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  1. This is the Second Version of " This or That" Game.

    It's an easy rule to fallow.


    Pepsi or Water?

    Answer- Pepsi.

    Then, next person posts a different -this or that- version. ^^

    Nighttime or Daytime ?
  2. daytime

    oh no or oh yes?
  3. I'd rather go with Oh noes~

    Cucumber or Tomato?
  4. tomato

    boy or girl
  5. Girl xD.

    Me or The chicken Nuggets ?
  6. You. I don't like chicken nuggets.

    Pacifism or go down swingin'?
  7. Uhh...


    Role play or Reading books?
  8. roleplay. more interactive.

    guns or swords
  9. Swords!

    Android or Apple?
  10. Apple always !

    My house or your friend's house?
  11. My house. I like my house. Its a nice house.

    Playground or video games
  12. Video games xD.

    Vodka or Gin ?
  13. Vodka

    Sex or cuddling
  14. Cuddling. .3.

    Book or Movie?
  15. Movie. It used to be books. Then movies got a superhero genre. Then I said "fuck it, these movies kick all sorts of ass."

    Fate Zero or Fate Stay Night
  16. Second choice xD

    Homemade meal or McDonalds on a. Friday night ?
  17. Oh home made all the way

    Index or Railgun
  18. Uh .. Second one xD

    Rainy day spent in the house or snowy day in the mountains ?
  19. Rainy day! (I like rain and even though snow is pretty, it's also cold and I can't stand cold. :p)

    Cookie or muffin?
  20. Cookie!

    Vanilla or chocolate?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.