...this is going to sound silly...

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Lunatic AI

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Not really a rant. I really want comforting on this.

I'm utterly failing Irae on his Soldiers of fortune RP. It's not like I play anyone terribly important, but I was really excited about it and fofr the first time in my life I'm suffering serious writer's block. Seriously, my whole life, out of everyone I have ever known... I'm one of the creative ones! I'm a spaz, I have crap follow through and I'm not the best writer but I have never come up dry before...

Suddenly finally, an rp lands in my lap I'm in time to join and is everything I always wished I could write- it's utterly kickass- and I go blank. I can't think of a single thing to say. I'm not having trouble with my other stuff, just this one, that I really really wanted to be a part of. I am trying to be a professional writer, this is just like this sudden ...slap in the face.

I don't know if its just I don't like my character all the sudden (not liking my character never stopped me before...) or maybe I'm just not good at epic? Or something!?

See told you it was silly. I just don't know what to do. I'm just feeling horribly insecure all the sudden.

Someone hug me dammit!

Hey, don't be so glum. I joined it myself but not right away. I asked him if I could jump in at chapter 2, which he allowed.
Ah, happens to the best of us. Perhaps a change of character could help?
Okay so I'm going to suggest something a little odd. I want you to take the setting of the game. Just the setting. And start writing. Don't think about the character you had or any preconceptions you made about what you wanted. Here in the Misc. Roleplay section is an excellent way to do just that. Hence you're still on the site, but you're letting your muse take over.

Do it, then come back to us. If you're still stuck, come back to us. But I think if you take a few restraints off you might get results.
It's okay, AI. I got really hyped for it too and I'm pretty much failing also... I'm not too experienced with Irae's type of RP, so mainly I joined to gain more experience. (And to play a hawt catgirl.)

But eh.. Still not clicking with me. *Snuggles* It's okay, dear. If you feel like you can't go through with it, well..you don't have to. Just letting you know you aren't alone and that I love you. :P
*tackles fluffy* I love you! All you guys! Group snuggle! (Geez I'm mushy when I'm sober...)

I think another thing might be... he throws in so much detail I always wind up missing important things. My failing, not his. Im challenging myself not to drop out though.
Perhaps Biggs and Claire shall have to interact more, bounce off each other...
Awh, yay! Snuggle fest!

I was thinking that same thing when I typed my first response to this. We can definitely plan out more interaction between our characters. ^^ I'll lurk more in the OOC or if you wanna give me a PM~
Just to let you two know, you're doing pretty good IMO. I'm planning on putting in spoiler bits into the bigger posts which basically just sum the post up quickly. Some larger posts may be split into smaller ones as well.