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  1. Ok, this one's going a bit Meta.

    But let's talk about threads.
    What kind of threads do you like?
    What threads do you want more of?
    What are some amazing threads you remember from history?

    How much threads would a poster post if a poster could post threads?

    I like threads where I get to talk about something I am interested in, or things with pretty pictures!

    I like POLLS! Polls are fun and I am surprised people dun post those more often. o__o

    My favorite thread is the "Good Things Every Day" thread. 8D Not just because I started it, but because PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY STILL POSTING IN IT. It's a nice pick-me-up to see all the cool little things that can make people's day a little better, even if it is a tiny thing.

    30 seconds per thread, I think.
  3. Rp threads
    Both ooc and ic threads where I am involved
    A lot of threads on GC both good and bad because i fucking lurk on gc there i admit it

  4. ... Why did I not think to add more Polls? XD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.