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This is what happened to Iwaku.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Isabella Hime, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. "Would you like me to go handle it?" He took a piece of her omelette and ate it.
  2. He smiled and placed his hand over her eyes and shared his vision of her children.
  3. Did not what you talkin about..
  4. ._. I know what Diana's talking about.
  5. What the fuck are you weirdos talking about again?

  6. Damnit.. why does my spell check not work!?
  7. *Scavenger counts out a few hundred dollar bills.*

    Mission complete... Spell check sabotaged...
  8. FUCKER! you have made a fool of me when I am sposto spread the word of Jared! How dare you! Jared will see your destruction! you will be damned!
  9. Sorry, but I'm just not feeling the fear.

    Now if you'll excuse me I've got to meet with some business partners. They're looking for implosion lenses for nuclear devices and I just happen to have some.

    *Insert Glare of Doom, here*

    I will cut out your prostate and force feed it back to you!

  11. I am not the one threatening him! He should fear Jared!

    Everyone should fear Jared! Jared all mighty will bring his wrath again! There won't be a rebuilding of Iwaku next time! We will all have to live on AFTA then!
  12. *Ryker appears from the Great Beyond and cleaves isabella in half with a large hatchet.*

    'Ollow threats don' matter worth much 'round 'ere.

    When yew kin back up yer words then ye'll step up from bein' ae petty annoyance ta ae real annoyance.

    *Ryker returns to the Great Beyond.*
  14. Ha! I've seen a star system get destroyed by a single gun!

    Besides, I'm starting to get fed up with new-cult BS.
  15. No shit... Isn't this kinda what started the first big conflict in Iwaku?
  16. But.. cults are fun!
  17. I think people are being too serious... o______o

    Shoo! Get out of here serious feelings! Silly topic is about teasing Hostman!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.