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  1. I don't have any samples. But you can trust me when I say I have skill.
    I've been having a lot of free time recently and every once in a while** I feel the motivation to draw. And when I do, I have no good ideas or anything to work on. So here I am.

    If you're interested or have been working on a character you want to see come to life, just fill this out and post it here or PM me.

    Style: (I can do anime, cartoon or realistic, you decide.)
    Sex: (Male, female, both, it.)
    Age: (If you want a realistic drawing I should make them look their age.)
    Nationality: (Not to follow stereotypes or anything, just to get a better feel of their background.)
    Facial features: (ie. Eye shape, thin/wide nose, thin/full lips, freckles, birthmarks, beards and manliness... etc.)
    Expression: (ie. Determined/angry, laughing/squinty eyes, seductive/biting lip/winking, silly selfie face.)
    Hair and eye color: (I won't color anything, but I do shading according to the color.)
    Genre: (Yes, people have genres. ie. Girly, jock, loner, silly goose or tomboy. Also tell me here what you'd like them to be wearing, unless you want 'em neked.)

    I should be good with that. If I need anything else, I can ask you.


    ** I cannot guarantee I will get these done in any certain amount of time. But when the motivation hits, I'll have ideas to work on and you will eventually get your drawing. Maybe not today. Maybe not in a week. But eventually.
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  2. Hey I just may take you up on this offer!
    Style: (Hopefully) Comic book-esque, if not, then realistic.
    Sex: Male
    Age: late forties
    Nationality: English
    Facial features: Image
    Expression: Scowl
    Hair and eye color: brown hair green eyes
    Genre: Wears a black trench coat with a suit and tie underneath. black pants and shined formal boots.

    (The reason i ask for comic book is because it is a original wolf among us character i was thinking about..if you can do that kind of art style then great! if not that is fine, i don't expect anyone to really be able to draw cel shaded people.)
  3. Awweesome! I'll get to work on it soon. Already getting the image in mah brain.
  4. I sent you mine ^_^
  5. I got that! Thanks, I'll let you know when I finish it.
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  6. I am very interested to have you drawmy character if that is fine.

    Style: Semi-Realistic if thats alright.

    Sex: Female

    Age: Eighteen

    Nationality: American

    Facial features: Wide, almond shaped eyes, thin nose, full lips, freckles under her eyes and on the bride of her nose, and finally a beauty mark under her left eye.

    Expression: Seductive or Determined look. Whichever one.

    Hair and eye color: Black, straight hair with white streaks throughout it. Deep blue eyes, like lapis lazuli.

    Genre: Tomboyish-
    Wears a black tank top, jeans, combat boots, and finally a leather jacket as well. Perhaps if you can, holding a sword in her right hand?
  7. Could I request a drawing from you? Or be put on a list, if you are busy?

  8. Style:
    male, he has a slightly more feminine look, however, and he's got a svelte figure. not really muscly.
    appears about 23 ish.
    likely a mutt, serbian, irish, russian, german, american, canadian. a cess pool of genetics.
    Facial features:
    he's got a pretty face, but the picture located at the bottom of this post has his color pallet and such. he's got really sharp teeth, really large, pretty eyes with long lashes.
    possibly a sarcastic deadpan, or a disgusted look.
    Hair and eye color:
    ginger hair, eye's are a nice periwinkle. there's a ref down at the bottom of the page.
    he's actually got a set outfit!! what isn't shown in the ref is a bear skin he wears, it's large, and it's head is used as a hood of sorts, while the fore arms wrap around his shoulders and tie to hold it against his back.


  9. Yess, of course you can! I'll just go in order of request. Go ahead and fill out that form-a-majig I made and I'll get to work on it eventually.
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  10. Alright I'll send it to you soon :)
  11. Yet another request, if you have the time or patience for it. I would love to ask you for a Free Commission, if you would like to draw it traditionally or digitally! :)
  12. Yessss I have got a long list to work on ._. Shortly after I posted this, bunch of shit started going on, so I haven't gotten around to any of them. Sorry guys! I did say I'd take a lot of time >.> Did't mean this long, but still, I'll get them eventually.
  13. Well, if you're in the middle of stuff, I understand. You don't have to worry about mine right now, but I'll poke you sooner or later ^.^
  14. Well, you can post it anyway, or send me it through PM, because if you don't and someone else comes along, they'll be in line before you xP
  15. Okay :)

    Style: Manga, please
    Sex: Female
    Age: Don't look like any age, just plain scary, but she died when she was 25
    Nationality: Creepypasta
    Facial features: I've provided a picture, this should be enough to go off of... but the blood spatters don't look very real, I'd like for you to make it look like she's just bit into someone's neck/arm/leg etc. Her skin has a rotting pallor to it, a very papery yellowing.
    Edit by someone else.jpg
    Expression: Looking at the audience with an evil grin; I'm gonna get you next
    Hair and eye color: Eyes look sort of like Bleach, some friend told me, but I've never watched that anime before =I Not a completely Red pupil, more of an orange tinged with red. Her hair is brown, but wiry, considering she's been dead for a long time; the blood sprayed into her hair, as well.
    Genre: Scary-as-sh!t-dead-person genre... yeah, maybe that doesn't fit into a genre =3 I'd like her to be wearing a white shift that goes under a dress, if you would. Please make sure to add the Black Curve that goes up her cheek.

    Lastly, I don't care whether you re-draw it traditionally or try and do a Digital Art.

    I think that's it! Good luck with it :)
  16. I'd like to request a drawing of twins if that's ok!! :D I'm very excited and looking forward to seeing how they come out!!!

    First a brief little bio about them (obviously not very brief, but if it paints a better picture in your head then awesome!!):
    Thoren and Ardo were born as poor farmer boys. Their parents were killed by bandits when they were very young, and having no other family to care for them, they had to fend for themselves. Because they had practiced farmwork growing up and having plenty of livestock and fertile land, they seemed to have little trouble surviving. Though they were the same age, Thoren thought of himself as the older brother. Though his ideas weren't always that great, he was always the decision maker. He also considered it his job to protect his "little brother" from any danger as he was also the more physical of the two. Ardo, on the other hand, became very reserved when his parents died and preferred to keep to himself. He spent a lot of his time reading the books his mother left behind as they gave him comfort. Thoren is the trouble maker and Ardo is the one who keeps him in check. Later in their lives, they decide to seek out the ones who killed their parents and make them pay for what they did. During their travels, they help those in need and make friends along the way, causing stories to spread of their bravery and determination.

    Now for the character sheets. I'll put both of them on the same sheet, since they're twins but if you can put them on the same picture that would be awesome!!

    Style: realistic fantasy, (realistic anime is cool too)
    Sex: male
    Age: in their early twenties (about 23-25)
    Nationality: hispanic, spanish
    Facial features: full lips, mostly angled, sharp features, rugged manliness for sure lol except for Ardo... he'd probably more clean-shaven and maybe a little more boyish looking as opposed to Thoren who would be more manly lol.
    Expression: Ardo would probably have a curious, maybe even slightly spacey look on his face. Thoren would probably look a little more like he's planning revenge.
    Hair and eye color: hair would probably be a very dirty blonde or a dark brown, long shoulder length, eye color would probably be hazel
    Genre: Ardo is quiet, reserved, intelligent, and empathetic, whereas Thoren is more of a badboy, he means well but he is a reckless trouble maker and a ladies man. They both have good intentions in general but their personalities are extremely different. As for clothes, perhaps something a traveler would wear. A thick, leather cloak, a vest and long-sleeve tunic underneath, satchels, maybe a dagger for Ardo and a sword for Thoren? And maybe Ardo can have glasses?? :D

    I hope that's not too much, but I'd love to see it!!! :D let me know what you think!! :)
  17. Style: ANime :D

    Sex: Male :D

    Age: 18 :D

    Nationality: It's from a fantasy world, but I think it should be somewhat indian or latinamerican... :/

    Facial features: Brown skin, average anime mouth, average noose, a bit pointy ears (A bit) :D

    Expression: Mad and sadist as fuck

    Hair and eye color: Long and black hair with a small pony tail in the back (You could add some spikes perhaps), the end of the pony tail is gray, not too pointy eyes, a black one and a purple one. ;D

    Genre: Loner :D

    Extra: He uses a long black cloak and a dark purple scarf :D

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  18. ((Is this still open? sorry, if not.))

    semi-realistic? Realistic? Whatever works.
    Caucasian, I guess.
    Facial features:
    Long, diamond-shaped face. Deep-set eyes; rather sharp. Thin-ish lips, long nose. Very sheltered look; almost feminine.
    a manipulative, knowing smile/vampiric smile. You know, that, "I know something you don't know," look.
    Hair and eye color:
    Black hair; just long enough to be put into a small pony-tail, with fringe amber-ish eyes
    The two-faced, manipulative bastard sort of person.
    --He wears a long, dark blue walking coat, adorned with a few black diamonds (like on the pockets/sleeves/whatever); though the diamonds aren't strictly necessary. Coat covered everything else.. I dunno how much you'd you, but he does use a walking stick.

    I don't have any references, though [this] is how I imagine his hair.​
  19. Style: Anime
    Age: 20 but looks about 14
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Short purple or red hair (to chin)
    Bluish-green eyes or gray
    Small boobs
    Like 4 freckles where the nose is
    Clothes: A hoodie that is too long and skinny jeans. Purple high tops. Black box frame glasses.
    Genre: Tomboy
  20. Too late to put a request in? I got a character I'd love drawn
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