This is chilling.

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  1. Who wants to partake in a Silent Hill roleplay?

    I think it' ll be a badass roleplay. And scary as shit.

    Need to be able to write atleast a paragraph min. And pretty detailed, little to grammer typos.
  2. *face lights up* did some one mention.. Silent hill? I'm in so many rps.. buuuuuttt... ME, ME! *waves hands* I'll do it with you if you like? :]
  3. Haha. Honestly, I am too, but I watched the new playable teaser for Silent Hills and I just thought it would too cool and mundfahking. I wonder. Should we double or get two more people?
  4. I don't mind, which do you think would be best? :]

    I'm a sucker for Silent hill :]
  5. We'll. I suppose we can start off as just us doubling if thats cool.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.