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  1. ((I figured this would probably be more suited to here, so careful planning could be employed.))

    If you've read the manga Aphorism, good. If not, then allow me to fill you in.

    Boys and girls at the age of fifteen, who can see "the island in the sky," are eligible to attend Naraka High School, a prestigious school that has churned out many a successful student.
    So, you go there, and the oddest thing there is that the place seems to have a distinctive "Buddhist temple" look about anywhere that isn't a school facility.
    However, students are told to write a kanji character that best describes them, on a piece of paper, to prepare them for a battle ahead.
    This then becomes their seal - a mark on their body that allows them a power to do with the character they wrote (change would allow form changing, flame would allow fire manipulation, etc.)
    The power is not limited to the most obvious thing - as long as you can imagine it, it can work. A bow could have flaming arrows if imagined, for example, or "flame" could summon both flames and a camp fire.
    And, every three to four days, a "holy eclipse" occurs.
    The "island in the sky" passes in front of the sun, causing an eclipse for about an hour, unless it's cloudy. During this time, enemies to do with a different character will appear - a huge, insanely powerful one will appear if certain ones appear.
    Of course, these threats must be fought, and can appear out of nowhere for roughly an hour. Nowhere during the eclipse is safe - people can, and will, die. Painfully. And the families won't even be informed.
    And students have to go through a year of this, mixed with normal school life, and coping with dorm mates.

    Look, to be perfectly honest, you'd be better of reading the manga.
    Regardless, seeing as there probably aren't a multitude of people here who can write or understand kanji, myself included, I will instead settle for monosyballic words in the English language.

    Anyone interested?
  2. I haven't read Aphorism... and I only hold the most basic of information about it. I.e I could ramble off characters and give you the overview, talk about their powers, etc. I speak Japanese so if you wanted to use a specific Kanji I could help you with that... However, this seems very interesting...