This is half of the RPs in Iwaku's "Mature" section.

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  1. [video=youtube;Au3RziM9AfU][/video]
  2. You go too FAR Orion!

    Don't touch my mature section!


    That's reserved for other people, hehehehe
  3. Myrn just likes watching. All dogs do that.
  4. and occasionally press their cold wet nose to your balls
  5. Why are you leaving your balls out for dogs to nuzzle?
  6. Well, as long as he doesn't put peanut butter down there....We're good I guess.
  7. no, my dog was just a crotch hound.
  8. Peanut butter hound?

  9. Diana's new catchphrase should be: "There was a small golden man reading to me from a dirty book".
  10. I watched one of these american cop-shows once and this one crazy woman apparently put peanut butter on her breasts for her dog to lick off and then the dog was like "OHMONOMNONOMTITTAY!" and bit off her nipple and I was like "lolwut?"

    ....but hey, as long as they're not cursing, right?
  11. Only in America?
  12. And the funny thing is, Orion is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

    This is why I have never gone back there. Ever.

    My membership to the Mature club is buried in my basement under thick layers of acid and lime.
  13. I'll take it. I want someone to read dirty stories to me in robot deadpan.
  14. Oh I'LL read you stories in a robot deadpan, little boy.



  15. No no no...
  16. Could always do the Ben Stein monotone.