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  1. Seth was glad that Lily understood. The concept of shifting was something that he didn’t imagine to be such an easily grasped subject by humans... But she got it well enough. Lily was smart though... And she had known him since they were children. Perhaps she just knew that she could trust his word on the matter. Who would know better than the one doing the shifting himself? The werewolf would watch Lily as she moved to a nearby closet, pulling out old clothing. It could very well be big on him, or small, but at least it was something to cover up with.

    The monotone colored wolf would follow her back outside, gaze fixed on her as she lead him to where he could change. Things were different now that they were older... So much had happened since they last saw each other. But this was a second chance for them, dangerous as it might be. His pack were not forgiving to the humans... And so much danger lurked in them meeting up again like this.

    After being left inside the bathroom alone Seth would shift, rising up onto hind legs as his wolf features gave way to human ones. He would stand up, running a hand through his gray-black hair. His features were strong, sharp, with eyes that seemed too wild to belong to a normal man. The eyes of a wolf. He would reach for the clothes, slipping them over a muscled form. He wasn’t overly buff, but his muscles were defined from all the exercise and whatnot he got through his daily life.

    The shirt was, well, shorter than he had hoped. A bit tight on his form and exposing his stomach, but at least it covered his chest. The pants were a little more of a better fit. A little loose around his hips but not so much that he had to worry about them falling off his rear when he walked. It was good enough, he decided. Gaze would flick back to the mirror, fussing for a moment to run his fingers through his medium-length hair and push it behind his ears before he walked out of the bathroom, heading back to the livingroom where Lily sat. He would walk out in front of her, giving a small smile.
  2. As Lily waited, she thought about what he would look like since the last time she saw him in his human form was for a short moment and it didn't last very long, so she couldn't remember his appearance. Running her fingers through her hair, she heard the door of the bathroom open up to reveal a tall athletic built male coming out with salt-n-pepper like hair. Although the color of his hair was quite strange, it suited him better than many would probably think especially since he looked no older than herself.

    Seeing the clothes, she laughed to herself before smiling back at him. "You are very handsome. It's almost hard to believe that you were a wolf just moments ago." She said as she stood up from the couch, her hands going up to his hair. Her fingers ran through his hair for a moment before slowly moving towards his face, as if trying to see if it was truly real. "I guess I shouldn't question the magic of the world.." She said gently as she made direct eye contact with him.
  3. Her compliment was one that made the werewolf feel a twinge of embarrassment. Being called handsome, no, very handsome by a pretty girl wasn’t particularly something the pack’s heir was used to. At least not from someone who was saying it sincerely, and without having the intent of trying to become leader of the pack. Lily’s words meant much more, and were special to him. A true compliment. He wondered how he looked in her eyes, but he doubted she would lie to him.

    Seth would give a soft chuckle, allowing her hands to play first with his hair and then move towards his face. “Generally that’s not the brightest of plans. There is much of it that can not be explained... And the world is not always keen on giving up answers to such questions.” He would meet her gaze, reaching his right hand up and taking it in her own. His hands were a bit rough, though not unpleasantly so. He would smile more brightly at her, head tilting slightly to the side.

    “Was this what you were expecting?” He couldn’t help but let out a little laugh. How bodies changed over the years. It was almost hard to believe Lily was the same young girl he would play games with by the water. Did she find his own looks to differ so? His eyes would hold a shine to them, that wild instinct still within. But even for all his looks, he would consider her all the more beautiful. Even moreso than the flower from which she got her name.
  4. Laughing back with him, she shook her head to his question before pulling her hands back from his face. "I thought maybe a little bit less refined, more wild than what we call gentleman like." She stated, taking a small step back as she looked him over once more. It was probably a good idea to get him a decent change of clothes later on if he were to ever change around her again. Sitting back down on the couch, she patted the seat next to her as a gesture for him to sit with her.

    "As much as I'd like to show you what it's like in town, I don't think it's the best idea." She said, thinking it would be best to get him clothes when she was by herself rather than taking him and causing trouble in his pack. She suddenly thought about something when she was thinking about the pack. If he was the heir, wasn't he to be mated with another wolf to continue the line. "Seth, since you're at the age to take over, do you already have a mate? I bet your pups will be just as cute as you were."
  5. Seth would grin a bit more. So she thought he’d look more wild huh? “I guess I’m the black sheep of our kind when it comes to that.” He would respond, his voice soft, though there was a hint of amusement in it. So in other words he blended in a bit better than others from his pack, right? For some reason that in his heart made him very... Happy to hear. He wasn’t encouraged to use his human form, especially with their pack leaning towards their feral natures, but Seth enjoyed the look. Actually, he enjoyed it all the more after Lily’s reaction.

    He would make his way back to the couch, sitting down next to her. It felt strange too, to walk around on his hind legs instead of all fours. Yet Seth felt it was something he could grow more comfortable with, especially if he got to spend more time with his childhood friend. How he had missed her... It was odd how fate brought them back together this way. Perhaps all those prayers in his youth had finally been answered.

    Seth had to admit he was a little disappointed by her next statement. He would have loved to see the town, meet the people there... To see the difference in their ‘world’ and his own. But he understood her worry without it being spoken; his pack hated humans. To find their scents upon him, or to, even worse, see him among them, would bring great trouble. Yet the male found himself conflicted on the matter. He was his own man, was he not? Surely he could make his own decisions on something like that... And just because something had happened years ago didn’t mean all humans were like that.

    ...Though their caution of the wolffolk surely grew. The simple fact was that there were problems all around, and both sides tense. If things did not settle soon... Would his pack be hunted down? Killed? His mind would work, but then Lily caught him off-guard with the next question. So much so he nearly choked on his own breath of air.

    “Don’t be stupid!” He had looked at her incredulously, as if she just asked and stated the most ludicrous thing in the world. After a couple seconds Seth would catch himself, drawing back and averting his gaze. “I’m sorry Lily I...” He sighed. “I don’t. I refuse to take one... From my pack.”
  6. Watching Seth's reaction to what she had asked, which made her wonder about why he was becoming so defensive about it. Was it strange for him to take on a mate from his own pack or maybe he had to mate with someone from another pack to keep the peaceful between two packs. She didn't know why, but she couldn't stop herself from asking him either. "Is there a reason as to why you won't?" She asked as she moved in closer to him, curiosity getting the best of her. Smiling to herself, she leaned in and linked her arm with his own nudging him a bit before asking another question.

    "Is there a female that you like and maybe that's why?" Lily could believe that, because it's been years since she last saw Seth and there just maybe some other wolf that he's liked for a while now. Who wouldn't find him attractive? She may not understand how wolves are attracted to each other, but if he looked handsome in his human form then he definitely had to be handsome in his wolf form as well.
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