This is what happened to Iwaku.

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  1. THIS!


    Schzeska Von Vlashkov must spread this message!

    Schzeska Von Vlashkov reporting for Voltravashken Church of Jared at Serico Vandoosa.


    Jared the god of Iwaku and AFTA has been ignored! He felt alone and sad! so he brought is wrath apon the lands of AFTA and Iwaku!

    AFTA knew of Jaryd and worshiped him! This is why it has survived while Iwaku has been destroyed!

    We should all praise Host Man Jared and his godliness in hosting our server!
    If he is forgotten again he might destroy the server forever!

    This has been Schzeska Von Vlashkov reporting for Voltravashken Church of Jared at Serico Vandoosa.

    Bless thy be in the name of Jared The Host Man!

    Schzeska Out!

  3. Did not what you talkin about..
  4. ._. I know what Diana's talking about.
  5. What the fuck are you weirdos talking about again?

  6. Damnit.. why does my spell check not work!?
  7. *Scavenger counts out a few hundred dollar bills.*

    Mission complete... Spell check sabotaged...
  8. If anyone ever wants to do a group or has a group feel free to give us links and invites here and if i shall starta group i shall post it here.
  9. Sorry, but I'm just not feeling the fear.

    Now if you'll excuse me I've got to meet with some business partners. They're looking for implosion lenses for nuclear devices and I just happen to have some.

    *Insert Glare of Doom, here*

    I will cut out your prostate and force feed it back to you!

  11. I am not the one threatening him! He should fear Jared!

    Everyone should fear Jared! Jared all mighty will bring his wrath again! There won't be a rebuilding of Iwaku next time! We will all have to live on AFTA then!
  12. Yes each hobbie has a certain personality trait with it most likely
  13. Hello and welcome all ^_^
    In my opinion, saying what your character likes to do when they have nothing else to do can say a lot about what type of person they are.

    Simple likes and dislikes lists can also help with things that may be relevant to the story, as long as you don't restate things. If your character likes one thing, chances are they probably don't like the opposite that much. listing them both adds absolutely nothing to the character

    Examples of things like this I have seen on character sheets:
    Likes: Cats, sunshine, and friends
    Dislikes: Dogs, rain, and bullies
  14. There won't be an update to the game tonight. Rather, there's something I need to do. I've created many, many assets related to the Team group over the course of the group, and I'm not the only one. I'm going to compile the fan projects of the group, the memes, the songs, and the photoshops.

    Also, I'm just going to test tagging, @Minerva
  15. Also, I'm hoping to get a post in from the most characters that haven't had a go at it yet. At least one of two of a person's duo.
  16. Actually, Micah isn't in this game. I was referring to a few other people.
  17. The new alert system is odd. It tells me when there is a post in a clan but only what the newest thing posted in is. It seems to ignore everything that was posted in afterward. Kinda prefer the old system

    anyway are we still going with our girls starting out as alive, friends, then dying and living as spirits. Then your girl protecting my girl and our girls moving on (mine to the society and yours to the hollow world)
    Then our girls have the shared dream of what life would have been had they not died.
    Then we meet again as reapers?

    Or are we changing that?

    as for if our girls age after death, lets go with...hmm...lets go with my girl doesnt but yours does :3
  18. I think people are being too serious... o______o

    Shoo! Get out of here serious feelings! Silly topic is about teasing Hostman!
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