TIA: Colonial Legion help!

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  1. At the moment, the colonial legion is an alternative government to the Universes United (UU for short) and is basically similar to them in military, armor and weapons.
    I wanted to see if I could get help with creating some lore for them.
    This is all I have for them at the moment:

    The Colonial Legion: Group of colonies that got tired of the Universes United's bullshit. They will find a way to undermine their power and keep colonies as self bodies of governments. The CL usually only defend the colonies from exploration but have assisted or, counter-attacked, UU military operations.
    - Centurions: Offensive soldiers that utilize the same technology as the TIA, but often have legion helmets 'tattooed' on their armor shoulder gauntlets or have blood red visors or both.
    -- Gladiators: Special forces of the Centurions. Very secretive, comprised of many men and women who have mechanical augmentations such as a carbon fiber bone structure and titanium foam implants for joints. Strong bodied and stronger willed.

    If anyone would like to help, I just need some different armor schemes and weapons. To be completely honest, I imagined their soldiers resembling Carver from Dead Space 3 and the SCAF soldiers from Dead Space 3 also