Through Ash and Fire (Elorwin & MaskedDemon)

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  1. Slowly Yuri opened one large azure eye gazing around in the thin grey light, she moaned slightly and tried to turn her face away from the weak light. She shivered and snuggled down further into the blue downy sleeping bag, unconsciously holding on tighter to the warm Growlithe in her arms. After a few minutes though the puppy Pokémon had woken up and squirming in her arms attempting to lick her face. She could not fight getting up any longer, opening both her eyes she gave the orange ball of fluff, which she was currently holding like teddy, a stern look.

    “Well good morning to you Pupstar.” Yuri sat herself up still swaddled in the sleeping bag as the puppy barked softly. The soft look fell off her face and her eyes narrowed as she gazed around. The shelter she had built for herself was standing firm, it wasn’t much but it was what she had built on her own. A sheet of corrugated metal propped up at a 90 degree angle by two bits of timber and held together by nails wasn’t a permanent solution but it was the best she could do with limited materials and it was really only to keep the ash off her. Yuri looked up at the sky which was grey, she watched as little motes of ash fell from the sky like dirty snow. There was no sun and there had been no rain since that day not long ago, the day the sky burned red like fire and the earth shook.

    Yuri sighed as she remembered it, the day people were referring to as the day of sorrow, the day that had changed the world as they knew it from one of green earth, blue sky and life to this desolate wasteland of ash and destruction. She did not know how or why it had happened, she hadn’t even seen it, and at the time she had been going through Mt Moon. Yuri assumed it had been that that which had allowed her to come out relatively unscathed apart from having to fright her way out of the major cave in that had happened. This is where her large and powerful Charmeleon named Volcano had been a live saver, he had been able to move aside the boulders that had her trapped.

    Suddenly a large black nose came sniffing around the side of her shelter startling her out of memories of the last few weeks. Before she completely panicked the rest of the head followed the snout and Yuri found herself gazing at her large and sleek Houndoom name Darkrein. It was Darkrein that guarded her and the campsite by night and it seemed he had come to investigate why Yuri had not yet risen as was the norm. Reaching out to him Darkrein put his head into her hand and she gently stroked his soft fur. Yuri looked at him and Growlithe marvelling at the wonderful heat the fire Pokémon gave off, it never failed to bring a smile to her face despite all the misery around them.

    “I’m getting up now Darkrein. Don’t worry you can rest now we shouldn’t need you for the hunt today.” Darkrein eyed her firmly and gave a soft growl to which she laughed. “Don’t worry I will call upon you if I am in need.” Continuing to eye her sternly Yuri reached for her bag which was tucked in the sleeping bag beside her and pulled out his pokeball. Activating it Darkrein was covered in a red light which quickly lost its form and zapped itself back into the pokeball. Smiling slightly Yuri put the ball gently back into the bag with the others, and then she lifted Pupstar up from the sleeping bag and set him lightly on the floor. “Come Pupstar today we hunt.” Then drawing her hair back from her face Yuri got up and set about getting ready for the day as the protective Pupstar took over Darkrein’s watch.
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  3. Allistairs slowly woke it was one of those mornings again, the ones he dreaded. He sat up looking around and saw Spitfire sitting by the edge of the tent, he heard the other pokemon outside this made him crack a small smile, as he slowly got up Spitfire turned around and looked at him , giving him a wary look the pokemon was happy to see it's friend and master up again for another day but he was worried each day it took Allistiar longer and longer to get up. It was about time they went hunting again . As Allistair head towards the entrance of his tent he put his hand on the big Charizard's head "Don't worry old friend I will be fine , each day just get's harder and harder you know, but I have all of you by my side." he said with a slight smile.

    He then made his way outside and saw all his pokemon and he could not help but smile Frozen and Molten were running around each other playing. Those two were very special and meant a lot to Allistair when this fateful world went to hell he found two small Evee's huddling together scared they were brother and sister. Along with his friend Spitfire he took them in and cared for them. Then there was Ashen and Water Sprite they were his oldest pokemon, they were passed down from his father to him , they were old but they still had a lot of fight in them. He then looked at Leafia who just looked away with attitude. She was a very special Gardevoir. Allistiar came across her being attacked by mutated version's of her own kind. Ever since they rescued her she has been very loyal to Allistiar.

    "All right guys hunting time , time for us to go get food for tonight and remember when I call on you for help , be careful I do not want to loose any of you" he said with a warm but firm smile. As he reached into his belt pockets and pulled out their pokebolls he zapped them all in except for Frozen and Molten they were the smallest and quickest. He gave them a nod as soon as he was done packing and picking up all his stuff they head out. It was going to be a very long day this particular area was dying even more slowly, the healthy game were getting less and less because of the more mutated versions killing them of by the droves. Molten ran ahead slightly as Frozen stayed by Allistairs side.

    As they got further ahead they spotted a few healthy game still alive , they only needed one tough as he and Frozen head forwards and Molten staying slightly ahead of them they got closer and closer. As he looked around he noticed the mutations also coming closer to the healthy game, Allistair frowned he could not let them kill the food before he did otherwise they would be spoiled , because pokemon killed by mutations were poisoned by the bacteria from those mutations.
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