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  1. First and Foremost,

    I am Sofa King Fancy. Call me whatever you want (just don’t call me Shirley—haha bad joke.) I am an age and gender that isn’t necessary to know when RPing with others. Just like I won’t ask you about yours, and I really don’t care. This is the internet. As much as you want to tell me you are a nubile 21 year old girl that doesn’t know they’re sexy but they are sexy, I’m not going to believe you. I barely believe that ghosts are a thing. I’m just not that gullible.

    With that aside, let’s get onto this train wreck of a post.

    I’m in the mood for writing some smut. I usually don’t grace my RPs with it, and if I do it isn’t a lot. Most of the time I talk a big game about it, but get sucked into the plot, world, and characters, that I forget that it exists. So, I don’t know why this flip-a-rooni here, but I want to write some smut. And if you are interested in the same: keep reading.

    Please Read
    Some Required Reading:
    This is my general 1x1 search post. Which I have since retired because I got quite a few nibbles, which inevitably turned to two. But since I’ve been having a hard time responding to my PMs like a good boy, I’m just going to keep it filled. You don’t have to go into depth in reading it. Maybe just hit the preferences, and genres to know what I play. I just didn’t want to regurgitate the same information onto here.

    Do Not Want
    Alright now to tell you what I ‘don’t want.’ If you manage to make it through this list without having your favorites checked off, then keep reading. Otherwise I don’t want you to get your hopes up only to find something you love to do isn’t something I don’t love to.
    Non-consensual Anything: I feel weird and not at all comfortable RPing this out. I’ll do a lot of things, but not that.
    Master and Slave: Ugh. No. We are smarter and more imaginative than that. And I don’t want any plots that are master and slave-ish, either.
    Younger Characters: I only RP people in the 20s range and up, emphasis on UP.
    Bathroom Related Activities: Does anyone ever RP this? I see it as a negative even in the craziest of threads. Anyway, I’m just not down. I hate public bathrooms. I don’t want to be one.
    Furries: I tried to RP this a while back. Really did. But apparently there are rules, or something. And I got tired of getting my hand slapped. That, and I like human faces too much.
    Cookie Cutter Characters: Do not come to me with your entire scenario plotted out, your character plotted out, and the character you want me to play plotted out. I like to make up my own characters. I don’t mind if you have ideas, scenarios, etc. Just don’t tell me what I am playing. I see a lot of this, especially in regards to MxM characters and people wanting dominant characters. If you want me to play a dom character, fine, just let me create them. Thank you.
    Slice of Life RPs: I may actually bend over (hur hur) and play an RP that is more or less continual smut. What I won’t do is sacrifice all the plot for it. There still has to be conflict, climax (hur hur), and resolution. I can’t handle mundane day to day. Even if it has a lot of smut.

    What I will Play:
    M/F, M/M, and maybe some F/F: if you look at me just right. I usually always play male characters, though, and will default to that. I also usually play dominant or switch. That being said: don’t just sidle up to me because I do play dom. Be willing to be flexible yourself.
    Imperfect characters: So boring with your perfect hair, face, teeth, eyes, mouth, torso, dangly-bob. Ugh. I will play a character that shies away from perfect. How much though, depends on the RP.
    Note: My favorite characters to play are late-30, early-40 males that are graying, usually have a beard, are tall, with a once muscular physique that has gone soft around the middle. That slowly becomes more soft during the RP, because of realism. Anyway, these are not things that NEED to happen. But if you dig this idea, or portions of it--let me know.
    Polyamory: because monogamy is overrated (in an RP sense, where you can do anything.)
    Inhuman characters: I know I made a stink about furries, but those are furries. I do love me some naga, centaurs, satyrs, driders etc. If you want to play one, let me know. Makes things more interesting. I have a boss ass western centaur idea, if you are interested.
    BDSM and Consensual Pain: Sure, why not? Sadism and Masochism are always fun in agreed upon doses.
    Age Gaps and Size Gaps: I love gaps. I don’t know why. Blame children’s programming for giving us ‘big’ and ‘small’ comparisons. I love age gaps. 20-something character with a 40 and up something character (note I do not do teenage to adult age gaps, ew). Size gaps are like: short/petite to tall/larger. My life is a sad series of contrasts.
    Family/Pregnancy/Marriage/Etc.: Yes to all of that. I like ideas that don’t revolve around two hot, single people getting together. I am not against it either. I just love the idea of them having a family or creating a family.

    If you’ve read my previous list in the 1x1 thread, and the lists above, then you are free to propose to me whatever you want. That is right. I don’t have anything that I am demanding you to play. The only thing I ask, is that you have some kink or something you want to RP out. It makes it more fun than the usual cut and dry. I have no idea how to say that without using sexual terms. Please make things interesting.

    Other that that, please send me a PM. Lets not discuss it over the thread. I forget. You don’t want me to forget, do you?

    Please keep in mind: I can turn you down at any time. Do not take it personally. I am just a busy person with a busy life. I don’t have time to take on every single smut roleplay that rolls by me. I promise to be cordial and state the reasons why. Most of it will probably have to do with variances in our posting speed. I have turned a few people down for being substantially faster than I am.
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  2. Still on the hunt!

    Got a modern fantasy and a space fantasy in the works.

    Something not like those.
  3. May I ask about the modern fantasy setting? Disregard that, I'll send a PM. :)
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