This is not a welcoming thread

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  1. Get it?

    I'm new as you can tell.

    My name is Shaun, and I guess you could say I'm a lover of modern art. My username is influenced by the painting "This is Not a Cigar".

    Anyways, I've said enough... Nice to meet all of you...

    I'm having trouble with my email right now, so I'm trying to fix that at the moment...
  2. You did it! Sorta... :)

    this dude is totes awesome
  3. Welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help you.

    *walks off into the shadows*
  4. Hey Kylie! So this is Iwaku? It's kinda hard to navigate through.....

    Thanks for the welcome ShadowIke!, I like your sig!
  5. ...but how can i like him if he isnt a cigar?

    i like cigars!
  6. Yeah I could put the whole lyrics into the sig but nah rather not.
  7. So this is is Shaun? Kai, I thought we agreed, I meet him in RL BEFORE YOU RECRUIT HIM.... I thought we talked about hanging out!

    .....Oh. You mean this painting?


    It's a pipe, not a cigar.... close, though.
  8. His name is cigar cause he's smokin hawt lol
  9. But a pipe..... aw forget it.

    Welcome to the site, Shaun, if you need a hand, contact me.
  10. Sorry for the wait, None of my emails seem to be working.... At this rate, I'll try to fix it in the morning.

    @War: Awww, don't be like that! Should my user name really determine whether or not you like me?

    @shadowike: So you like wolves?

    @trance: Oh... you're right... Well, I feel stupid.... I'll be sure to take you up on coming to you for help....

    @Kylie: I'm hawt like you were when you tamed that horse... that was sexy...
  11. HI, mind the craziness, and if you see practices of heresy let me know, I'll execute the perpetrator post haste.
  12. So GMK what happens if we accuse you of Heresy? Just sayin' ... because it would be bad if you turned traitor rather than do your duty and all.

    Anyway, welcome to the site Shaun. Please don't bring any zombies with you, we have enough of them thanks to a certain someone.. *cough cough*

    Anyway have fun, don't go to insane and don't feel to bad about WMD not liking you because your not a cigar. I like cigars too, but I'm not one to judge.

    Shit, I just realized I'm turning into him with my vodka drinking and cigar smoking habits... not to mention my desire to collect soviet memorabillia.
  13. i really like cigars bro. yeah it may do.

    oh, and if you accused Karsikan of Heresy then i'd have to investigate it but then id probably have to execute you for bismirching the name of a grey knight.

    y'konw how it is, "Imperium Fuck Yeah!" and all that shit.
  14. Hawthorne

    He waved his hand dismissively "I got it settled don't you worry." Belle frowned

    "Be cautious Joey." He simply smiled at her words

    "When have I ever not been?"


    "It's pretty ingenious." She admitted "I highly doubt anyone is going to look for us down here." She stepped away from him for a second and peeked at the area "How long
    have you had this set up?"


    She smiled and leaned back "Well I'm glad I make you happy. It's an ability I cherish."

    *Throws a tomato at Slyen*

    Welcome to Iwaku, person who's quite definitely not a cigar.