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  1. Yeah, what he said.

    Well, hello all you readers, Gico here. I'll get straight to it: I'm loosing my writing muse :cry:. So, I'm gonna need some help getting it back. How? With Rp's of course.

    Action, Adventure, Romance,Mature, all the nine yards. If you need to know what I do and don't do, then take a quick look at my rp resume(s).

    Sooo, yeah. *Sits behind a fancy desk.* I look forward to your plots.

    P.S.: To all you Pokemon lovers on this site, I'm working on creating a Trainer for a story. I got his gender and name set out but I'ma need some help with what he'll look like.

    P.P.S.: Row Row Fight The Power!
  2. Hello Poster!

    I am looking for a Adventure and Romance type roleplay. I am really into historical time periods. It's cool if your not, but I love the idea. :) Let me know what you think.
  3. Hmm....That's an odd bit.
  4. Yeah I know.....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.