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  1. First off, hello, I am Ebator. I'm not really called Ebator i'm sure you guessed, that name is the result of messing around with my name in Katakana (Trevor -> Toreba -> Tor - Eba -> swap 'em around -> Ta daa!)
    I'm male in case you happen to know a female called Trevor and weren't sure which camp I landed in. I'm 18 and an Anime and Manga enthusiast (I guess you could call me an Otaku but I wouldn't call myself that.)
    I fanboy all over the Fate/ franchise, hence Gilgamesh picture.
    I've RP'd a couple of times in the past, once on a MyAnimeList club, and a few times playing D&D (I weren't to great at D&D) so i wouldn't consider myself knew but i'm far from being anything you could call experienced. I'm not too sure what my RP'ing preferences are. I guess i'd prefer group RP over 1 on 1, but I'm not really too sure due to lack of actually RP'ing (all the aforementioned times I have RP'd were groups, so I've never done it 1 on 1)
    IRL I'm the polar opposite of a people person. I don't like dealing with people IRL, and would quite comfortably live in a cave off the side of some mountain, providing it had Wifi though (gotta' watch them weekly anime releases)
    I'm generally a passive person who avoids confrontation both on and off line, so I won't be getting in to any arguments, promise!
    That's all i can think of and honestly didn't think I would write this much when i started typing this, so yeah, Hey!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Toreba~! well I guess I've to name my daughter Trevor to be the first female with the name trevor~! lol jk~!
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  3. Thank you I appreciate it GreenSea. And I do wholeheartedly suggest it, especially for when she'll enter her teenage years, after all, no straight guy is going to want to brag about dating someone called Trevor XD I joke of course
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  4. Welcome, sir! We can be noobs together and live in little hermit holes in the sides of mountains, under rocks, hobbit holes and so forth with our WiFi. (I'd personally love to live there. I mean I wouldn't have to deal with random people I don't like nor know and I can be a little hermit living online and on sites like these! And tumblr. Because, tumblr.)
  5. Aye, welcome to the site, Trevor! :D I wish you good luck in finding new roleplays, and I hope that you find yourself enjoying the site. ^^ If you ever need anything- be it help around or just someone to talk to -feel free to message me. :3
  6. Thank you to the both of you, I appreciate the sentiment. It sounds like a great idea Usagi, a second person to help hunt for the food we'd most surely need would be very useful. Also I may just take you up on that offer Hospes, a point in the right direction as to a place to start would be appreciated, trying to pick one out of the pack and joining is a task i find myself paining over. So many to choose from, and no knowable criteria on deciding between them.
  7. Sure thing! Any particular genre you're a fan of, by any chance? Based on that, I can direct you to those sections. Such as Fantasy, Fandom, Adventure, etc.
  8. Hmm... Magic and Sci-fi are my 2 favorites, Fandom I guess, heavily dependent on the series involved. I did enjoy RP'ing a Fate/Apocrypha fandom war, so maybe involving conflicting sides if that's a thing.
  9. Group Roleplaying |

    Well, there's the signups for the group roleplays - although, obviously(based on the prefixes), some of them are invite only, or not currently accepting characters. The more specific categories you'll probably want are fantasy(since you said you like magic), Sci-Fi, anddd Fandom. If you want to check out the other categories, you'll see them in the box on the left of the screen(I can't say the color it'd be, since that likely varies with the style/color set in use) with the header 'Categories', and once you select Group/one on one/etc, the genres within those categories will appear under them.

    I hope that was a sufficient explanation. I'm not the best at explaining things. XD
  10. I will look at the forums now, I found it to be an understandable explanation and one I can act upon, I thank you for it. I think i'll look at the fantasy first
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  11. Awesome! Glad to have helped. ^^ Good luck with finding a roleplay you like!
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