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  1. ... and talking about myself is definitely something I'm good at.

    All right, let's see what I've got to say... roleplaying for four-ish years... did and doing some D&D... prefers small/medium-sized groups... likes 1x1 well enough... da da da dat da dat da da da ya da... would happily put self in adept to advanced range... never into fandom rp involving canon characters... hmm, yeah that seems to be about it in terms of roleplay. I'm just up for whatever man, like weird formats and dice-systems and new things, I'm down for it. Forewarning, I use "Bro" and all its possible variants far too much and I am pretty sure it's impossible for me to not. Also, in this moment of laziness, I joined another rp site approx. a week ago and this is almost the exact same introduction, I am so sorry. (I'm not, really, this is a good intro that says everything I want it to say about me. (This could have been a couple of couplets and a lot of limericks, trust me, this is better. And, yes, this is another set of parentheses because I love parentheses.))

    Actually, talking about myself is boring. I prefer talking about the things that I like.

    Like what a delight Haikyuu!! is compared to the majority of super-hype sports anime? Bruh, I could write an essay on how it's subverted so many bad sports anime tropes for the good of the world. Oh oh oh, or how about how Hamilton does verse storytelling so well? Broski, I love verse so much. Bro, wait, how about Critical Role and the wonders of performance art conveyed using a tabletop game? The level of storytelling skill Mathew Mercer, voice actor and DM extraordinaire, employs in an entirely off-the-cuff DnD game with his fellow voice actors is ridiculous. There's more of course but I've said enough, I'm done, I'm chill (I am never done, I am never chill); if anyone reads this, you shouldn't ask me to say anything more because I will try to say everything and it will be bad, I am so bad at explaining ideas through text without at least a week's warning in advance.

    So, yes, will go away now, ta.

    PS this is me telling you to hit me up if you want to talk about things and forge a friendship beyond compare, go, go and do it, do it right now.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Hope you like it here~

    I've only seen about 30 minutes of Haikyuu!!, I feel like I've been drained by the genkiness of sports anime, lolol. I should really consider picking it back up though because it seems different from the Kuroko no Basuke tropes.

    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them!
  3. Thanks bruv.

    But yeah, I'm a bit unsure about the anime but I do know the manga is really good at feeling like high school boys obsessed about volleyball and not super sports titans crushing all of their opponents. Like, yeah, Haikyuu!! does love dramatizing its matches but what else are you supposed to do with a sports anime. I've never actually got into Kuroko no Basuke, though from the things I've seen of it, it looks to be in the same vein as Prince of Tennis and I gradually grew to hate those characters.
  4. Welcome, Ichor (can I call you that?). <3 Nice to meet you! That was a hell of an introduction. =D
    How are you finding Iwaku so far? Is anything confusing? Need help finding anything?
  5. Ichor is good!! In reference to both the nickname and me in the 3rd person enjoying iwaku so far, eyyy

    And introductions are my specialty wink wink nudge nudge
  6. Ha, glad to hear it! =D

    And yes, I'm inclined to agree with you on introductions. -giggles-

    What are your favorite types of stories? Not genres, but things like coming of age or overcoming a rough childhood. =)
  7. Alright, so I'm unsure of actual names so you'll have to bear with me, OK?
    • Found Families - is this even a type of story, I don't know but I love when characters come together, inexplicably through fate and destiny and horribly wonderful coincidences, and learning to make all their parts fit together, except they don't really have to learn, it's easy in all the ways it's never been before and no matter how rough things are, they click into place and it stays that way no matter what.
    • Whatever the name is it should probably be called the "Learn to Love Yourself" type - I'm just saying that I love it when a character treats themselves and lives for themselves and goes on a personal journey of respect and happiness. Preferably with other people, actually, because there's something delicious about different people on the same path coming to different, but equal, ends. I just want people to be happy, bruv.
    • Bildungsroman - ahah! the only type I know but thinking about it, it's pretty much a coming of age, but character development hits me deeply, broski, it really does.
    Does this even answer your question? I don't know anymore, I'm just here for character development and treating fictional people right. I mean, after you put them through the ringer, but you know, lovingly. You must break it to discover the contents of its character geode-style and all that jazz.
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  8. It does, in the best of ways. I think you'll get along here just fine. <3 Personally, I love the coming-of-age, the learning to love oneself, and bonding with other people, as well, and usually assume one or more will be present in any given RP. =D
  9. Thanks <3 you're a great welcoming committee, bruv
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  10. Aw, thanks. =)
  11. Welcome to Iwaku, Bro.
  12. Thanks, Broski.
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