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  1. So, I was back tracking on my past and some crazy events that have happened in my life. And i got around to thinking that it'd make a fair topic here on Iwaku, swapping crazy happenings.


    What's the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?

    I'd say mine is when I was pronounced dead and still able to file my taxes.

    Social Security mistyped a number and I was pronounced dead (which scared the shit out of my foster mother, who got a call apologizing for my death), and I was dead for almost a half a year until they got the paperwork fixed.

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  2. So. The first year me, gibs and my bro Isabella are living on our own in our first place. I'm in bed, and they ran out to game exchange. They met this guy from hawaii and he seemed like a friendly enough dude! Thus they invited him back to the apartment to hang out a bit.

    Um, you know how there are totally cool furry people and then there are the.... psychos? He was one of the crazies. >> During those two hours while I was blissfully unaware of him being there, he talked about crazy shit, offered my brother a BJ several times and kept feeling up his junk. By the time I woke up confused at there being a stranger in the house, they were about to die. O_O He quickly left because I think he was scared of girls.

    But that was not the last of him.

    For the next few days he would call on the telephone or come knocking on the door. ONE PARTICULAR TERRIFYING DAY he stood at the door knocking for hours. HOURS. He knew we were in the house hiding. Maybe he saw me through the peep hole, I dunno. >>

    And he whistled a jaunty tune.

    Just kept knocking on the door. for hours. Whistling. Like a serial killer.

    This was before we had a house full of weapons, I was scared. ;_;
  3. Oh good god Diana. Reading that creeped me out...
  4. This may not be the craziest per say, as I have quite a few. But it is one of my favorites. My friend an I were goofing off in the hallway of our residence hall a couple of years ago. And of course we decided to start shoving each other and end up wrestling. Well, I end up pushing him off me, but neither of us realized how close we were to the wall. He hits the wall and just stands there for a moment. At first I am about to freak out because I think he broke a bone or something. But when he moved away from the wall I realized it was not him that was broken. Instead there was a giant hole in the wall where his butt hit it. We made a hole in the wall with his ass. Later on we got fined over $300 for it (which is ridiculous in my opinion). Thus concludes the story that is now commonly known as the "Ass-wall".
  5. The story is long, but I can share just the more interesting deets. I was 6 months pregnant, and abandoned in Portland for about a whole day because the bus ride was cancelled. I did a lot of throwing up on the sidewalk, lots of crying, lots of fighting with my family members, and befriended a little kid who kept eying my french fries. I experienced more in that one day than I usually would in an entire week, maybe even 2 weeks. It was the craziest day of my life. :|
  6. OmG! I remember one day in particular. I was in the bus, on my way to school when this girl that I -swear- hadn't even met before, waved at me and said, "Hello, Maria!" I looked at her in shock and just waved back. When she sat down, I turned to my friends and told them that I didn't even knew the girl. They just started laughing but I was freaking terrified. After that incident 'till this day, I haven't seen the girl again. That day was the scariest day of my life.
  7. Several of the good stories I have are from my friends and I deciding it's a great idea to subject society to our sleep-deprived, caffeine-driven selves at 3-4am.

    Once we were hanging out playing D&D at this one guy's place when we realize we've run out of snack and sodas. Being just under the age where we could get drivers licenses, we decide to talk a 20 minute walk to the nearest Redners. When we get there, we wander aimlessly for a while and one guy figures it'd be a good idea to check out the pet supply isle. You know, because. All of a sudden he grabs these squeaky chew toys with this look of maniacal glee and runs to the end of the isle where he waits for some random dude to walk by before giving him the biggest cheshire cat grin and squeaking the toys eerily.
  8. Not much has happened in my life, most of the things that's happened wasn't very crazy, just interesting and odd (and slightly scary at times). But it might just be that I have a different definition of crazy, and my interestingly odd (and slightly scary) events actually were quite crazy in others eyes. xD

    So to the topic:
    The craziest thing I can remembering happened to me was when an old man sat beside me on a bench while I waited for the bus.

    I sat in a park just some meters away from the bus station. I sat with my mp3 player, just listening to music and relaxing. I was sixteen, and it was during my first year of high school, which also was my first year being in a big city daily since I live in a smaller town. So I wasn't very used to people I didn't know coming up to me, and quite frankly, random strangers scares me.

    So this old man came up to me and started to talk to me. He smelled of beer and had a plastic bag full of beer cans. I'm a bit uncomfortable around drunk people, because my mom used to get very emotional when she got drunk (on beer) when I were a kid. So I sat there, feeling very uncomfortable when this old man starts talking to me. And I don't want to be rude and just leave, he might be really friendly, but he might also stab me in the chest cause he's a psychopath. It could very well happen. So I'm conflicted with myself on the inside on what to do while he continues to talk. I sit there and smiles and nod.

    He asked me if I had money for the bus and such, and I'm like "yes, money's no problem." And he continues to talk about how he has tons of money and he's pretty wealthy. Then he continues to talk about his dead wife (I think he said that she died in cancer) and so on. He seemed very nice, but I still felt pretty uncomfortable. It was a stranger telling me his life story. I couldn't help but feel weird about that ^^'. So I listened for a while so that I wouldn't hurt his feelings, and then I told him after maybe ten minutes that my bus would arrive soon so I had to leave.

    Then he did the oddest thing. He took forth his wallet and took up 100 crowns (around 15 dollars) and said "Take them." I thought he still didn't believe that I had money enough for the bus or something, so I said I don't need them, but thanks anyway. And he said "I don't care, just take them. Buy flowers, buy ice cream, or anything. Just take them." And I was like "Okay.. Thank you" and took the money and left.

    It was still half an hour before my bus would come so I called a friend and told her what just happened and she was like "Come to the barber-shop (where she works), buy me an ice-cream and tell me everything." And that's what we did xD

    So that was an interesting, odd and slightly uncomfortable situation for me. And four years later I still don't know what to think of it.
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