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  1. So, i've been playing/watching a lot of super hero things lately. Between watching Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, Arrow, and a couple movies, and playing a butt load of Injustic: Gods Among Us, I am really wanting to do a superhero themed rp.

    The concept I'm thinking is pretty straight forward, and I'd like to work with a couple people to hammer out a few specifics. I want at least two maybe three people, but, more are welcomed. Anyway, I'm thinking an AU sort of DC world. You have humans and meta-humans, vying for power. Heroes thwarting crime, villains causing it, that sort of deal. Now, these heroes are sometimes caught between right and wrong, and sometimes, run into issues with crossing these lines.

    The story will likely focus on a select few heroes, between one and three, and possibly a villain or two, some mixture thereof. These people will find themselves in situations where they risk crossing the lines that they align themselves with, while fighting for their lives in a city that is running rampant with crime. The villains are often as horrid towards each other as they are the heroes, and quarrel frequently.

    I apologize for the lack of organization here, but, I'm kinda bad at that. May anyone be interested?

    Character Template:

    Role: (Hero, Villain, Anti-Hero)
    Species: (Human, Meta-Human, etc...)
    Powers: (Metas and such only. Don't go overboard, please.)
    Personality: (Optional, can be revealed in rp.)
    Bio: (Optional. Can be revealed in rp.)
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  2. I'll join if I can be a villain or antihero. And I will create a character once that is settled.
  3. Once things are sorted out, you can certainly play a villain or anti-hero.
  4. Oh, right, I'll work on a template for ya, Dood.
  5. Sweet. I'll get a character figured out, and then post it.
  6. Added a basic template. ^_^
  7. Okay. Here it is.
    Name: Shadow.
    Appearance: All black Italian- made suit, fedora hat, jet- black skin, no facial features except for a pair of glowing red eyes, and a mouth of Venom- style teeth only when he attacks his prey.
    Background: Shadow was born like every other human, and was a happy, playful kid until he was fifteen, when all of his family and friends were brutally murdered. This sent his already hot temper over the edge, transforming him into a heartless criminal. At the age of seventeen, he tested a scientific experiment for superhuman abilities. The experiment was a success, but it didn't go as planned. His cruel demeanor transformed him into a super-super human, but altered his figure entirely. His lives to cause chaos and carnage, and has yet to be stopped.
    Abilities: Great- strength, acid skin, and speed of mach 0.25
    Height: 6' 4"
    Weight: 245 pounds of muscle
    Age: Unknown
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  8. Sounds like a bit much on the powers, mate. I would say tone down the strength and speed, especially the speed, if you want the acidic skin. The x-ray vision seems a little out of place too.

    I recommend sticking with the acidic skin (which I like, by the way) and just listing it as super strength and super speed.

    Oh, and also, big dood. Interesting concept, though.
  9. I'm interested in the Magic User Superhero
  10. Okay edits have been made.
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