleplayers" because no one is perfect. We are all perfectly imperfect. Everyone has their own unique style of roleplaying and it is nothing to look down upon yourself as "not the greatest of roleplayers" because everyone is different. Your roleplaying style is your own and don't forget, there is always room for improvement. I believe you are a wonderful roleplayer in your own way. Just willing to help puts yourself out there as a great roleplayer and I look forward to seeing you hang with us. (:
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  8. @Fendisteel;
    It's not so much that I don't know about GDI so much as I don't want this to turn into "Standard Issue Marine Grunts" the roleplay (with lots of "Yessirs" and "Go go gos"), but I'm sure any specialized knowledge would come in handy with you around. :D
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  9. How many people are you hoping to have, @Sammy Khoa? :o
  10. I'm not sure, yet; I suppose that would depend on how the players want to write the party. Three or four is generally a happy size to warrant starting prematurely, I find, though. :3

    Sorry I haven't been super-active — it's been a real busy couple of weeks. This coming one looks mighty open, though, so I'll see about pressing a bit harder. :D
  11. Okay, I was curious because I was hoping to get started on my character as soon as possible. I didn't know if this was still going on or not.
  12. Oh, okies! :D

    Since you aren't so familiar with the canon, it might be appropriate to point out this link, which should give you an idea of what the atmosphere is; I do intend on changing a lot of the history of the universe as well as significantly maturing the Brotherhood of Nod away from the crazy terrorists stereotype, so I would suggest using that resource more as a flavor overview rather than a canon springboard.

    I'll get started on the OOC thread today for ya'. :3
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  13. The OOC thread has been written up; I'll add a banner and advertisement some time soon. For now, this interest check has served its purpose and will be moved to the Roleplay Advertising section once a character sheet or two are up.
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  14. Anyone else interested?
  15. Strongly tempted if I find time. I friggin' love C&C.
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