Throwing some idea and see if anyone interested?

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  1. So it's not exactly throwing some ideas but I've basically had lay it out on my mind before planning to post it.

    Warning: the plot below are mainly either weird ideas or fandom and only the basic idea were typed below

    1.Fairy Tail: Rise of the guilds
    I was wonder if we could make a new clan rather than filling in the canon guilds such as sabertooth or fairy tail itself.

    2.Fairy Tail: Another
    Uhmm pretty much RP-ing fairy tail but in Edolas style, so you'll have a magical item that'll granted you magic. Think of it as a crossover between Magi and the normal Fairy Tail (yes I'm thinking to make the magical item imbued with Majin)

    3.Idol 009
    If you know the anime AKB0048 then you'll know where I'm going, it's basically a group name <insert name here> is a wanted vigilante over the galaxy why? because over decade ago, all of the earth's president has set a new policy which is to banned entertainment from the surface of earth (this include several planet near earth) and <insert name here> is the only hope for their source of entertainment. (well just expect there's action and stuff like that)

    4.Dungeon Runner
    What happen if we put DnD and Maze Runner together? You will be a residence of Town of Hope, a town which located in the middle of a dungeon with only the open skyview as a source of light. The town was covered by a rocky brown wall with each side has a big stone door and around the town, there's patches of grassland and corps to survive. (ugh just think of Maze runner but with randomly dungeon generated)

    5.Pokemon Conquest
    I think no one has made it so I think it would be good to try once.

    Basically an original idea where we become time police, a group of people where we stop time hunter, an illegal time traveller.

    7.Vampire Hunter Guild
    The title says it all, basically you'll be like vampire hunting but expect the RP to be gore

    8.Sengoku Monogatari
    What happen if historical character come into modern world? you'll be a samurai that brought to the future without knowing the source or cause of it.

    9.Pokemon Town
    Cross over between Pokemon and Rune Factory.

    10.The Law of ___ (A law of Ueki RP)
    Meh... I was thinking to make this classic rp live again (search law of Ueki if you don't know)

    Based on a manga which I've forgotten the name, you'll be picking 2 sides, the way of salvation or the way of destruction. (high fantasy that taken in modern times)

    12.P:IF (Persona RP)
    Vanilla Persona while taking Color as it's foundation or core subject.
  2. Dungeon Runner seems interesting, but how exactly would that be done? Played in the DnD fashion of a GM and their adventurers or in a typical Rp fashion except the maze around the town also contains monsters, not just corridors?

    Vampire Hunter Guild could be interesting, but whether or not it is depends on the uniqueness of the vampires. Generic ones, especially the ones currently favoured that are basically just humans with teeth are boring.

    Exodus sounds interesting, but are you sure you mean High Fantasy set in modern times? The two are usually quite incompatible. If you could, please elaborate on what this would be like.
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  3. Thank you for showing interest and sorry for my lack of explanation.

    For Dungeon Runner, the town doesn't contains monster that spawn but the 4 gate are permanently open and doesn't close until certain time (usually around full moon that they close and open on the next day). As for the runners, expect them to have classic RPG class such as, Rogue, Knight, and Archer excluding the Mage.

    As for Vampire, yeah I feel generic Vampire doesn't sound interesting at all. The Vampire in my mind was different than the generic one, I was thinking to make them to immune the sunlight and can shape shift into their "true form" at anytime. Vampire in my term also include like Lilith, Werewolf, and etc which mean their "true form" can be varied from one to another.

    Exodus, sorry mistyped it, it's modern fantasy, pardon me...~
  4. Ah. You didn't fully answer my question though: I am assuming it to be a normal RP except the maze is now a dungeon, but just to be sure, it's not going to be a dice game, right?

    So really the vampires are more the typical low fantasy monsters than specifically vampires? I like to separate werewolves and vampires in my mind. I view werewolves as far too weak to be placed level with vampires :P That does sound better than only vampires though. Lets me have a bit of fun with a potential character.

    Also, I missed it earlier because I was in a rush, but the Pokemon Conquest RP could be fun. I'm assuming it'd be like a normal nation game except instead of humans crushing humans, it's pokemon crushing pokemon at the command of humans, right?
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  5. nope" not going to be dice rp ^^

    I though werewolves to be stronger than vampire but less intelligence ^o^~!

    Yes just like the DS game does~
  6. Nah, vampires are way stronger.


    + Super strength
    + Super speed
    + Heightened senses
    + turn into a swarm of bats
    + turn into potentially toxic fog
    + hypnosis
    + ability to create ghouls (half-vampire mindless slaves)
    + In some media, ability to control blood magic
    + In some media, access to other forms of magic
    + in some media, ability to turn into a demonic form with heightened versions of all other abilities.
    + In some media, invisibility.
    + Unkillable except by penetrating the heart, and can regenerate as long as it remains intact.

    - Incinerate in sunlight
    - frenzy without blood
    - Younger ones are weak to religious icons.
    - Silver
    - In some media, running water.
    - In some media, hibernation.


    + Super strength, moreso than vampires
    + Heightened speed, but much slower than vampires.
    + Heightened senses

    - Can only transform on a night of a full moon, and don't have a choice
    - Lose conscious control when transformed
    - Silver
    - In some media, religious icons.
    - In some media, actually built by vampires so that they had to do less work.
  7. Gawd I... QwQ...!

    Wait did werewolves have religious icons weakness?

    and you got the point (but that doesn't change my view on werewolves! Huzza for werewolves XD~!)
  8. It's only in some media. Sometimes werewolves are fine against religious icons, but in ones where they're treated as unholy like vampires, such as Van Helsing, religious icons have an effect.
  9. Ahh I see~ gawd how I love I'm learning new things everyday XD~!
  10. If a day goes by where you find yourself learning absolutely nothing, then you may want to try conjuring a deity of some kind because it'd mean you were in a coma.
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  11. true true ^^
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