This Needs a Witty Title...

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  1. Hello, people of Iwaku. I am The Afterman. I come from lands far, far away from here, and have decided to take up residence within your community because, well, I can. In all seriousness though, I'm excited about being here, and hope we can have a good time together...

    If you know what I mean. ;)

    Oh, you don't? Okay.
  2. *smiles* Well Hello stranger, welcome to the madness. Don't get lost and enjoy your stay ;) if you ever want to rp, you know where to find me *walks of into shadows*
  3. Heh Heh, welcome to the site, Afterman! Are you before man? Are you man right now? Anyway, have a great time making friends and making roleplays!
  4. [​IMG]

    Welcome. Enjoy your stay.
  5. Hello Afterman! I'm Melancholy, I think you've seen me on the Cbox. Anyways, you should have an awesome time here on Iwaku. ^^
  6. Hallo Afterman. >:3 Welcome aboard.