Through Time - Rachael x Bianca

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  1. During balls her father hosted, Rachael liked to find herself in the middle of it. She danced with many men and often tried to have the most expensive dress. Which wasn't difficult since her parents were rich. This evening, Miss Reese was seen in a beige dress, floaty and long. Her corset was tight and her blonde hair was loosely tied at the back of her neck to show off her extravagent jewelry. It was probably obvious her parents tried to compensate for their awful parenting. But Miss Reese didn't mind - the jewelry was perfect.

    She just finished dancing with a strapping young army corporal and was flustered by him. He was tall and popular, something Rachael liked. She went to get another glass of wine to relax when a taller woman came over. Her voice was sleek as her dress. Rachael looked around for her parents before turning back, "Good evening. Are you enjoying the ball?" She asked pleasantly.

  2. Bianca entered the ball with a cool smirk on her face. The half-Italian half-English woman was currently in the latter country. Pale and dark haired she had her eyes human looking instead of the mix of black and blood red they naturally were. Speaking of Blood red she was wearing a rather revealing dress in that color. She did so to attract males and the occasional and delightful female. Virgin ones always tasted the best, she of course she ensured her bite provided pleasure in exchange for the sustenance. Looking around the rather bored at the lack interesting prey to feed upon she spots a rather lovely Blonde. If memory served the whole reason for the ball in the first place. Grinning, though hiding her fangs she makes her way over "Hello there. Yes i am, so as you are the subject of this party may i know the occasion?" she says in a friendly yet seductive voice. @Axy
  3. "Ah, It's my birthday, my 18th in a week. Father said tonight was the best time for a ball!" She said excitedly. Parties of any kind got Rachael excited. She eyed the woman talking to her. Apparently her father invited all of his friends. But who was this woman, "So, how do you know my father? Are you one of his friend's wives?" She smiled happily, sipping her drink. The only females there were her and her father's friend's baggage; Daughters, wives, the lot. Her mother wasn't however, she was busy. Rachael giggled and brushed a small piece of hair from her face.
  4. "Well then Happy Birthday. As for relations well...I am an associate of your Father's. " She says rather slyly. She has met, and fed on the man whom looking around seemed to look close enough to be her father. Though in reality having heard of it and on a whim, she found the one in charge of invitations and uses some of her vampiric abilities to hypnotizes them and took one. Her own messy bun with some bangs loosened causeing a chuckle as she takes a sip of red wine. "seems we are both are having hair malfunctions, though i must say your's down shows promise." she says with a genuine grin. @Axy
  5. Rachael furrowed her eyes a little. Did her father really have female associates? Maybe she just was a wife or daughter. "Hm?" Rachael blinked, before understanding what she was saying, and blushing at the compliment. "Oh.. Thank you but it's much more ladylike to have it up." She giggled, eyeing the young woman. Even if she lied, Rachael knew she had an attraction to women. It was obscene and crazy, how could a woman love another woman? But deep down, Rachael believed she could have feelings for them. "It only comes down when it is time for bed." She giggled, trying to slide in an innuendo.
  6. Bianca was able to get it loud and clear. "I would love to see you in bed then, i myself let a few things loose in it." she says letting out quite bit of seduction in her voice. While she was aware of the obscene nature of women with women she was already obscene with the fact she was a predator of the night. So another thing to add on to the obscene wasn't that bad in her opinion.
  7. When the woman got her innuendo, and made it more explicit, Rachael ducked her head and giggled a bit. She really couldn't say something like that. Her head twisted around quickly to see if anybody was around to see what was going on. Maybe she should bring the conversation back to safer grounds, "If I may ask, what is your name?" Rachael tilted her head, hiding her painted lips behind the glass of red wine.
  8. "My Name is Bianca Belladona" Bianca says smiling sweetly.most weren't paying attention to the two, partly due to her subtle manipulation, and she says gently raiseing the girl's head so that they were looking eachother in the face once more asks "Now may I know your name? tis only polite after all. Also no need to be embaressed very few are paying us any heed." she says reassuringly.
  9. As her head is tilted, Rachael's eyes widen and her cheeks went a little pinker. "Miss!" She giggled, shying away from her touch, "I'm Miss Rachael Reese!" She hushed. It was weird, she assumed everybody in the county knew her name. "But Miss, a lady isn't supposed to touch another in such way." She bowed her head a little, taking a small step backwards from the dark woman, called Bianca.
  10. Bianca smiled some more "a pleasure to meet you Miss Reese. apologies on the touch the way, just i prefer to maintain eye contact." she says with an apologetic yet slightly amused and flirty tone.
  11. "Simply ask. I have no problem..." Rachael attempted to make it clear she wasn't heterosexual without making it obvious to passers by. Bianca seemed like a woman who would like women. Hopefully. "Where are you from Miss?" Rachael asked curiously, she was awfully pale. Deathly almost, it intrigued Rachael.
  12. Bianca smiles. One who liked other women seemed to be in front of her. A rarity and twas always nice to meet one. "Well the perhaps we can adjourn to a more...private location? Also I have spent time here and in Italy. I move around quitre a bit being of places." she says with another seductive smile. also gives a brief flash of her rather nice chest.
  13. "Italy? Wow. That's amazing... I have never traveled. Father says it's dangerous for one my age..." Rachael sighed, putting a hand on her own chest, looking wistful. "Tell me about Italy, would you?" Rachael looked around as she took a couple of steps back. She had always wanted to travel, but never got the chance. As far as she was aware, she had never left London. "I've always wanted to visit such a beautiful place..."
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