This Nightmare Called Life

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  1. -Author's Note: I got this idea from a manga that I read called Life, By: Keiko Suenobu.-
    (This however, will be slightly different :P)
    ~My Character Info~
    Name: Teruko Yuko (Teruko means "Shining Child" in Japanese) *She goes by Teru for short.*
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Bio: Everything started going downhill in her life during the end of middle school, after the high school entrance exam. Her and her best friend made plans to go to the same school, a difficult school to get into. Teru's friend was the top student and when she decides to help Teru study for her exams... After the exams Teru ended up getting into the school and her friend didn't, this is when things turned sour. She hated Teru for her failure and ended their friendship immidiatly, she blamed her. Teru was so hurt by this she accidently came across cutting... she hasn't been able to stop ever since... now she always feels alone and feels like it should stay that way. When high school comes, she thinks this can be a new start for her
    Body Type: Slime
    Looks: (Pic Below)
    Basically I want to start where the troubles began, then we can skip to when she gets to high school. At first when she gets to high school everything seems like it will be good, then suddenly something changes and she ends up getting bullied. Of course, she will end up having two people who stand up for her and help her through her rough time, giving her courage to stand up for herself. ^_^
    Mr. Akira suddenly slammed Teru recent test on her desk, bringing her attention away from the window. She looked down at the paper and frowned '55 %...' she thought then groaned, hitting her head against her desk, "How am I going to pass the High School entrance exams at this rate?" she sighed and closed her eyes, the cool wood of the desk pressing against her forehead. ' I am doomed...' she thought to herself.

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