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Some thread titles are only half visible, sunk down a level when viewed. This problem has been around to some extent for a while now, but only with long threat titles. But with the new OnexOne forum category, all the thread titles are sunk down to the point where I can't read most of them.

This is how the bug looks to me, if it's unreadable to you then let me know and I can post a larger version:
I'm having the same problem. Would keeping the Private tag be a possible solution to this? Just keep the RP's in the One[x]One forum?
That is a template issue, that reeeaaallly shouldn't be happening any more. o_____o What browser are you guys using? And which style is Cotillion on?

Try updating/refreshing your browser cache first, and we'll go from there. >>

You guys gotta remember to report these things when they FIRST happen, it's easier for me to find the cause that way. t__t next time, next time...
I'm using Google Chrome. And I think I cleared my browser cache a few days ago.
I also have this issue. And I use Firefox and the Blue template.
Prefix should be fixed now, just refresh the browser! Let me know if any other prefixes are making thread titles wonky!
Looks good to me, now. Thanks Diana! You're awesome! :D
OnexOne tags are working fine, Apocalyptic is still making the thread title sink.
Apocalyptic should be fixed now. D: