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  1. This, isn't anything. But if you guys would like to help me with the Plot and stuff that would be great :D
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  2. Hmm... I guess I could try my hand with helping (though I may not be readily available all the time since I'm in China XS)
  3. That would be really helpful, and as long as you give something. Then it's fine if you're in China :o :wideeyed: :rotfl:
  4. Alright :P do we have anything to work with? *looks at you expectantly*
  5. ~She rubs the back of her neck~ Nooooot exactly. I honestly wasn't able to think of anything.
  6. Hmm... If this is in the romance category I could think of some ideas, it'll take a while though and I gtg soon, so when I get back I think I could get a few going :P
  7. Plot creator to the rescue! And Your in China York!
  8. Yuri, Yaoi, Straight?
  9. Mmmm, I honestly don't mind. Also, Thanks York~.

    Anyways, I'm perfectly fine with any of that.
  10. Well then I'm gonna use an all around Harem. Allowing all three categories. Let's do a fantasy setting. And an idea for the plot well you have to make a character, and intro, If you add any specifics to it though it is no longer centered on romance.
  11. Yay! XD saved me alot of work, I guess we could work with that (I don't have to leave yet, but sooner or later I do >.< and yes I'm in China Shiro XD awkward family reunions ftw)
  12. Mhm. We could.
  13. ~She gives them both cookies~ *^* Cookies for everyone.
  14. Oh, is it alright if I join this?

    I mean it looks like you've got it pretty planned but.
  15. Yeah, it's perfectly fine if you do.
  16. Ok back! o-o so, any ideas we got? (I'm out atm :S)
  17. if someone does not start it off im going to.
  18. Once upon a time before humans had power in the world the elements ruled freely, spirits of water fire earth lightning and ice that all ran the world together but it didn't mean they got along. Often the elements would clash causing huge tears in the earths crust that groaned in pain when her children fought with one another.

    Water spirits falling in love with fire elementals or lightning spirits. Combinations that should not work, combinations that work perfectly, natural disasters, overuse of power and the karma hammer.

    ~not sure why she's doing this buy w/e~

    Have fun =3
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  19. Heh, there we are! (Now to think up a CS)
  20. Name: Suggest having weird and wonderful names
    Age: Elementals can be pretty old
    Gender: Self Explanatory
    Race: What kind of elemental you are
    Show Spoiler
    This is a Spoiler for my large image

    You can deal with revealing some of your back story in character so I wouldn't bother with a Bio but it's entirely up to you. You could also have up to four important possessions that mean something to your character on your person and make a nice chunky story our of it but then again it's a jump in. So it depends what you guys want to do. You can have the idea I will probably never follow up on it, so enjoy.

    (Optional) Inventory: Up to four Important possessions on your character. Be Brief. They can be explained in the story.
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