This thread isn't as stupid as the title makes it seem.

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  1. It's even worse.

    It has been a very long time since I've been on a forum. I feel like a geezer. It's also been a few months since I've actually written anything of any worth, so I'm probably rusty too. However, if you avert your eyes and politely pretend not to notice my -- metaphorical -- joints creaking, I hope we can write something interesting together.

    Here are some ideas I've scrabbled together. I do have plot ideas for all of these, so throw me a PM if you'd like to hear more about them.
    • Wizard/Apprentice
    • Time Traveller/Immortal
    • Cain/Abel
    • Poison Taster/King
    • Android/Mechanic
    • Labyrinth
    Some bit less structured interests:
    • Unworshipped gods, made from legend and turned to myth, brought low. Although quite diminished, they are still blooded godlings, and wage war as they always have, though not in the skies and not with bolts of lightning, but on asphalt, under flickering streetlights and neon signs. With guns, and drugs and whores and sex. With the mortals caught in between being nothing but collateral.
    • Human stumbles into the Unseelie Court and knows enough lore not to eat or drink anything and become trapped, but is still unable to leave of their own power. Pays court to the Unseelie King, is clever, tells stories etc.
    • Steampunk-verse. Stowaways, space pirates.
    • Demons, demonic contracts.
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition
    I think that about covers it. The first set of interests pretty much already has a plot, although your input would be very much appreciated. However, the second is a loose jumble of concepts more than it is an idea and plotting is an absolute requirement for those.

    I play as both male and female, and write both het and slash ships. I do lean in certain directions for different plot ideas though, so ask before proceeding. We'll sort out things like posting style and length in PM.

    Now to think up a title. My favourite part. /sarcasm
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  2. The time traveler x immortal pairing has caught my interest. Would it be possible for you to provide me with a writing sample before I indulge any further? Feel free to PM the sample!
  3. No problem! It's always good to know what the hell you're getting into and if you're even compatible writers before asking any further.

    Excerpt from a post, dated November 24, 2013.
  4. Well done. If you're able to stay on third person the whole time instead of occasionally switching back and forth to first person, I'd love to roleplay with you!
  5. Aha, yes, I was too lazy to fix the coding, but the first person tenses was originally in italics, indicating thoughts.

    Shall I PM you my plot idea for time traveller x immortal?
  6. The unworshiped Gods and mechanic/ android caught my attention. if you are still looking for a partner.
  7. @Kingmaker By all means! I'd love to hear what you have in mind! :)
  8. I don't know what it is, but I just can't PM you. Dunno why.

    I was just gonna say though, care to return the favour and provide me with a writing sample? I'm not sure if you can PM me.
  9. Ah, sorry about that. I've PMed you.
  10. Demons, demonic contracts stuff sounds really cool i would like to try that out with ya.
  11. Any of these sound interesting to me. So if you are still looking for some partners and have one that maybe your craving more then the others at the moment I'd love to do it with you.
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