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  1. Wowowow hi

    I'm Zacharie, you can call me whatever, I'm not super picky on nicknames
    I'm very fresh to this site and I've decided to make a 1/1 recruitment thread because why not right

    I have a few regulations on how things will roll with me so prepare your anus- I mean prepare yourself
    prepare your anus that's gross

    • I know the whole 'quality over quantity' thing but I'd really like for my partner to be able to write at least a paragraph, like six+ sentences is what counts as a paragraph for me, one-liners are unacceptable and I will kindly ask you to get out of my fucking face if you think you'll get me to write that short
    • My activity is going to be as slow as a sloth in a marathon so please be patient with me, I try to post at least once a day but that usually doesn't happen {it sometimes may take me a week to reply, I know it's crazy} so don't get your panties in a knot if I don't give you a post every single day thank you
    • Grammar, I will admit, is kind of a big deal for me when it comes to in-character writing {I know that my OOC writing isn't exactly up-to-par with strict grammar standards shut up}, so you can do whatever you want in OOC, I don't really care, but write properly in the IC thread, typos are okay of course, but try not to make them excessive
    • I love love love romance, but I've sort of settled myself into the M/F category of pairing types, it feels kind of awkward trying to project my image of homosexual relationships when I'm not homosexual myself, and don't understand all of the physical and relationship-oriented differences of them to straight relationships {though I love the LGBTQIA community, don't get me wrong}
    • I do like character sheets, and I expect us to do them, but I very much prefer anime/non-realistic appearances for characters, and I'd also like for the character sheets to be very simple {name, age, appearance{es}, and general character traits} for the sake of character development and saving time for both of us
    • I tend not to double because I have a one-track mind and handling more than one partner is already a lot to handle, so please don't ask me to double unless I specifically state that I'd like to
    • I also can't take a whole lot of partners so I'm really really sorry if it comes to a point where I have to reject offers, but I get overwhelmed easily and you're still a wonderful beautiful person for taking interest at all so thank you for dropping by
    Okay, that's about it for that

    Now ideas
    I have ones that aren't really in a pairing format, but we can still work out things for them, I promise
    I put the general age groups we'll be using because people seem to think as unorthodox as possible with ages and I'd like to get it clear
    Any one of them with an * next to them means that I have a thought-out idea to share for them
    Ones with strike-throughs mean they're taken


    Best Friends to Lovers [Teens/Young Adults {16-21}]
    Coffee Shop Workers [Young Adults {18-23}]
    Dragon Tamers [Young Adults {19-25}]*
    Experiment & Scientist [Young Adults {20-27}]*
    Guardian Angel [Teens/Young Adults {17-23}]*
    High School Romance [Teens {14-18}]
    Road Trip [Young Adults {19-23}]
    Runaways [Teens {16-18}]*
    Zombie Apocalypse Survivors [Young Adults {19-27}]


    If you like any of them and can fit the requirements, post below and I'll PM you as soon as I can
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  2. Hello! I like the way you sound. I think I'd like to hear about your guardian angel idea if you'd like to share it. Thanks either way!
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  3. This sounds really awesome ^_^, and I would love to hear your idea about the Runaways(if it would not be too much trouble).
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  4. I'm not through with finding partners yet

  5. Hi there, I'd be interested in the road trip or the zombie apocalypse. The dragon tamers sound interesting too.
  6. O. I'd love to do the best friends to lovers, if you're up for it.
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