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First I made a script for my multimedia writing class. Where we're trained to make advertisements and scripts for commercials. However, our final 'exam' was making a short film script.

So here it is:


Script for Bester Man (Busta Man) - a heartwarming tale of masked superheroes and relationships.

Chiba Kyoji/ Bester Man – Our Hero
Queen Death (Desu-sama) – Queen of Evil Empire
Polor/ Mecha Polor/ Mecha Polor Mark 2 – The evil monster who always gets killed and reborn.
Goons – The countless goons you see in every japanese masked hero show.
Suspense Hero X – The mysterious ally of justice
Hashimoto Emi – Chiba Kyoji's Girl Friend
Bald Neighbor – A strange old man.

1. Introduction, showing a generic cliff/building at daytime. The silhouette of a person is shown. Camera slowly pans from below, to show the top of a building/cliff, where Bester Man is posed against natural daylight/sky.

Narrator: “In the name of justice, he has vowed to defeat evil!”

Camera Focuses on Bester Man suddenly assuming a pose as an explosion occurs in the background. Freeze the frame. Cue 70s inspired 'hand-drawn' title screen “BESTER MAN” with katakana/japanese characters at the bottom.

Narrator: “He is... Buster Man!”

2. BGM theme fades in. Show a clip of Bester Man attacking a costumed monster with a flying kick from a side angle. Freeze the frame on on awkward moment (midflight, just landing, etc.)

Show white credit title - “Producer and Scriptwriter – Paolo Cabe” in one corner. After 2 to 3 seconds, resume frame until both opponents are off screen.

Bester Man reappears on screen, then cut to a close up, showing Bester Man taking off his mask to reveal he is Chiba Kyoji. Freeze frame as he smiles towards the far off distance. Show white credit title - “Chiba Kyoji as Bester Man”.

Narrator: “After he was almost killed in a freak accident, Chiba Kyoji...”

3. New scene in a dark room. With view from above, show Chiba Kyoji sleeping on a table as scientists work on him with surgical implements. His upper body is illuminated with a spotlight that covers his groin area.

Narrator: “... was revived with the help of science!”

Show Kyouji opening his eyes, waking and sitting up, with scientists applauding him.
4. Show a different scene, with a more urban environment. The scene opens focusing on the sky, dropping down to show Bester Man defeating an army of goons by flailing a plastic looking sword with sparkly, laser-like effects about. Each impact causes sparks to fly from the goons' bodies.

Narrator: “He has become the invincible cyborg hero...”

After this, cut to different still frames of his various 'cybernetic' appendages and costume accessories. The camera reverts to focus on his lower body, then pans up to show his masked face and the area behind him. The goons are already behind him, all lying down on the floor.

5. Show dark room with hundreds of goons and costumed freaks standing at attention. Camera pans up to a stage, where a single light reveals Queen Death standing majestically. Subtitle at bottom reads “Evil Mecha-Insectoid Empire” for 2 seconds.

Narrator: “... who fights against the evil mecha-insectoid empire...”

Cut to focus and show goons cheering. Then cut to Polor standing next to the Queen, making funny faces and whimsical hand gestures, trying to mimic a 'monster'. The camera quickly pans and zooms in to the Queen, and then freezes the frame. A credit title that reads “Queen Death” temporarily appears below her.

Narrator: “... led by the Evil Queen Death!”

Frame resumes and the Queen motions to have her subordinates quiet down. Camera angle changes to the side of her face. She then exclaims, holding her hands out.

Queen Death: “Today we destroy our accursed enemy, Bester Man!”

Camera changes to show perspective of the crowd. The monsters cheer their queen.

6. Show goons surrounding Bester Man, who is being backed into a corner. Sparks appear at their feet, and multiple ricochets are heard.

Narrator : “But he is not alone!”

Focus camera on goons and Bester Man turning up to face the source of the gun fire. Camera cuts and quickly zooms in to distant cliff/platform with another person, Suspense Hero X standing there. After focusing on his face/mask, freeze the frame and apply 70s inspired multiple box-zoom.

Frame resumes and camera zooms out to show Suspense Hero X firing more lasers from his handgun. Camera cuts to show Goons getting hit by sparks and falling over. Camera pans to Bester Man, who turns up towards cliff and looks surprised.

Bester Man: “Hey, thanks-! Whu!?”

Rapidly and repeatedly zoom in to the now empty cliff/platform three times.

7. Camera shows Bester Man riding on motorcycle throughout town from various angles.

Narrator: “Join him on his adventure and in his final battle!”

While Bester Man is driving in the background, show hand-written title for 'today's episode' in japanese. Subtitles below read : “Final Best – Ultimate Violent Battle!” as the BGM music fades out. Screen fades to black.

8. Daytime scene - A motorcycle pulls up to an average looking house. Camera cuts to zoom in on rider removing helmet, revealing he is Chiba Kyoji. The screen freezes and shows his name at the bottom in japanese characters.

Kyoji : “Hi, my name's Kyoji! I'm but a simple messenger and mailman!”

Scene resumes and he rings the doorbell to the house. Camera cuts to focus on door opening and showing a girl coming out. She looks sullen at first, but turns up to see Kyoji and smiles. The screen freezes and shows Emi's name in japanese characters.

Kyoji: “This is my girlfriend, Emi! She's very nice and really cute!”

Scene resumes and Emi rushes up to the gate to unlock it. The two hug, and look at each other.

Emi : “Ohhh, Kyoji! How nice of you to visit today!”

Emi acts like she wants to kiss him, but Kyoji is rummaging around in his bag. Emi looks dejected for a while, but as he turns his face up, she acts all happy and chipper again. He then hands her a package.

Kyoji: “It's actually work. This is for you.”

The package reads, “Emi, please open at 5 PM”. Emi looks at it and makes a confused look. Kyouji pats her shoulder and kisses her forehead. Then as she looks up, he tells her:

Kyoji: “Alright, gotta go now. See ya.”

Kyoji turns to leave, zipping up his bag while he does so. The camera focuses on Emi behind him as he walks towards the bike. Emi holds the package in one hand and yells after him.

Emi: “Do you have any plans tonight?”

Kyoji has just finished wearing his helmet, and turns on his bike. He yells back, after revving the engine a few times.

Kyoji: “Hmmn, not really. I'll be back by 5 though.”

Kyoji begins to drive away slowly after waving at Emi, who waves back slightly. Camera
slowly zooms and cuts to Emi, who looks depressed. She sighs and mutters to herself.

Emi: “... But it's our anniversary today... Stupid Kyoji...”
(continued) As Emi looks sad, just looking at the ground and the package, the camera focuses on bald neighbor looking over their fence. Cut to an extreme close up to his eyes as shrill, stunning music plays.

Suddenly, the music stops and the camera cuts back to Emi turning to look at where he had just been. There is no one there.

Emi looks around some more and shrugs. She steps into the house, package in tow.

8. Kyoji is shown driving around town. The camera focuses on him riding the bike, looking around for addresses. He checks his watch. It is 4:52 PM. He whistles to himself, and mutters:

Kyoji: “I'll be back by 5 today~”

However, he suddenly makes a shocked face, which results in an extreme close-up.

Kyoji: “Darn it!”

Suddenly the camera rapidly and repeatedly zooms in to a puppy crossing the road. The camera reverts to Kyoji making a determined face, then cuts to his foot, then hand putting on the breaks.

The camera shows the bike's wheels screeching to a halt, and narrowly hitting a goon with puppy ears and a badly made puppy costume.

Goon with Puppy Ears: “Eeee! Eeeeeeee!”

Camera then cuts to Kyoji in the middle of the road, now surrounded by Goons and one with strange puppy ears. He turns around frantically and sees something which makes him angry. The scene cuts to Polor walking up to him and laughing while holding up his hands. His name is shown as a subtitle at the bottom of the screen. The monster then point sat Kyoji and laughs.

Polor: “Hurr Hurr Hurr! I knew that would draw you out, Justice-boy! You've just fallen into our trap!”

Camera cuts to Kyoji being intimidated by Goons and Polor making his fake laughter in the background. Cut to a different angle, with a Goon attacking Kyoji from behind. He dodges this. Kyoji ducks and avoids another attack but is hit by a dropkick from another Goon. He staggers off screen, and is now shown staggering into a dead end wall of an alley.

Camera cuts to show Goons and Polor closing in on him, but Kyoji instead makes a determined face and poses.

9. Kyoji is shown against a black background. He swiftly swipes horizontally forward with his right hand, then punches with the left. The japanese characters for “Number One/The Best” appear.

Kyoji: “I am the Best! Bester Man!”
(Continued) Show Bester Man Costume appearing on him as laser like appendages. He then poses after being fully formed. The Bester Man BGM (Used in the opening) plays as the word “BESTER MAN” is shown in the background.

10. Kyoji kicks and punches his way out of the goons. Camera cuts to Polor charging forward really awkwardly, and when the screen returns to Bester Man, he just karate chops the monster on the forehead.

The scene cuts to focus on Polor falling over slowly, disappearing in one frame and exploding, leaving only a burning, small black spot on the floor.

The goons, seeing their champion has died, make scared noises and begin to retreat, leaving behind their dead comrades. Bester Man is left alone in the alley, looking over the creatures.

Bester Man : “When will evil ever learn!? Justice is THE BEST!”

Suddenly, Bester Man feels a shadow behind him. He turns around to see Bald Neighbor looking at him from the second floor window of a building. Shrill noise/music plays.

Camera focus on Bester Man acting shocked. (He's in a mask.)

Bester Man: “Who are you!?”

Bald Neighbor disappears into window.

11. Scene transitions to show a dark room, with a TV screen showing Bester Man killing goons and offing Polor. Camera pans to show gloved fist pounding on chair arm. Camera cuts to show Queen Death on throne, making an angry scowl with her lips.

Queen Death: “Stupid Bester Man! That annoying fool!”

Queen Death stands up and Goon in scientist lab coat approaches her. He says something in gibberish. Queen Death nods her head.

Queen Death: “We have no choice! I did not want to do this today, of all days!”

She scowls, but then screeches the order, making the goons run about in a hurry.

Queen Death: “Begin Operation Overkill!”

As she screeches more orders in the background, the camera focuses on a messy table filled with files and notes and evil plans. On it is a brown package next to an electric clock at 4:55 PM, which the Queen grabs and takes away.

12. Camera cuts back to Bester Man looking up at an empty window. Before he can investigate further, the ground begins to shake. As he struggles to keep his standing, he hears the radio from a nearby store/window. Camera focuses on said radio.

(Continued) Announcer: “... Just now, a 4:56 PM, A giant robotic pillar has appeared in the eastern district! Police suspect it originates and is standing over 512th avenue! All citizens are...”

Camera zooms in on Bester Man's face, who makes a shocked expression.

Bester Man: “Emi!”

13. Show Bester Man's motorcycle parked on street corner, and him rushing towards it. As he rides aboard, the camera cuts to show an angle showing the rooftop of a nearby building. Bald Neighbor watches him from rooftop.

As camera cuts to show Kyoji leaving on motorbike, the bald neighbor is no longer on the rooftop. Shrill music/noise plays.

14. Bester Man arrives at Emi's house, there is a giant structure bursting out of it. Hordes of goons are in front. Bester Man gets off his bike, but acts surprised at the sheer number of Goons. Mecha Polor steps forward from their ranks, with his stupid pose and laughter.

Mecha Polor : “Hurr Hurr Hurr, I have been reborn and will defeat you today, Justice Boy! Go and attack him!”

The goons all charge forward, but before they can reach our hero, sparks and explosions appear at their feet. Camera pans over the goons and eventually Mecha Polor looking up at the sky. Then the Camera cuts to Bester Man looking up and balling his fist excitedly.

Bester Man: “It's you!”

Camera zooms in repeatedly on rooftop, which has Suspense Hero X with a laser pistol in hand. The scene freezes on his face, but no name is shown in the subtitle. The scene resumes, and Suspense Hero X nods at Bester Man. Camera focuses on aerial view of Goons surrounding Mecha Polor, who then shouts while pointing.

Mecha Polor: “I bet I can defeat y-!”

Lasers are shot into the group, causing explosions and sparks everywhere. Goons fall over and convulse on the ground. After the smoke clears, Mecha Polor is shown falling backward slowly, in the middle of all his downed allies.

Mecha Polor: “Derp-!”

Mecha Polor explodes, his body disappearing in one frame and leaving only a small burning black spot on the ground.

Camera cuts to show Suspense Hero X's smoking pistol barrel, and him posing and holstering it. The camera then cuts to Bester Man making an excited, approving gesture.

Bester Man: “Wow! That's amazi- huh!?”

Camera rapidly and repeatedly zooms in to an empty rooftop three times, with Suspense Hero X nowhere in sight.
15. A TV screen shows Mecha Polor falling backward and exploding, causing a gloved fist to slam on the interface. The camera pans up quickly to show the queen gritting her teeth. She turns and slaps her goon scientist.

Queen Death: “Upgrade someone else! This one sucks!”

16. Bester Man slams through the door and looks around. He puts one hand to his mouth and yells.

Bester Man: “Emi! Emiiiiiiii!”

He is responded by echoing cries of “Eeeeeee! Eeeee!” From goons ambushing him. He quickly dispatches them in a few seconds. Then he finds his way to the express elevator built into the metallic wall. Camera focuses on elevator door opening with a surprised goon in a labcoat inside. The hero quickly headbutts the goon and takes his place inside the elevator.

Camera focuses on button marked HQ, which the hero presses. Camera then focuses on gauge showing the floors elevator has passed. Elevator doors open, showing Bester Man inside who looks around. He then points and takes a ready position.

Bester Man: “You! How could you do this!? Where's Emi!?”

17. Bester Man steps out into the open, where the Queen is sitting on a throne, surrounded by goons. A remote control behind the queen. The Queen then smirks.

Queen Death: “She's... right here, idiot!”

Queen reveals herself to be Emi to Bester Man, who is stunned. He then makes a fighting pose as Emi puts her palm to her face. Bester Man then exclaims.

Bester Man: “It can't be! This must be a trick! Emi wouldn't do that!”

Emi looks at him and makes a disgusted look.

Emi: “Oh yes I could! If you have time to waste for saving kittens and puppies in your fruity costume, why can't I do a bit of costumed world domination?”

Bester Man makes a fist pumping posture.

Bester Man: “But that's evil-!”
Emi: “What do you care, anyway!?”

Bester Man slowly lowers his fist.

Bester Man: “Emi...”

She then turns away, looking sad and mumbling to herself. The camera focuses on her face with Bester Man making pleading gestures in the background.

(CONTINUED) Emi: “Besides, you don't have time for me anymore! You even forgot our – our – our anniversary!”

Emi begins sobbing to herself at the mention of anniversary. The goons all look at each other awkwardly. Camera quickly pans to Bester Man shaking his head rapidly. The camera turns back to the scientist goon comforting Emi by rubbing her shoulders/back. Emi sniffs once and makes a lazy gesture.

Emi: “Guys, you know what? I don't care anymore. Just kill 'im.”

18. Suddenly, the goons all become hostile and serious, and with a unified cry, they all pounce at once. Goons attack and Bester Man is caught unprepared. He fights awkwardly while trying to persuade Emi.

Bester Man: “But Emi-i-i-i! I didn't forget about our anniversary!”

Bester Man's neck is grabbed, and he gets dragged down to the floor. The goons begin dog piling on him, making only his arm visible from underneath their mass of flesh. His muffled cries are heard.

Bester Man: “Paaa... aaacc...ckaaa...aaage!”

Emi is seen sitting on one corner, just watching the goons beat him up while she watches them with a box of tissues on hand. She cocks her head when she hears about the package. As she stands up to walk away, camera pans to Bester man, who forcefully removes all the goons from himself, making them fly all over the place.

Camera cuts to package. The electric clock next to it says “5 PM”. Emi grabs it and opens it, while Bester Man takes off his mask in the background. Kyoji scratches his head as Emi slowly opens the package.

Meanwhile, camera cuts to downed Goon scientist, who presses a button on the remote. The camera then focuses on the hatch in the wall. Then smoke comes out.

The Camera cuts back to Emi pulling out what was in the package. It's a small, black box. The scene then focuses on Emi as she covers her mouth, with Kyoji idling in the background. Camera cuts back to he box, revealing that there was a ring inside. Emi makes girly, excited sounds as she jumps around with the ring and holds Kyoji's hand, while holding the box with the other. Kyoji makes a forced smile all the while.

Emi: “Oh Kyoji! I'm so sorry! I was so angry that all you had time for was saving people and puppies and kittens from horrible monsters! I should stop being so... selfish!”

Camera cuts to Mecha Polor Mark 2 emerging from the hatch in the wall. He makes grunting sounds and looks around. He turns to see Kyoji and smirks. The camera then transitions back to Kyoji rolling his eyes, and sighing.

Kyoji: “ You could have just told me how you felt about my little side job.”

However, he then smiles and turns to her. The camera focuses on both of them facing each other.
(CONTINUED) Kyoji: “If it really is that much trouble to you, I guess I can hold back on my end, too~”

Emi acts all giddy and blushes.

Emi:”D'aaaaw. Kyoji~”

Focus on Emi making kissy face. Kyoji makes the kissy face too, and just as they're about to kiss, a shadow looms over them. The camera pans up to reveal that it's the Mecha Polor Mark Two from before. It then makes the ominous “hurr hurr hurr” sound.

Camera cuts back to Kyoji still holding the kissy face.

Kyoji: “One of yours?”

Emi back hands it, sending it far across the room with one punch. After it slams off the wall and bounces on to the floor, The stock footage of it falling down and exploding from before is used. It utters 'Derp” as it dies. The camera quickly cuts back to the two of them, Emi is shaking her slapping hand, while Kyoji makes a slow whistling sound.

Emi: “Not anymore.”

Emi looks around and sees some of the goons actually awake and watching them, just pretending to be knocked out/dead. As the camera pans over them, A few goons pop their heads back down after she notices them. Emi, with an annoyed look on her face, steps over them and with a camera focus on the red button, presses the self destruct button on her interface. Camera focus on klaxons blaring. The lights glow red, and the goons still alive begin to stand up and run away. Emi turns to Kyoji and says,

Emi: “ Let's look for somewhere more... private~”

Kyoji nods and smirks. The camera then focuses on their hands as they hold each other's. It then zooms out as they walk through the halls, as panicked goons run past. Camera pans up as they walk into the biggest hall, fading the screen to white.

19. Outside, the pillar is exploding and crumbling, and despite the goons running about to safety, Kyoji and Emi walk away calmly, smiling and in each other's arms. The first explosion surprises them a bit, so they stop to turn around. The camera changes views to show their faces. They are smiling, and simply watch the destruction as if it were fireworks. Emi leans up to Kyoji and the camera pans up as the great building explodes, making goons and rubble alike fly all over the place.

It is then that the camera changes views to the perspective and focus of Suspense Hero X, watching them. He then takes off his mask to reveal he was the bald neighbor all along. As he turns towards the camera, it is revealed that he has been crying. He wipes his tears and reaches into his costume to get a heart shaped locket. He angrily tosses it at the ground below.

As the locket hits the ground, the glass cracks and reveals a picture portrait of Kyoji.

;_; I want to have an ending like that...!
...and none of your commissions were included in your hiatus, I take it that it would be too much to hope?

Haha, kidding (mostly!).
It's good, Pao dear. <3
All the guys I showed this to had wildly varying responses, from amused to OH GOD WHY.

It's funny that the women I've showed this to generally like it. -_-
Well duh, Paorou, clearly the reason they like it is---WAIT.

*smooths hand over face and goes back to BROMODE*

wtf why would u do dis!? ;_; *CAN'T LOOK AWAY*
PAORU! How long did the scripty-script take?