This is Ezra's amazing introduction.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm Ezra Third, right now bored as hell because I was so stupid to fall from a stairs and am not able to move much right now.
    So, I used to write a lot, and thought I could as well use this time to run away from my couch and climb into the wonderful world of...err...everyone's imagination? Hmm...wish I could form this sentence in a more dramatical way.

    I looked and Googled a lot of websites, but I didn't like most of the forums because it was messy, old dated or it was so complex it would take me four years to know the actual storyline. I found this forum and find it interesting.

    I live in The Netherlands, born and raised there. No, I don't eat a lot of cheese, actually I only like cheese on my pizza and elsewise it needs to be at least three meters away from me. I don't use smileys, that's why this introduction sounds so grumpy and cold. But please, I am not. (:
    See, that's already a LOT better, isn't it?!

    I watch soccer, I study art therapy on some plain university in Nijmegen (not that you will actually know that city lol) and in my free time I make music, watch movies, lay in the sun and do nothing or sleep. I hate mushrooms, my annoying buzzing computer I'm about to throw out of the window, I never watch TV because I think there is only bullcrap on it I don't like. The bullcrap I DO like I mostly watch on my other laptop. The one that misses the I, the K and the spacebar. Series like Heroes almost give me a boner, but mindless crap like Family Guy also suit me well. I watched a lot of anime, but lately I'm off.
    I am the laziest person you will ever meet. I love writing, I use a lot of sarcasm, I adore peanutbutter on almost everything and I hope you still like me after this boring introduction. Here's another smiley, so you all know that I AM a nice and loving person and I do am interested in meeting everyone here. EVERYONE. (:

    Ooh! A Pokéball! :poke::poke::poke:


    I had no idea cheese was a thing there! o_____o

    Welcome to the site! <3
  3. Ohhhh! We have another person from the Netherlands! This is grand ^.^
    Your name also reminds me of Ezra from the TV show Pretty Little Liars ooorrr...
    Ezra Pound
  4. Hi Ezra! If you've been off the writing horse for a while, you might want to check out some of the threads over at The Roleplay Academy. I myself was in a similar boat, having been away from the craft for some time, and the threads there gave me some serious food for thought.

    Also, your smilies are weak! Bracket smilies are where it's at =]
  5. Ezre! Hello Hello! Welcome to Iwaku!

    Laziest person you'll meet? I don't know.. I can be pretty lazy myself. ^^

    Glad to have you with us! And if you need anything, just shout....SHOUT!

    Your intro actually sounds pretty amazing!
    Yet another person from the Netherlands!

    I also love peanut butter and rarely if ever watch any tv!
    Have some cookie, dear, and enjoy the site- which is awesome!


    See you around!
  7. Hopefully your lazy does not make you lazy at writing! Because that would suck, not writing... ;_; Welcome to Iwaku, Ezra! Your lack of smilies is fine. Just because the rest of us use too many.
  8. Holy crap! How many years has it been since someone else from the Netherlands joined this site? :O

    Welkom op Iwaku! Hoop dat je het naar je zin krijgt hier. Als er iets is kun je altijd terecht bij de Moderators (de mensen met de blauwe namen) ... de mensen met de rode namen zijn de Admins.
  9. I welcome you, fellow non-user of emoticons.